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Criminal negligence, corruption or "tragic accident"? This month Anton Tishchenko for the first time would go to university. On May 2 he was 17 years old. On September 13 four months from the date of his death were executed. From the vaccine entered into an organism by physicians... And politicians...

In the opinion of the Ukrainian inhabitant Donetsk region - a place of never-ending accidents. Frightening many unplanned vaccination against measles and a rubella which there had to pass nine million young Ukrainians, was suspended after Anton's death. On a twist of fate, it also happened on the Donetsk region.

Whether the death of the guy is connected with the Indian vaccine which to him entered at school the day before, - experts of the Prosecutor General's Office had to give the answer to this question in the middle of June. Top of cynicism is at all that parents still don't know whom to blame for loss of the only son. It seems that dead Anton Tishchenko became the instrument of the next political blackmail. After all in the Ukrainian policy don't disdain anything.

The commission established: the vaccineis guilty

Today the parliament was going to consider results of work of the special commission of investigation of death of Anton Tishchenko after the carried-out vaccination. The People's Deputy Tatyana Bakhteeva reported to "Island" about it on Thursday. However in the agenda of this question it didn't appear. Though under the law the result of work of parliamentarians had to be summed up even in the summer …

"We were several times in Kramatorsk, there were individual meetings with doctors, with the management, huge work was carried out, and we, having studied all materials, came to a conclusion that the death of the child is connected only with a vaccine, - Tatyana Bakhteeva told "Island". - It physically was very strong boy healthy, beautiful, it came to school in the normal state, after vaccination to it at once - at once it became bad, it got to reanimation and in 14 hours died. And, of course, the main reason, it only vaccine introduction because at it I was trombotsitopenichesky purple which is characteristic, and it is written to instructions, after vaccination.In reanimation struggled with thrombocytopenia, fought, fought, and, of course, there was a death …".

Clinical record

Unplanned vaccination against measles and rubella prepared since 2005: data were studied and analyzed, further steps on overcoming of these diseases were planned, negotiations and consultations with the international organizations were conducted. Two outbreaks of measles in Ukraine, in 2001 - 2002 when eleven people died of this illness, and in 2005 - 2006 when measles carried away lives of five became a reason for such work. The rubella, according to Ministry of Health, annually attacks twenty thousand people. Aged people of 16 - 29 years become victims of an infection.

As it was spoken in the final report on a performance course in 2002 - 2006 of the resolution of the Cabinet of October 24, 2002 "About the approval of the Program of immunoprevention of the population for 2002 - 2006", "prerequisites of an inefficiency of management of incidence of measles by vaccination belong in recent years to last 1992 - 1994 when insufficient security with a vaccine against measles and reduction these years of volumes of vaccination and especially a revaccination was noted.

Vaccination these years was carried out by the low-immunogene vaccines received in the area of humanitarian assistance which didn't pass the state registration in Ukraine, violations concerning management of vaccines and "a holodovy chain" were at that time possible. Features of last period led to insufficiently effective system of vaccination those years that didn't allow to reach and support sufficient level of population immunity. In recent years periodic lifting of incidence by measles among the senior age groups of the population" turned out to be consequence of that.

Measles and rubella in Ukraine were supposed to be overcome till 2010: such is there was a plan of the World organization of health protection. VOOZ provided to Ukraine nine million doses of the Indian vaccine.

In interview to the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" the former chief health officer of Ukraine Nikolay Prodanchuk told: "In February 2008-го we conducted negotiations with VOOZ and UNICEF: how to register a preparation? The day before the Indian manufacturer with reputation of-140 countries of the world use its serum, responses excellent! - I delivered to us through these structures of 6 million doses of a vaccine. In addition UNICEF convinced the USA to concede to Ukraine the quota of 3 million doses - a pier, here need more sharply. Of the countries the vaccine wasn't registered by one.But I continued to insist: in Ukraine has to take place! At us don't trust the Indian drugs! At last the management of VOOZ declared: similar action we call into question authority of the international organization guaranteeing quality of a preparation. And it will redirect to other consumers. And Ukraine should occupy turn and to wait three more - four years".

"The VOOZ European bureau on this subject sent the missive. And I appeared before a dilemma: to refuse or import a vaccine without registration. On - official it would be simpler to tell, of course, "no". Well will punish then … As the physician - had no right to allow hits in the following epidemic of measles and a rubella that on my conscience there were complications and death. I arrived as the doctor. But thus I was guided by three relevant laws of Ukraine which allowed the chief health officer to give the one-time import license of a similar vaccine to the country", - Prodanchuk explained the act to Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Later he also remembered that "The center of immunobiological preparations of Ukraine received all documentation on this product from the producer and tested a vaccine on safety and efficiency. Insignificant local and system reactions (temperature increase, dizziness) were registered. More serious complications, such as allergic reactions and arthritis" were in some cases noted.

