On one of the Nikolaev slot machine halls assault is made. Having deafened the operator, the criminal carried away 1500 UAH

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As it became known "to Crime. There are no about three o'clock in the morning", today on one of slot machine halls which is in the Ship district of the city of Nikolaev on Ayvazovsky Street, assault was made.

The attacking man by sight was years 30-ти, an average constitution. It rushed into the slot machine hall, holding in hand the subject similar to the gun.

The operator of the slot machine hall didn't manage to press "the disturbing button" as the malefactor deafened it by a blow to the head.

As a result about 1500 UAH were stolen from cash desk

At present by the staff of the Ship District Department of Internal Affairs of NSU are carried out quickly - search actions for an identification attacking. Search of the criminal is conducted.


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