The court doesn't punish corrupt officials and often leaves "to work" at the places

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"Long live the Ukrainian court, the most humane court in the world! " - quite so there is a wish to paraphrase already become winged expression from darling many the movie "Caucasian Captive" after on decisions of the courts the Ukrainian officials not only that don't serve sentence in imprisonment places, but also continue to work at a post. At least, such is the Nikolaev practice.

Certainly, courts generally admit guilt of dishonest officials, only as punishment for corrupt officials serves or a penalty in some honeycombs of hryvnias, or imprisonment is conditional that means in fact freedom for the corrupt official.

The head of department of Public service on fight against economic crime in the Nikolaev area Vladimir Lupashchenko told to the correspondent of that since the beginning of 2008 courts of the Nikolaev area made decisions on a number of the affairs connected with corruption. For example, the chairman of the Krasnoznamyansky Village Council of the Snigirevsky area demanded from the business owner of 14 thousand hryvnias and was caught "on hot" when receiving 7 thousand hryvnias. The court decided to deprive accused of freedom for 5 years with a trial period of 3 years. And the case with the deputy chief of Head department of agriculture of the Nikolaev oblgosalministration at all shocks. The civil servant got a bribe in 500 US dollars, for what is exempted by court from criminal liability and admitted to bail to labor collective. The bribe taker who represents the state, and whose fault is proved, it is necessary to sit in the chair.

And here the official of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies who was repeatedly caught on a bribe (more than 10 episodes of receiving a bribe are documented), is condemned by a judgment for 2 years of imprisonment … CONDITIONALLY. "The person put on the conveyor the workplace under receiving bribes and received such punishment is, to put it mildly, too humanely", - Vladimir Nikolaevich considers.

"About what we can speak to prevention, fight against corruption? At us simply laugh! If the chairman of village council got a bribe of 10 thousand.dollars, in court it retrained on fraud, and this official it is necessary to work. Society knows that this person took a bribe, abused the official position, and people think that it is militia released the corrupt official. Though for us is more sick and more offensive, than to someone to another because it is result of our work. And business, probably, at all in the legislation, and in the attitude towards such corrupt officials", - is told by Vladimir Nikolaevich.

For this purpose, to bring criminal case on suspicion in bribery - the most widespread corruption crime, the staff of Civil service on fight against economic crime prepares materials 2-3 months, and sometimes and half a year. And such cases are investigated and considered in court sometimes till 2-3 years.

"I personally consider that it is one of the most difficult cases which are considered, after all we not bring simple people to trial, besides, officials build all the time barriers to our activity as lawful, not very much", - Vladimir Lupashchenko considers.

Our corrupt officials, except bribery, are often convicted of forgery and abuse of official position. For example, in June, 2008 the chairman of the Krymkovsky Village Council of the May Day area, forged the Village Council decision for receiving an extra charge, for what was fined only 510 hryvnias.

Also officials, using the official position, sometimes are engaged in plunder. Case on suspicion in receiving 0,5 million hryvnias of the grant for cultivation grain is now investigated by the management of agricultural management of the area and the district state administration. Officials declared that the crop is destroyed though it is suspected that the actually grain are cleaned and sold. What decision on this business will be passed by court - will show time, but the tendency speaks for itself.

The author dares to remind that the chairman of Economic court of the Nikolaev area Yury Koval detained at the end of 2007 at receiving a bribe, now continues to hold the position.

For the reference. Since the beginning of 2008 in the Nikolaev area 65 facts of corruption actions on which criminal cases against 41 officials are brought are recorded. Staff of division of GSBEP in the Nikolaev area made 65 protocols on commission of corruption actions, practically all from which is sent to court. Penalties are put on these faces of 250-350 hryvnias.

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