Poltava militiamen... hooligans

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The second case when at detention hooligans bite militiamen, is recorded in Poltava region this year.

As reported in a press - service of regional militia, in last output staff of Piryatinsky regional department of militia left on a call in one of public places where the inhabitant of the district brawled. 47- the summer man detained and carried to district hospital on identification of degree of intoxication. In hospital the detainee unexpectedly "recovered" and, without wishing carrying out dough for alcohol, attacked on accompanying sergeant, trying... to bite off to it a hand finger.

For the sergeant the detention ended with a trauma: the detainee everything is managed to bite him for a finger that is qualified as deliberate drawing to the police officer of slight injuries at execution of official duties by it. Against the fan to bite militiamen tore down criminal case, and the militia sergeant for some days left an operation. He should worry some unpleasant days waiting for results of analyses.

And the local police inspector of Karlovsky regional department became the first bitten hooligan the militiaman in Poltavshchina this year. It was bitten for a shoulder by the drunk brawler who "brought" an order to a family, and the district police officer sent it to calm.


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