Internet criminal: as career of the Ukrainian hacker of Nerona

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"On the Internet very competent programmers could earn only. I was helped in this case by profile education. By the beginning 2003-го 8 beginners worked for me, and the income increased from $3 thousand to $5-7 thousand a month".

- For the first time about karting I heard in 2001 when studied in the USA on an exchange of students. Having returned to Ukraine, I started studying the site created by the case most known at that time of Script'ом. The resource was considered as the center of communication of kardersky and hacker elite as the CIS which has united more than 7 thousand users. There it was possible to get credit cards, Tampa, to learn schemes of work of cases. Both FBI, and other intelligence services on fight against computer crimes knew that through a site tens were washed, and even hundreds millions dollars, but within five years nobody could close it.

Having used one of the schemes described on a site, I transferred money from payment PayPal system to E-Gold and every other day found on the electronic account $500. On this money I moved from a hostel to the rental apartment, I bought the computer, I carried out allocated the Internet - the line. With earnings in a network I decided to continue experiments. For some time eBay became my main source of the income. I bought at auction from myself nonexistent goods and through a network of intermediaries cashed money.

The CIS Script and Boa arranged delivery дампов cash cards at first Citibank, and after other American financial establishments. The majority of participants of "planet" passed to more available way of earnings: bought Tampa or "white plastic" and withdrew money in ATMs.

On the Internet very competent programmers could earn only. I was helped in this case by profile education, at school I won the regional Olympic Games on programming twice. Except English without which knowledge in this business there is nothing to do, I knew Spanish and Italian therefore could withdraw money on the Internet - the resources which weren't facing yet Russian-speaking cases. By the beginning 2003-го 8 beginners worked for me, and the income increased from $3 thousand to $5-7 thousand a month.

Death of "planet"

Kardersky movement received the first serious blow in 2004 - m when in Cyprus Boa (Roman Vega) - the case second for a consequence in the world after arrestedScript'a (Dmitry Golubov). Boa adjusted not only trade дампами, but also sale of false documents with a turn in some hundred thousands of dollars monthly. In 2004 "planet" was left by her organizer of Script who has explained the leaving with desire to be engaged in real business. But actually too close I approached a case of FBI from - for made by it mistakes. Script filled up Odessa with counterfeit cards, and tens of "tenants" devastating ATMs around the city went.

In the summer 2004-го a site closed, and within the next year worldwide detained about hundred participants of "planet" - generally tenants, and also two confidants to the project manager - Dallas Douglas Hevard and Li Edvud. Hearings what exactly they handed over Dmitry Golubov caught the same year went. It was the largest detention in the history of cybercrimes.

In December 2005-го caught two cases from Moscow and Novorossiysk working in my team. Having found out that my mailboxes are hacked, and the account in WebMoney is blocked, I for one night destroyed everything that could bring bodies to my trace. Even I disassembled the laptop on which cover silver letters engraved Neron. On it my career in karting ended, and I returned to institute.

After death of "planet" in a RuNet there were hundreds karderskikh of sites, but true professionals on them weren't. At forums published only outdated schemes, cases passed to work with cards: now the former hackers or programmers, and the typical "mobsters" earning to $3 thousand are engaged in it not. I in this business have nothing to do. All my friends from "planet" legalized the business, and I left to work to the financial sphere.


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