The Deputy Nikolaev governor Arkady Kornatsky began war against the chief?

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Today, on September 20, Arkady Kornatsky, the acting deputy head of the Nikolaev regional state administration and the founder of "Kornatsky' Agrofirm", carried out a press - conference at which informed on the beginning of active work of public organization "Selyansky Front" which "will be offensive, vigorously and considerably to defend the rights of peasants", but - "within the current legislation".

To idea about creation of such organization A.Kornatsky came after several months of the work to the regional state administrations. And here is how to it it was worked and while it is worked in YEAH under supervision of Alexey Garkusha, journalists very much interested. Especially after Kornatsky's several statements for illegality of transfer to rent the koblevskikh and the rybakovskikh of beaches to the inhabitants of Odessa, several comments concerning the earth and the land relations operating in the Nikolaev area. And interest to Kornatsky was warmed up by criticism of the governor in his address, stated on one of a press - conferences of the head of area, - let laconic, but the intrigue already then was tied. Though as it became clear, the intrigue was from the very beginning. But it is necessary to consider Arkady Kornatsky's legal education: any loud statements, bright statements to the governor, on what journalists are so greedy, wasn't. There was a quiet story that occurs in "the white house", and there were very transparent hints on circumstances which are widely known in our area.

As it became clear, still - after 10 months of work in the regional state administration - Arkady Kornatsky remains the deputy with a prefix of "deputy" though since February all necessary papers from Kiev came to it.

- This regional state administration has no desire that I worked at the position, - speaks disgraced deputy Garkusha. - And for quite some time now, when I fulfilled the civic duty - ceased to hide some nuances of work in the regional state administration, - frank pressure started being put upon me.I not really worry about that, how long I will work at this position. I started working in government bodies, and in general - arrived home to work after long stay and work in the Russian Federation not to please or in any way to coordinate the actions with someone. I arrived to do that I consider necessary, and I will do it. And end of my stay of the acting deputy governor, probably, and not far off.

As A.Kornatsky explained the thought, on September 11 he knew according to the head of department regional state administration shots that, appears, on July 24 the exit board of the regional state administration (I took place in New Bug) considered a question of A.Kornatsky's compliance to a post. On July 21 Kornatsky left holiday and could be present on this board. But - I wasn't present. Because nobody informed it and didn't invite to this board. And such invitation, as though it absurdly sounded, it was necessary for the acting deputy head of the regional state administration - earlier after Kornatsky's several performances with a statement of own point of view on cases in point Alexey Garkusha excluded it from members of YEAH board. However, Kornatsky has big doubts that on this board the question of it in general was considered.

- As it was written, recognition of my work not corresponding to certain criteria was supported unanimously. It very much surprised me. When I asked a question to one of being present on this board, to the worker YEAH (certainly, I didn't call a surname of this person A.Kornatsky - an editor's note), he told me that my question wasn't considered at all on this board. Besides, on September 11 it became clear that in August, it appears, the head of the Nikolaev regional state administration took out to me reprimand about what I too learned only orally, according to the head of the HR department YEAH. And that only when in a human resources department asked for me the explanatory note. It became clear that, it appears, I am guilty in disorder of livestock branch. With surprise I start thinking: whether instead of I am guilty in disorder of the Soviet Union or collective-farm system? Therefore I think that the decision is already made, as soon as possible to get rid of me. We will look that from this leaves, - A.Kornatsky speaks.

The disgraced deputy intends to appeal to court behind protection of the labor law - both reprimand, and recognition of its work not corresponding to certain criteria were accepted illegally.But this business of the future, and now very much and very much isn't pleasant to it how affairs in the regional state administration are.

- If you the position of the head of the regional state administration, concerning legality or illegality of orders of heads of the district state administrations interests, I can give an example. In the Domanevsky area 20-ти to citizens who live in Odessa and Odessa region (among which, by the way, there is also Garkush's surname), the land plots under personal country economy are provided. Under the law exclusively those people who live in this village can receive the earth under personal country economy and have property and economy. I wrote the service record to the governor that this order of the head of the Domanevsky district state administration needs to be cancelled. However this order wasn't cancelled. And here in Pervomaisk the area there was other situation: 27- ми to inhabitants of page. The stone Beam was provided the earth under personal country economy, But as it became clear, this earth is over a granite field which is necessary for powerful structure where there are interests of several heads of government bodies in the Nikolaev area, right there appears both a protest of the prosecutor, and the order of the head of the regional state administration that inhabitants of the village need to cancel granting in 2007 of the land plots. And there is a lot of such examples, - A.Kornatsky told.

And in general, to inhabitants of Odessa in our area, A.Kornatsky, any approves very reverent attitude. "I so understand that the Odessa outstanding people who work in various branches of government or in different branches of the government, they still regret that the Nikolaev area was once separated from Odessa. And therefore at us constantly Nikolayevshchina receives the managerial personnel from Odessa. Probably, it is one of explanations why there are a lot of lands and minerals citizens from Odessa and Odessa region and the Odessa economic societies receive. It is possible to tell that we for inhabitants of Odessa have green light everywhere. Perhaps, they have more than money, - I don't know", - A.Kornatsky speaks.

Except an example on the Domanevsky area, it is possible to remember an example with koblevsky and rybakovsky beaches which were transferred for 49 years of state of emergency of "AAS" and state of emergency "Rich of AAS" - to the enterprises with "the Odessa registration".Answering a question of journalists concerning its relation to this fact, namely - participation of the governor in transfer of beaches to inhabitants of Odessa (management of forest and hunting economy signed the contract with above specified enterprises only after the order of the governor), A.Kornatsky told that refused to vise the draft of the order about this transfer of beaches because saw violation of the Land code and violation of the rights of local governments and local businessmen. He reported about it to the head of the regional state administration in the service record. However such order was signed by the governor. Then A.Kornatsky - again - in writing - refused to control his performance. And, as the disgraced deputy speaks, in A.Garkushe's service record he and wrote: "I can exercise control of this order only by informing you about its illegality".

In a situation with beaches there is also one more party - management of forest and hunting economy to which policy A.Kornatsky too has claims. According to him, from the very beginning of the work in YEAH it it was necessary to be at war for that the earth of agricultural appointment weren't transferred to management of forest and hunting economy. And, it is a question of transfer tens of thousands of hectares of a farmland though to cope even with that earth which management of forest and hunting economy (36 thousand hectares) has, can't: "there constant fires, there interrupted everything that only it is possible". Management of forest and hunting economy has enough earth that залеснять it within 10 years, but they want to receive more and more. "They in every way try to receive as much as possible earth that then to them came and asked this earth. The quantity of agricultural grounds, thus, in the Nikolaev area decreases, and conscious and illegal actions of heads of local government bodies", - A.Kornatsky considers.

Though not only it roused A.Kornatsky to start such active public actions - leaving to journalists with the story that occurs in a regional state administration subsoil, and to head regional public organization "Selyansky Front" (it not political sense, besides, non-party A.Kornatsky promises to carry out among peasants almost a political information and to tell about that, "who such communists, socialists and populists - litvinovets are the same who oppressed peasants for 70 years of the Soviet power").According to him, it didn't manage to break system of consideration of complaints and appeals of peasants to authorities which actually are formal replies. Though as A.Kornatsky considers, authorities have to protect citizens. For this reason "the Selyansky front" intends to defend the rights of peasants, except legal (and officials it is possible and it is necessary to bring to trial, A.Kornatsky considers), including radical actions. It will be valid the front, promises disgraced still deputy governor.


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