At the Nikolaev city hall can select for debts TV channel?

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As it became known "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" from sources in the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, round KP Broadcasting Company "MARCH" becomes ripe serious scandal.

As reported sources, recently employees of UBEP Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area established the fact of functioning of a financial pyramid on which creation, allegedly, officials of KP Broadcasting Company "MARCH" have a direct bearing.

According to information which managed to be learned, this financial pyramid was valid from November, 2007.

In one of the credit unions of the Nikolaev area the credits for 165 people were issued. The sum of one credit made from 4 to 15 thousand hryvnias.

All people who took the credits, had the guarantee issued on the MARCH KP Broadcasting Company form, with the signature of the chief accountant of the enterprise and KP press.

We managed to communicate to one of "borrowers" who are compelled to pay now the credit. He told that the scheme was very simple - people made out the credit, and money gave to certain persons who promised to pay on the credits for them. For this simple operation everyone who issued on itself(himself) the credit, received on 400 - 800 UAH

One more fact is interesting - as the victim claims, at registration of the credits there was an accountant of KP Broadcasting Company "MARCH".

The first months on the credits really regularly paid, and the security service of the credit union had no questions. But then probably greed has an effect, and with the credit union ceased to pay off.

After that security service specialists of the credit union started understanding a situation and very much were surprised - as on "MARCH" more than 160 people can work?

According to sources, the organizer of this financial pyramid is a certain citizen Vizichkanich who, allegedly, held a position of the deputy director of KP. It is difficult to challenge and participation in this pyramid of the accountant of KP which appended the signatures on letters of the guarantee and I was present at registration of the credits.

The credits according to such scheme were issued on themselves practically by all staff of Broadcasting Company "MARCH", but the most part of "borrowers" is people who have no relation by "MARCH".

For a year of such activity organizers of this financial pyramid "earned" about 1,5 million hryvnias.

Also sources in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies told that round "MARCH" the city management knew of a situation. To understand a situation, the deputy of the Nikolaev mayor A. Zhenzherukh even organized special meeting.

At present investigation is conducted and upon the organization of a financial pyramid criminal case is allegedly already brought.

We will remind that at session of the Nikolaev city council which took place on September 18, deputies spoke about 30 minutes about KP Broadcasting Company "MARCH".

Then to a tribune there was a first deputy of the Nikolaev mayor Yury Granaturov.

"on September 17 the meeting devoted to questions of debt on a salary of the enterprises of the Nikolaev area took place. I want to inform deputies on it as there it was a question and of one of our municipal enterprises - KP Broadcasting Company "MARCH"", - so began the performance vice-the mayor.

He reported that the director of KP Broadcasting Company "MARCH" was in hospital and wasn't present at the specified meeting. I wasn't present on this action and the accountant who is in hospital with the director. In YEAH, namely there passed this action, of "MARCH" there was a journalist who as Yury Isayevich emphasized, "doesn't possess information in full".

Yury Granaturov then mentioned the deputy casually supposedly it simply isn't present.

Apparently, the smoke without fire doesn't happen - after all not on the Internet people's deputies discuss each ordinary publication moreover and at City Council session.

What turns out, the credit union has the right to take away now TV channel for debts? After all under the law if the credit union files a lawsuit, and people on which were issued the credits won't be able to extinguish them, it is necessary to answer to Broadcasting Company "MARCH" - on papers they are guarantors. In it it is poorly trusted - the city authorities never will go to it.

Our correspondent managed to communicate to the first deputy of the Nikolaev mayor Yu. Granaturov.

Yury Isayevich confirmed that criminal case is really brought "upon".

"I about it was told by the director of the municipal enterprise. But I consider that early to speak about it, it is necessary to wait when will pass trial, and it is even better - to wait for a judgment", - Yu. Granaturov declared.

He considers that claims to KP Broadcasting Company "MARCH" won't be. "After all you understand that "MARCH" at anything", - celebrated vice-the mayor.

He considers that if there will be claims, only to the chief accountant in which actions if events so turn, malfeasance can be looked through.

Also Yu. Granaturov reported that at present all debt on a salary to the staff of Broadcasting Company "MARCH" about which there was a speech at meeting in YEAH, is completely extinguished.

"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" will watch development of a situation and to report about it to the readers.


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