Demand a bribe – write the complaint. You don't know how, - you ring AIS

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AIS - the Anti-corruption information line - works in Ukraine since the beginning of April of this year, however not really many nikolayevets know about it. After all for all this time from one and a half thousand calls to AIS only 13 were from the Nikolaev area. And that in any way to reduce a gap in people informing that AIS works, on September 22 in Nikolaevsk a press - club the lawyer Yury Gavrilyuk, the project manager of "AIS", I told about the main directions of the work.

The main task of AIS created by public organization "Anti-corruption Committee", - to give to the person who has faced a problem of corruption, full information that to do to him where to address with the complaint and as it is correct to write this complaint.

Lawyers of AIS (and their three) don't leave into place, and give consultations only by phone or e-mail. The benefit, calls from stationary phones are free.

However, as Yu.Gavrilyuk noted, only 20% of calls from all regions of Ukraine really concerned corruption problems. And so people called with questions from "Prompt number of regional department of militia" to "How to beat out the alimony from the husband".

If to look at a perspective of the addresses concerning directly corruption, the majority of calls (two thirds) concerned violations of laws in executive and judicial branches of the power (for example, a tightening of investigation of criminal case, mercenary contribution of the official of one of the parties during pre-judicial trial, an abuse of power at registration or renewal of a private property, etc.).

"For us the main thing in our activity - not to put the corrupt official in prison, and to help the person, to consult it regarding that it can make itself in order that, for example, without bribing, to receive the act on the earth", - Yu.Gavrilyuk told.

If to speak about calls of inhabitants of the Nikolaev area, many of them concerned tightenings in investigation and refusals in registration of land shares. One case which keeps on AIS control, - bribe extortion by the staff of GAI in one of regions of the Nikolaev area.

Without telling the names and even the area in which the similar fact (however was recorded, information on it was transferred where follows, - the interdepartmental working group on fight against corruption at SBU), Yu.Gavrilyuk told that the driver reported about bribe extortion from the mobile phone directly in the course of extortion. According to him, the staff of GAI, without counters, without being represented, demanded from it a bribe for speed excess. As soon as the staff of GAI heard where the driver calls, started making out the protocol to set business lawful in motion. But in AIS all the same consulted the driver who didn't want "to grease the palm" where it to address and what complaint it is necessary to write.

As a whole, Yu.Gavrilyuk if the person put in such conditions considers, something it bribes and then, figuratively speaking business moves, or doesn't give - and continuous problems turn out, it is necessary to write the complaint. Really, owing to general low legal literacy many simply don't know where to address and what has to be the complaint text (what information has to be surely reflected in the complaint). It is to everyone called will prompt in AIS. The main thing, Yury Gavrilyuk is sure, - that the person had a desire not to bribe.

It is possible to call AIS Monday through Saturday from 9.00 to 19.00 8 (800) 500-31-00 (calls from stationary phones across Ukraine are free) or 8 (044) 422-52-55. Besides, it is possible to send the letter on AIS e-mail -

As Yu.Gavrilyuk assured, until the end of the year AIS have an iron so the service will work financing. There is at it a confidence that AIS will work further - he already looks for sources of financing and is sure that will find because, according to him, it is better for Ukrainian business to work in space where corruption isn't present.


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