The Nikolaev GAI officers continue to be at war with "high"

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Drugs. As much about them it is told and how long society fights against this dangerous phenomenon, which as the black veil dims eyes and reason. It is aggravated with that harm of drugs is so great that the person who has been caught in a net of drug addiction, has no time for thoughts, he has to act resolutely and quickly to survive.

But of it other people who in turn too hurry get in the way, but not to survive any more, and to earn, so-called "easy" money. Sadly and terribly, but even now, during an era of development of high technologies, the way, allowing to get rid of a drug addiction problem at all isn't found.

Along with other "fighters" war with drug addiction is waged also by the staff of GAI, performing the work, providing traffic safety which part is also survey of vehicles, effectively interferes with illegal drug trafficking.

So, for example, on September 13 at about noon, inspectors of the May Day company of traffic police in the city of Pervomaisk on Voznesenskaya Street for violations of the rules of traffic stopped the car Ford - transit which was driving 37 - the summer local. At vehicle survey the staff of GAI revealed in salon under feet 44 - the summer passenger a package, weighing about 1 kilogram which was "filled" by heads of opium poppy. About it reports a press - service of the State traffic inspectorate of the Nikolaev area.

In the same day, but already employees of the Koblevsky company of traffic police on entrance to a recreation area to page of Koblevo examined the DEO — the PSYCHIC car. In it it was revealed more 2х kilogram of substance of the brown color similar to poppy heads, 3 liters of P-646, 4 solution of packing of a Dimedrol (10 ampoules in everyone) and 12 disposable syringes, all this "wealth" transported 38 - the summer inhabitant пгт. Elanets.

All "baggage" of drivers was withdrawn and provided for examination in NDEKTs at UMVS of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

It is necessary to hope that undertaken measures will be effective and to wish to the staff of GAI of forces and patience in this hard "war" with "high"!


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