Carrying out mass vaccination was planned for the end of April - the beginning of June, 2008. The relevant documents were prepared at Victor Yanukovych's government. They were signed by the minister of affairs of a family, youth and sports Victor Korzh and the Minister of Health Yury Gaydayev …

N-ny percent

In 10-й to school of Kramatorsk of Donetsk region of an inoculation against measles and a rubella made on May 12 to twenty six seniors. Having returned from school, Anton Tishchenko called for work to mother, complained of a strong headache. On council to lie down and have a rest I answered that is afraid not to rise any more … In the evening Anton with high temperature took to children's city hospital. On a place made the diagnosis: ORZ. At night to the boy became worse. It transferred to reanimation. In some hours Anton didn't become.

In total across Ukraine inoculations were received by more than 113 thousand people. Postvaktsinalny reactions, according to MOZ, followed only at 0,007%. It is considered that it isn't enough. However, in other message of Ministry of Health the figure of 0,075% is noted already.Probably on that officials got confused in indications, and that the person at them - no more, than percent in statistics …

After a case with Anton Tishchenko, in hospitals of Ukraine, and especially - Kramatorsk, the people who the day before have received the dose of a vaccine began to address with complaints to feeling sick. However, it was possible to call their state vaccination consequences unless it is conditional, the chief physician of children's policlinic in Kramatorsk Victor Mishin considers.

"First of all, it is a live vaccine, it means any moderate reaction to its introduction, for immunity formation. Children who to us arrived, partially had complications from an inoculation, always a certain percent such was, is and will be. But bulk of arriving children, I consider, were simply frightened. They had manifestations of respiratory infections, leykososudisty dystonia, but more it was provoked by a fright", - he explained to the correspondent of "Island".

One day of Nikolay Grigoryevich

On May 14 the prosecutor's office of Donetsk region brought criminal case upon Anton Tishchenko's death. Doctors of Kramatorsk were engaged in special medical examinations, after their data were transferred to Donetsk. It was supposed that final results of examinations will be published in a month.

On May 20, for carrying out office investigation upon Anton Tishchenko's death in Kramatorsk, the management of Ministry of Health discharged Nikolay Prodanchuk of fulfillment of duties of the chief health officer. Prodanchuk wrote a resignation, without having worked on the post and five months.

On May 23 the Prosecutor General's Office withdrew all materials of this business for carrying out own investigation. On May 29 it brought criminal case concerning Nikolay Prodanchuk for permission to one-time import to the territory of Ukraine of nine million doses of the vaccine not registered in Ukraine against measles and a rubella of production Serum Institute of India Ltd - "excess of office powers".

In the same day Nikolay Prodanchuk placed in one of capital pre-trial detention centers where he spent 72 hours and it was released on recognizance.

Such behavior concerning the doctor of medical sciences, professor, the corresponding member of Academy of medical sciences of Ukraine, known in Ukraine and beyond its limits, all dear person caused bewilderment in Prodanchuk's Ukrainian and foreign colleagues. "Now on TV there is a cinema based on works of Solzhenitsyn. Psychologically same situation.By the way, it is good that managed to look. It was prepared", - Prodanchuk in interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda" shared the impressions of stay behind a lattice.

"Annoyingly that the tool (repressive system) in hands of "mighty of this world" works not to destination. It all the same that a scalpel to begin it is simply to prick. If you start using a clip instead of a scalpel or on the contrary - the patient will die", - he noted in UNIAN interview.

In other interview, too Komsomolskaya Pravda, ex-the Minister of Health Yury Spizhenko declared that Prodanchuk fell a victim of "bureaucratic system", "which appointed it to a post", and this system is guilty of death 17 - the summer young man.

"Well it is impossible "to throw" true Prodanchuk on this site! He wasn't day the health officer! But after all we have a principle political, instead of professional expediency triumphs, you understand? "The team came to the power - we will place on key posts of the, command players". So program the failures similar to the present … Planes fall? On roads of accidents - weight? Mines blow up? And Ministers of Transport and the coal industry still on freedom …", - Spizhenko noted.

"Prodanchuk got to political millstones, - he added. - "Who stands behind it? Ordinary physician? The figure is insignificant - it is possible to offer. But we will show how we worry about health of children".

Prodanchuk doesn't want to give interview any more: expects results of a consequence from GPU. Not to disturb this consequence, he already refused conversations with "Island" twice.

The State Office of Public Prosecutor gave start. False start

However such keenness of the former chief health officer to a consequence, obviously, didn't help. On August 4 GPU rejected inquiry of Ministry of Health (directed on July 4) about providing to it information on results is judicial - medical examination of causes of death of Anton Tishchenko. "The head department on investigation of especially important issues of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine upon Tishchenko A. V. death appointed the additional is judicial - the medical examination which carrying out is entrusted to experts of Academy of medical sciences of Ukraine. Before completion of expert researches to provide information specified in inquiry and materials it isn't possible", - it was spoken in GPU answer. It is interesting that Ministry of Health decided to publish this document only on August 22, that is, almost in three weeks after receiving.

