The regional office of FGIU has problems with city council?

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About some problems which arose at RO FGIU on the Nikolaev area with local government of Nikolaev, it became known on taken place on September 24 a press - conferences. And business as it is clear, connected with the earth because with the earth the city authorities have various "neponyatka".

There was a following. In 2001 of RO FGIU I sold an unfinished office building on Chigrin St., to the 127th farm of Shvets - on condition that this object will be completed within 5 years. However passed 5 years, and anything it wasn't completed. The reason spoke simply: the land plot of 1 hectare on which this unfinished object is located, leased city council not to the buyer, and absolutely other applicant - JSC 9-y Legion.

Yes, at the time of sale of object of incomplete construction the norm, obliging to sell object of "nezavershenka" together with the land plot wasn't stated in the legislation, - this norm appeared only this year, thanks to the changes made to the Land code. But before emergence of this norm it was supposed that the earth will be leased to the buyer of object of incomplete construction.

- This transfer of the earth to JSC 9-y Legion rent (RO FGIU - an editor's note) wasn't coordinated with us at all. We sent to the letter Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, we reported about the one to whom we sold object and with whom, respectively, it is necessary to resolve issues on the ground, our buyer addressed to them. And here the earth leased for 10 years to firm "9-й the Legion". Therefore we will dissolve today the purchase and sale contract, - the head of RO FGIU Evgeny Kazansky reported.

We will add that, most likely, RO FGIU in any case would break off the contract of purchase and sale of the building for Chigrin St., 127 because for today this "nezavershenka" and remained "nezavershenka".

As the deputy head of RO FGIU Lyubov Ochkurova explained 1-й, the farm couldn't complete this object because for this purpose the project was necessary for it, and the project can't be made without land allocation project.The buyer didn't have this documentation and couldn't be since the lease contract was signed with other firm.

But the buyer why - that decided to go other way: it provided documents, some million investments into this object of "nezavershenka" were brought in compliance with which allegedly.

Certainly, these, according to E.Kazansky, the fairy tale were discredited by the commission from representatives not only fund, but also regional management of architecture, UBEP which came to a place and was convinced that the object isn't completed. RO FGIU with materials of check addressed in prosecutor's office, and that brought criminal case upon fictitiousness of documents.

However, even having dissolved the contract with the previous owner of this object of incomplete construction, RO FGIU doesn't solve a problem: the fund again should expose this object on auction, but to sell it already only with the land plot. And at firm "9-й the Legion" the term of rent is yet complete and the lease contract won't terminate.

According to E.Kazansky, the prosecutor's office sent in due time the protest to city council, the city council satisfied this protest. But things are right where they started: as rented "9-й the Legion" this earth, and rents, the lease contract won't terminate. Because on the party of firm there was a decision of economic court of the Nikolaev area to which "9-й the Legion" appealed after pronouncement of the decision by city council. Lawyers of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies not only lost the this case, but also didn't submit the appeal in the Odessa appellate economic court.

However RO FGIU problem with these objects should be solved all the same therefore the head of RO FGIU addressed to the mayor Vladimir Chaika, hoping as E.Kazansky told, "that it in return will take measures".


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