Having quarreled with the wife, nikolayevets decided "to recoup" and raped 15 - the summer schoolgirl

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On the night of September 6 in one of settlements of the Zhovtnevy region of the Nikolaev area, 45 - the summer local in the perverted form raped a minor odnoselchanka. About it reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

Late at night 15 - the summer ninth-grader of local school left rural bar and went home. Near pub on a bench the tipsy man sat. Having seen the lonely girl, he got up and, clumsily trying to get acquainted, seized her by a hand and started dragging force it on a bar backyard. The girl rested, but forces were unequal. The stranger managed - to bring all the schoolgirl to a deserted place where he, having tumbled down her on the earth and having ordered to be silent, I told that wants to talk simply. Thus, however, threatening with physical violence in case of "disobedience".

The man was called as Igor, told that lives in Nikolaev. Having squeezed a wrist of the girl an "iron" grasp, he started complaining of the "unfortunate" life, told about recent quarrel with the wife and what exactly it became the reason of that from a grief to it "was necessary" to get drunk. Then he began to be interested in private life of "captive", asked, whether she knows how to cook, started telling recipes of various dishes and as a result hinted that a pier, it wouldn't be bad if she agrees to act as his future wife.

The girl periodically reminded "interlocutor" that very late and her it is necessary to go home, but the man didn't release her. Outright frightened schoolgirl listened to "fairy tales" of the drunk uncle more than one and a half hours.

After a while the man dragged the girl far away from bar. In one of dark lanes it "… violently satisfied with it sexual passion in the perverted form a way of the oragenitalny act …" as the investigator in the interrogation protocol wrote down later.

About four o'clock in the morning unfortunate nevertheless it was succeeded to escape from hands of the tyrant. Escaping, the girl lost shoes and barefoot came running to the house of acquaintances. In a hysterics she told about horror which she had to endure, and fellows villager reported in militia.

After hours-long "communication" with the monster the girl quite well remembered appearance of the tyrant and according to its description the accurate identikit of the suspected criminal was made.

In the late afternoon the same day the attention of staff of criminal investigation department of Zhovtnevy regional department of militia was attracted by the man which appearance was very similar according to the description to the tyrant of the girl. At the unknown asked to show identification papers. That showed documents and right there began to offer police officers money that it released...

The detainee delivered in a local strong point of militia and invited injured girl. She without effort identified in it "offender". After a confrontation the man had to confess in deeds a crime.

As it became clear, the suspect really call Igor, he was recently 45 years old, he only lives not in the regional center, and in the same settlement in which all above and occurred. The destiny disposed so that in the small town the adult man and 15 - the summer schoolgirl earlier didn't see each other. Now sexually anxious man is held in custody in Nikolaevsk by a pre-trial detention center. Materials of criminal case upon rape will be brought to trial which will pronounce the sentence.


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