In the Crimea the thief - the burglar tamed dogs … a saliva

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32- summer Vladimir D. from Denisovk's village of the Simferopol area began the criminal way in 1991. Then on the early childhood he made the first robbery. And further went - went.

Except robberies, thefts, storage of drugs, hooliganism were registered for Vladimir. Themis estimated activity of our hero five criminal records. Having released last time one and a half years ago, Vladimir, it seems, became reasonable. It went to work for a livestock farm in the native village. Mother, the father and numerous relatives couldn't rejoice on Vladimir. The cattle, it seems, too was happy how him looked after. But such idyll proceeded until the end of March of this year while Volodya didn't meet friends on prison. At first they celebrated a meeting an opium prick. It is necessary to tell, Vladimir too sat earlier on a needle, but in prison, naturally, wasn't pricked and when was released last time, drugs didn't touch.

Also it was necessary such to happen, I met friends, I pricked - and after that couldn't stop any more. And it had a horse dose: four - five "checks" in day. Taking into account that one "check" costs at least hundred hryvnias, pleasure it not from the cheap. Even if Vladimir would load manure on a farm as the bulldozer, he all the same couldn't earn on a dose. Therefore our hero gave up work and trained for a new profession in the room thief, more precisely, in the brownie. According to the most conservative estimates, Vladimir less than in one and a half months cleaned about thirty private houses in Simferopol.

It is necessary to tell that Vladimir had an exclusive technique. It stole in exclusively afternoon. Though it was noted in all corners of the Crimean capital, but most of all I preferred Bela Kuhn Street area. Vladimir went on the private sector and found out what owners of farmsteads aren't present the house. And helped it with it, though it is unintentional, neighbors of future victims. Vladimir simply approached to neighbors and asked when it is possible to find hosts. Naturally, neighbors helped and precisely reported when those left and when will return. Even asked, whether not to transfer that. However Volodya said that will come later to talk to owners personally as business at him well the very important.Honestly, owners after return estimated all importance of its visit as, having communicated to neighbors, Vladimir took a control detour and got through a fence into an empty household.

Not a secret that almost in all private houses as the alarm system dogs are used. Vladimir had an original technique of "shutdown" of four-footed watchmen. It simply and reliably lured dogs. Our hero chewed a bread slice, plentifully moistened it with the saliva and threw to dogs. From where - that he learned that a dog, having eaten bread with a saliva of the person, will take then it for the and respectively won't begin to lift bark.

Having put out of action a dog, the thief got into the house. Having tiny dimensions, it got into the dwelling through a window leaf and in some minutes directed in the house "frisk". I took generally money and jewelry, but I didn't shun also other expensive things. Having loaded with production, Vladimir left any more through a window leaf, and through a door. And its leaving differed amazing impudence. Having left the robed household, it quietly stopped on the street and caught a taxi, and happened, called the car directly to a crime scene.

Vladimir had various catch. He could profit in one thousand hryvnias, and happened, and twenty thousand, and cash. Our many compatriots, alas, still don't trust banks and store money in a stocking on pleasure to thieves.

Vladimir, as a rule, sold stolen things to acquaintances. And to relatives, friends and the former colleagues on a farm I explained the unexpected enrichment to that found highly paid work. Our hero told all that settled almost the chief of wholesale base on Kubanskaya Street.

After the first thefts of Vladimir militiamen started looking for intensively. And field investigators precisely knew who cleans houses. But also Vladimir had a scent. Having felt that it look for, it didn't appear at home and wandered on brothels. He wanted подкопить a money and to get over to Evpatoria. However conspiracy in one of brothels appeared not up to standard, and Volodya was detained by the staff of criminal investigation department.

Now Vladimir moves from one regional department of militia of Simferopol to another. And in everyone to it is what to tell.

The most interesting that Volodya is afflicted not so much with detention, how many the puncture about which it was told by field investigators. It appears, having made the last theft, our hero profited only one fur coat and didn't notice the large sum of cash which was literally near by.Twenty thousand dollars and forty thousand hryvnias lay in a sugar bowl, and it stood on a table in a visible place.

Now our hero gives evidences and is going to sit down for the sixth time on a dock.


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