Crimea criminal: guest performers feel freely

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The Crimea is very attractive to criminals - guest performers. Pickpockets, room thieves, robbers, swindlers of all colors go to an autonomy "on earnings" alone and groups. If to exclude small offenses and "domestic squabbles", to the share of guest performers falls from 25 to 50% of crimes. This statistics fluctuates seasonally and the peninsula region.

Visitors of criminals even have the specialization, depending on what corner of the former Union they represent. Citizens of Russia, for example, at us quite often hide from the Themis. But if large Russian criminal fish, the same financiers - schemers, in the Crimea has, as a rule, a rest and tries not to shine, smaller Russian criminals have in an autonomy a ball, generally being engaged in robberies and robbery.

And here representatives of the former Transcaucasian Soviet republics specialize on room and pocket thefts, and also fraud more often.
Naturally, go on tour in the Crimea and our Ukrainian compatriots. The East of the country is presented more often by robbers. The West and the center - thieves and drug dealers. Tour tours across the Crimea are made also by locals. Generally it is jobless rural guys aged from 18 till 30 years which leave to the cities for the purpose of a robbery.

For guest performers from other countries Crimea, as well as Ukraine as a whole, it is attractive first of all that the legislation here promises rather soft responsibility for not serious crimes. For example, for theft for the sum a little more than 700 hryvnias criminal liability isn't provided not, only the administrative. Our state went in this question on the European way of humanity of punishments. For example, in the same Georgia, whose thieves "fell in love" recently with the Crimea and Ukraine, punishment for crimes of average weight and small the much surovy. And the Criminal code of Russia will be more rigid. Here also directs to us from - for a cordon the dashing people.

What regions in the Crimea are most attractive to guest performers? It is clear that during a resort season it is YuBK and Evpatoria, it is slightly less - the coast of east Crimea. In inter-season period criminal люд attract Sevastopol and Simferopol. The hero town is famous for "grain" dormitory areas where it is convenient to make robberies and burglaries. The Crimean capital is popular as "double-exit courtyard" - easy to arrive and leave.

However, separate types of crimes, characteristic for guest performers in the past years, gradually become obsolete. But keep at stable level and even other criminal crafts grow.

Now for various reasons became pocket thefts much less, stealings in the mercenary purposes practically stopped. At the same time room theft prospers. The increased welfare of inhabitants of the Crimea, slackness of rich health-resort visitors, general carelessness of that and others and besides rather soft punishment for burglaries is the reason of it.

Burglars - professionals act, as a rule, with groups on two - three persons. Most often it is guest performers from - for a boundary, other areas of Ukraine, the inhabitants of the Crimea leaving in other cities are more rare. Such group came around, for example, to Yalta, made three - four "blows" (theft), and then laid down on a bottom or moved to other city. And again on a new circle.
According to field investigators of UGRO, simplicity with which burglaries are made, simply impresses. Thieves - guest performers act "on хапка" more often, that is improvise. Go around the city, see good windows, come into an entrance. Then ring on a platform all doors. If there is no answer, criminals put "контрольки", these are the matches, as a rule, put from below to doors, leave and wait for minutes 5 - 10. Then one remains near an entrance with the mobile phone "on a chickie", and the second comes back: if "контрольки" on a place, so anybody isn't present and it is possible to open a door. To the simple English lock simply to try key. Such locks in general have only 15 - 20 combinations. Or criminals apply master keys and hack a lock core. Well and having got into the apartment, thieves within several minutes find money and values. They well know where what to look for.

It is more difficult to catch criminals of subjects, than more professionally they work. Often before capture they manage to make more than ten thefts. So was, for example, with known group of a simferopolets of the Crucian which shook Sevastopol, YuBK and Evpatoria.

Recently Simferopol field investigators detained 30 - the summer citizen of Georgia I. He too managed to gather in the Crimea with accomplices of ten apartments. And about one and a half months ago the East of the Crimea hooted concerning burglaries. According to some information, here the team of the Georgian burglars with great dispatch "worked". However, while they manage to disappear from militiamen.
If criminals of this kind also come across, for them waits, as a rule, everything from three to six years of imprisonment. And the number of thefts usually doesn't matter. Happens and so that the thief receives on a minimum. Besides even the criminal can leave a zone much earlier, is conditional - having ahead of schedule released for good behavior. And after an exit from jails such convict usually again falls back into the old ways.