In the middle of August official inquiry in the Prosecutor General's Office with a request to explain a delay in the announcement of results of a forensic medical examination I directed also "Island". However I didn't receive the answer in general.

Meanwhile, in interview to the Fakty newspaper which has left today the general prosecutor Alexander Medvedko declared that business upon Anton Tishchenko's death can be already sent to court (and "one Prodanchuk should answer not"), but GPU expects results still a number of examinations therefore to wait with court it is necessary until the end of this year.

"At first the additional complex was appointed is judicial - medical examination with involvement of 12 leading experts of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (AMSU) in the field of pediatrics, epidemiology, hematology, immunology, biology, and also infectiologists and the children's pathologist, - Medvedko told, by the way, breaking secrecy of the investigation. - Experts reported on August 8 us the conclusion in which it is accurately written that between Anton Tishchenko's death and the vaccination carried out to it against measles and a rubella there is a straight line prichinno - investigative communication. This conclusion also is the basis for further investigation of criminal case. Besides, we appointed the complex commission is judicial - the physician - methodical examination which is carried also out by experts of AMNU. She is necessary to establish: whether vaccination was correctly carried out. Experts came to a conclusion that during vaccination about six serious violations were allowed. Since that did this additional vaccination in the spring when organisms of children are weakened, and finishing that after an inoculation directed the same Anton Tishchenko also on fluorography. And for this purpose to the guy about five kilometers were necessary to go on foot from school to policlinic. On this criminal case it is appointed even more than hundred it is judicial - medical examinations. After all health deterioration after an inoculation was felt by more than hundred school students and students. So now business advance already depends not on investigators, and on experts who say that will be able to finish the work only by the end of 2008".

According to the public prosecutor, the consequence was tightened, as "in - the first, the volume of work big. In - the second, experts work not only on this criminal case. You know that in Donetsk region recently there were tragedies on mines of Zasyadko and in Yenakiyevo.And on road accident how many complaints go about a tightening of examinations! Thus accurate terms of carrying out examinations by regulations don't make a reservation".

If the bomb blows up …

At the same time in Ministry of Health insisted and continue to insist that the death of the guy isn't connected with vaccination. According to physicians, the vaccine provoked development of a latent disease (for example, meningitis), and local doctors were insufficiently perspicacious and professional to give the boy the necessary help. However, without withdrawn GPU of the MOZ evidential base strongly loses in the argument.

"Antivaktsinalny campaigns happened in many developed and not really the countries. Mercantile businessovy interests, and most often - political consequences were their purpose always. First of all and I am ready to choose this attraction of electorate which believed in harm of vaccination in the power of those politicians who allegedly will protect it from inoculations. Such campaign behind voices during this pre-election time caused the madwoman who has been well financed and coordinated antivaktsinalny campaign. For achievement of its political goals, for a campaign behind electorate the death of the child is neglected even, are developed and the most improbable insinuations round a vaccine and vaccination are driven in into public consciousness. It becomes understanding of that for such actions and their consequences nobody will incur any responsibility and any punishment. The same as nobody was responsible for use of a language question or opposition to the East - to the West of Ukraine in selective technologies. Crop of these technologies we reap Gorky in recent years. But in medicine epidemics and death …" become such crop, - the Minister of Health Vasily Knyazevich declared.

Earlier in interview to the Profil magazine Knyazevich assumed that "there is a group of people who want to make business on this situation, and some want to seed chaos in the state … I think that over time I will call many of them …". Nikolay Prodanchuk called in due time antivaktsinalny campaign in Ukraine bioterrorist attack. In large quantities refusing inoculations, Ukrainians subject themselves and people around to big risk, and through ten - fifteen years from - for flashed epidemics irreparable injury will be caused to a nation gene pool, as a result - national economy "will lay down", and Ukraine will appear on the verge of disappearance as the state, explained once on a press - conferences it.

However, today the situation such is that neither in MOZE, nor in parliament and GPU allegedly isn't present doubts in need of vaccination against measles and a rubella, a stumbling block there is only a notorious Indian vaccine. All this reminds a banal vygorazhivaniye "of": on the one hand Prodanchuk, but with another - Gaydayev and the Cake layer. And to everyone, probably, is what to hide …

But today it turned out so that the bomb appeared in Medvedko's hands and the Cake layer (headed parliamentary commission of inquiry), and it is possible, not incidentally during the next political fights they decided to set fire to a match. If this subject jerks, under splinters there will be all hated "pomaranchevy" team, it is necessary to guess only the moment and thoroughly to aim.

About Anton Tishchenko and his family the speech doesn't go long ago. As for heads of Ministry of Health which isn't seeing differences between 0,007% and 0,075%, and for their opponents incessantly mentioned "the Ukrainian people" are only figure. Electoral.


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