The speaker of the Crimea will file a lawsuit against the Ministry of Internal Affairs for slander

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The Crimean speaker Anatoly Gritsenko intends to file a lawsuit against the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine for distribution, according to his statement, slanderous information on allegedly beating of the witness.

The day before the public relations department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported that the militia made the protocol on an administrative offense concerning the chairman of the Supreme Council of the Crimea Gritsenko in connection with refusal to provide information on an origin of means for repayment of the credit obtained for acquisition of the car. In attempt to acquaint the Crimean speaker with materials, that beat the witness who got to hospital, reported "Interfax - Ukraine".

In interview in Simferopol the Crimean speaker declared: "I am going to file a lawsuit against the Ministry of Internal Affairs for distribution of slanderous information which discredits honor and dignity of the civil servant, extending unreliable information".

He called events when representatives the Organized Crime Control Department tried to hand over it materials about corruption, "circus which employees of militia" arranged.

"Actually the problem any isn't present. Anybody beat nobody, is unconditional", - Gritsenko declared.

According to him, actions which employees made the Organized Crime Control Department is a provocation which was made according to the statement of People's Deputies of Ukraine of Gennady Moskal and Victor Shemchuk ("Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" block fraction) "for the purpose of rendering pressure upon me in coordination about Nikolay Ilyichev's appointment as the chief of the Crimean militia".

The Crimean speaker noted that the protocol on corruption concerning it "is made absolutely illegally, is groundless". According to him, "for this purpose this situation, video records about what also was dramatized, were extended by employees of militia in mass media".

Gritsenko declared that he has an extract from the clinical record about allegedly hackneyed witness. According to him, it is 19 - the summer student of Taurian national institute and in an extract of republican clinical hospital of Semashko, it is said that the state of his health "excellent, isn't present scratches, damages aren't present". "It independently left hospital", - the speaker told.

The Crimean speaker declared that today the presidium of the Supreme Council of the Crimea intends to make the special statement about it.

It also expressed a regret that the Ministry of Internal Affairs turned from institute of the power which has to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, in the organization which restrains these rights and freedoms for taxpayers money.


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