About these problems already repeatedly told the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, concerned by flow of guest performers to the country. But while …


Author: YULIA ISRAFILOVA, The first Crimean

Gangster times come and leave, and thieves' life as the classics, remains eternal. If in 90-x years the Crimean peninsula was "held" by mobsters, not especially esteeming eminent thieves in law therefore those were compelled to go underground temporarily, since the beginning of a new eyelid "old concepts" again found the force. The direct proof to that is scandalous thieves' "сходняк" which took place on YuBK in 2005.

Ingenious uncle Kamo

Can proclaim itself the thief in law everyone, and here to be that... Каря, Mulya, Kid, Scrag... - the list of the people applying on "a high rank", it is possible to continue infinitely. Motivation here the following: I made in a zone a trip or a little, I picked up there which - what "concepts" and a criminal slang - and can be "mown" under the thief. And who will check? For example, same Karya (Karev) who in 90-x called itself "thieves'", stayed term for usual road accident in one of colonies of Ukraine, and having arrived to the Crimea, in detail told how it "crowned" in a zone. Thus it was very far from thieves' "concepts" - had common causes with an organized criminal group "Boots" though those and were considered as full bespredelshchik. As a result I was lost under car wheels when loafed on the old city in search of a dose.

Actually in the last two decades in the Crimea were noticed only a little really "crowned" thieves in law.Thus among them only it was authorized to one to live in the peninsula territory - to the native of Armenia Kamo With - ряну, 1961 year of birth. The matter is that at the time of the Union between thieves and vlastyimushchy the secret contract was signed that, say, as the kurotny peninsula is an all-Union health resort, the Crimea has to be the pure territory. Without thieves' "concepts", dismantlings and bloodshed. For this reason thieves in law here appeared from time to time, but on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE nobody remained.

Why such honor dropped out

With - ряну? Yes on a state of health which it lost in a zone. At first the uncle Kamo remained in the Crimea on treatment, and then it seems as got accustomed in Yalta. Thieves of "the highest caste" closed eyes to such small violation: the pier, the person here is necessary for collection of information. And apropos "thieves' movements" those were quiet: sickly With - рян on an incense breathes - what there dismantlings and "stains"!

Kamo With - рян really didn't make impression of the terrible criminal: small growth, bolezny, but with very sharp and quick mind. He spoke always silently and slowly. Nevertheless in due time it at all didn't prevent the uncle Kamo to keep many inhabitants of the Crimea in awe and, despite the ban given from above, to create the thieves' affairs. Except collecting the necessary information, despite poor health, With - рян samolichno I participated in "common fund" replenishment. So, for example, it came to "" фирмачу together with the two-meter bouncer and began "divorce" approximately according to such scheme. The jockstrap rushed into office, terribly growled, the businessman grabbed breasts and threatened with punishment in case of disobedience. When the victim was frightened to death, darling and the silent uncle Kamo entered and tenderly convinced to share on - good. And in its such ordinary extortion there was so much persuasiveness that businessmen easily left the money. With - рян pressed on humanity: "You know, we have a friends on prisons. It is necessary to feed... " And it always worked.

Understood on - to the

Thanks to the cunning and authority I lived - Kamo With - рян to 2000-x years. And not simply I lived - on - former I conducted thieves' activity on the peninsula, having forgotten about the poor health. In 2005 from - for too active actions With - ряна to the Crimea there arrived the young Georgian thief in law by the name of Irakli. Where - that the uncle Kamo went too far, persuading the next businessman to share the sewed.The businessman appeared with criminal communications and asked protection for the Georgian thieves.

Irakli arrived to the Crimea one, but here it was waited by 15 "supporters". The appointment was made in one of Yalta restaurants. Kamo With - рян too arrived not one: to support the colleague I was itself well-known Anti-Moscow - the Kiev thief in law about whom "1K" already I mentioned in the publication murder of the member of an organized criminal group Victor Zakharov's "Boots". We will remind, Anti-Moscow welcomed in 2002 on the peninsula on a funeral of "Greek" Egor Grits killed by Zakharov by order of leaders of this criminal group.

