The murderer hid the whole month in a case... corpse of darling

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Nearly a year the ex-husband, the six-year-old daughter, mother and Oksana Kovalyova's father (the surname is changed) expected it return. Parents thought that the daughter went on earnings to Russia (she said more than once that wants to leave Poltava), but didn't understand why so long there are no news. And Igor, the cohabitant of the woman, more than once in conversations hinted at fast departure of darling.

In complete disappearance of a poltavchanka became interested in management on fight against the organized crime. Field investigators didn't doubt - the girl is killed, and the murderer - Igor. When militiamen came to detain him, he only confirmed with the behavior their guesses.

Information on that the suspect of the house, was absolute, but during survey of the apartment it couldn't find anywhere. While militiamen incidentally didn't glance for a case and didn't see it in a secret niche.

When the suspect delivered in militia regional department, he told everything. Their joint life with 26 - summer Oksana lasted more than a year. After divorce her daughter remained to live with the father from - for habits of the young woman sometimes to look in a shot glass. Igor practically didn't take alcoholic drinks, didn't smoke, played sports. In December 2007-го, on the eve of New year, after the next junket, the girl, having hardly woken up, right there I ran behind a bottle. There was a quarrel, little by little, and Igor struck it.

Oksana fell and didn't give life signs. The young man was frightened and decided to hide a corpse. It twisted a body in the form of an embryo, wound with an adhesive tape and pushed in the case which doors that didn't open, densely I closed. The neighbor helped to take out a case in a cold shed.

Igor confessed in a crime, specified a place where hid a body. It appears, he threw out it in one of hatches for sewage after learned that her ex-husband seriously undertook searches. Forensic scientists stated reflex cardiac arrest from blow in an Adam's apple. The quite good athlete in the past, Igor, most likely, didn't calculate blow force.

This history found the logical end by initiation of legal proceedings according to the Art.115 Criminal codes of Ukraine - deliberate murder. The criminal is now in custody.


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