In the State Office of Public Prosecutor beat the witness in the matter of Yushchenko?

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The State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine on Friday appeared in the center of a juicy scandal. Caused in an emergency order on interrogation as the witness Victoria Vinitskaya, the former administrative assistant ex-нардепа and ex-the first deputy chairman of SBU Vladimir Satsyuk (at which dacha 4 years ago to the candidate for president Victor Yushchenko allegedly threw dioxine) claims that was beaten... employees of GPU.

In a statement of the lawyer Satsyuk, and now and Vinitskoy - Victor Petrunenko, the plot looks so. On August 29 Victoria called in the Head investigative department on investigation of especially important issues of GPU down the street Borisoglebsk. The employee of the militia who has handed over the agenda directly at an entrance of the house, didn't begin to explain the call purpose, and the occasion became clear only on a place. According to Petrunenko, the staff of prosecutor's office tried to force Vinitskaya to give those evidences concerning Satsyuk which were necessary to them, instead of having achieved wished, selected the passport, began to threaten and strike to the girl blows in vitals.

- With concussion, bruises of soft tissues of a neck and the head closed cherepno - a brain trauma, bilateral dysfunction of an acoustical pipe of Vick got to hospital where was till September 9, - the lawyer speaks. - It is available part 2 of article 373 UK of Ukraine - coercion to evidence. On September 19 I expired the ten-day term of response to the letter of mother of Wicky, sent to the public prosecutor Alexander Medvedko. She demanded to bring criminal case and to punish the guilty. On lack of any actions from GPU it seems that history would like to lower on brakes. We won't give - to the Verkhovna Rada letters with a request are sent to give a basic assessment to an egregious example /

In telephone interview "Today" Victoria Vinitskaya confirmed this information, having added that after a hospital in clinic "Boris" continues to be treated at home, and her health leaves much to be desired.

- Anybody before me didn't apologize and only returned the passport for what again caused the agenda in the State Office of Public Prosecutor, - Vika speaks.- They wanted to interrogate me, but on a state of health I refused to do it and declared a protest.

On specification why the victim didn't declare beating and pressure at once, and this fact emerged only on Friday, Vinitskaya reported shortly:

- I was in hospital, and mother constantly was nearby and when me wrote out, she and wrote to the Public prosecutor, - the girl speaks.

- Besides, conclusions of doctors which I wanted to give to the investigator were necessary, but that refused to take them.

One of "важняков" GSU of which "Today" asked to express, answered that in quickly - an investigation team quite could worm way and the person unworthy:

- After all there attract also people from the province and who will give the best, here and get mediocre, unbalanced, - the interlocutor speaks. - And it not only investigators, and and opera... But I assume that it and competently thought over provocation. At any deal the group investigating poisoning of Yushchenko, fools about.

The source in the Secretariat of the president told "Today" that, in his opinion, it is a question of the provocation directed personally against Yushchenko for the purpose of disorder of business on its poisoning: "I don't exclude that behind it there are Yulia Timoshenko, David Zhvaniya, other figures who have finished Satsyuk and his secretary honor in a month "to remember" allegedly beating in GPU".

Statement of mother Victoria:


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