From the uncle Kamo and Antimos there were 8 people against 15-ти the irakliyevskikh. Dismantling proceeded long. At first talked on - good, then passed to shout, and then three thieves in law decided to talk over confidentially, without the terrible maintenance, in the closed room of restaurant. Irakli got excited, showing the Caucasian temperament. Anti-Moscow too I didn't try to smooth a situation which, to tell the truth, and the eaten-away egg didn't cost. There were at it on that reasons. The matter is that in Georgia killed his relative, and the Kiev thief had all bases to suspect Irakli's people of participation in it. Therefore when the last why - that got into the pocket, Anti-Moscow rushed on it with fists. Kamo With - ряну too seemed that the Georgian thief tries to get from a pocket the weapon - a knife or the gun. And was to bring such toys on thieves' "meeting" "not on concepts". Therefore, despite visible feebleness, the uncle Kamo came to Antimosu's rescue and too tried to participate in Irakli's beating. Two against one worked harmoniously and purely. Gruzino - Armenian thieves' "dismantling" ended with that brought the crippled Irakli to one of the Simferopol hospitals, and Kamo With - рян with Antimos parted on the affairs: the first home - to have a rest after the nice fight, the second in hotel - to have a good time with girls.

Ours defended the peninsula!

It would seem, incident between thieves was settled, all as a result parted on houses and quickly forgot about the incident, but not here - that was - on the peninsula ridiculous hearings spread. "Meeting" of the real thieves in law became for local authorities and the authorities such sensational event that its reasons right there were exaggerated to the point of absurdity. Anybody didn't find time to learn at all, in what occasion thieves gathered, - the version was put forward the such:the Georgian thieves' diaspora to the teeth armed almost with machine guns, welcomed to the Crimea to divide its territory and to seize power in the hands. Thus there were criminal elements. Say, visitors Georgians wanted to snatch to themselves everything, but our thieves' "elite" didn't give the Crimea in offense and defended the peninsula.

That is characteristic, similar conversations were had and in the highest official circles. It is probable for this reason very quickly there was a decision to deport Kamo With - ряна from the Crimea. For capture of "especially dangerous criminal" awards were promised guards. Militiamen quickly enough executed the order. And that was to hesitate: With - рян anywhere also I didn't try to run, I lived to myself openly in the house in Yalta. Said that With - рян it was deported in November, 2006 at the request of friendly to Ukraine the states of Georgia. Most likely, thus the Georgian authorities stood up for the dishonored Irakli.

Authority "лохонули"?

Now there is information that now Kamo With - рян again returned to the Crimea. Lives here, however, informally but to whom before there is a business? Unless to old thieves. It is rumored that they are dissatisfied With - ryany: pier, allowed to be treated only in the Crimea, and it what pretzel throws out!

Kiev Anti-Moscow too it is dissatisfied. But not With - ryany, and "boots". And it is indignant all in the same occasion - Egor Grits's murder. As already I wrote "1K", this Greek authority was killed in Simferopol, on Lermontov St., in 2002 by Victor Zakharov by order of one of leaders of an organized criminal group Danila's "Boots". It seemed then to "boots" that just released "Greek" behaves too impudently: I got a false idea myself almost the owner of the peninsula, brings the orders to the city, develops business in the territory of "boots" and, the main thing, absolutely ignores invitations to "sincere conversation". After such neglect it was entrusted to Victor Zakharov to take in hand the gone too far Grits. That also took in hand: Egor Grits was killed in broad daylight near shop on Lermontov St. On its funeral among others there arrived thieves in law Mirab and Anti-Moscow. These two met then Danila and stated the indignation concerning a gangster lawlessness. That as the person adequate and sane didn't begin to run, inclined the head before authorities and confessed: pier, excuse, the nakladochka left, but we guilty will punish. Zakharov appeared a whipping boy. It, according to indications of some witnesses, killed directly at FC "Tavriya" office.That evening in "ritual murder" (bandits bossed the knife which has been tied up by a black tape) arrested Aronov and Gavryushenko took part now. The first allegedly simply was present, the last struck blows. Now these two persistently claim that no murder existed and that Victor Zakharov lives where - that in Russia.

Here Anti-Moscow also is indignant: leaves if Aronov and Gavryushenko tell the truth, the eminent thief in law "boots" simply "лохонули"? Say that the evils it on them it is impossible and this business so doesn't leave.


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