All of us are "Communards", or to a lump – plank beds, a coma – Canary Islands …

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It is considered to be that the term "lumpen" (from it. "Lumpen" - "rags, old clothes") were introduced into circulation itself by "the father of ideas" K. Marx. Such here ярлычишко the author of the theory of a surplus value that who has no works with more or less its worthy payment, neither the settled social orientation, nor any looking-through prospects pasted in a century before last. Sadly, but fact: the lumpenization of the Ukrainian society reached dangerous level.

Range of this phenomenon is very wide - from "bums" to small market traders. From compelled to sell the illegal work for kopeks in "the near and far abroad" to daily afraid to be thrown out "for a fence" not numerous working enterprises. From the young people who don't have opportunities to find decent work after completion of study, to people elderly, in absolute majority dragging miserable existence. From not wishing to give birth to children from - for inability to give them the worthy childhood to unfortunate kids giving birth to these only for receiving widely advertized in shkurno - the "political" purposes of "grants" and, thus, bringing into world similar. From ignoring "campaign" to ballot boxes to going to them through cheap tips that, in principle, same as voices both that, and others appear in one pocket. This sad list can be continued and continued...

Process of a lumpenization arose and "went" not so spontaneously. It "is professionally started" and successfully the second "develops" those who is interested in final transformation of all Ukrainian people (and his "leaders" first of all) in obedient herd, the certain biomass which part quickens only at a look "bread and shows", and - at existence (or prospect) kilometer accounts in reliable foreign banks. So this world is arranged - in it pies on all, and never suffice some cakes - especially. Actually, cakes, even in limited quantity, anybody to distribute and I didn't gather.

Metastasises of a lumpenization struck practically all spheres not very long ago rather uniform society.In "independent" Ukraine appeared already "the lumpen - the cities" and even whole "the lumpen - regions".

Someone managed "not to be lost" in the changed conditions of life and even anyway succeeded, someone left, so to speak, on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE, someone - to work or render sex - services, but the majority needed to vegetate only, hoping for a mythical miracle. That, eventually, became the personal tragedy of each of these people …

So jet transformation of the Ukrainian population while causes "deep satisfaction" those who lives (and roughly parasitizes) in the imperious building. From a penthouse to "cellar". The similar satisfaction borders on madness, as well as a lot of things another in Ukrainian "policy". There is no need to analyze the reasons of continuous opposition in "corridors of power", but undoubtedly one - all this rat migration has nothing in common with interests of the Ukrainian people, naive in the fading hope on though any enlightenment.

About what independence can there be a speech when the destiny of this country and people, it occupying, is defined by anyone, only not they? Strong and the prospering Ukraine isn't necessary neither to Washington, nor Moscow, Brussels and in general to anybody from the outside. To it other role is prepared absolutely.

Those who from tribunes broadcast to the depersonalized weight about the "love and devotion", are concerned by only one - own town under the sun. Also we are ready to cave in under any of really powers that be to satisfy the ambitions and, finally, personal "economic" interests. Against all these rehearsed hysterics - "the constitution, the legislation, the constitutional state, парламентско - the presidential model, "let will solve the people"" and other false and absolutely dull jabber.

The present politicians who have got a false idea by political slaveholders, to madness brave don't sing glory, they at all didn't understand Bulgakov F.F. Preobrazhensky from it: "This Shvonder - also is the main fool! ". Through streams of media - the peel, performances any there, statements, interview, comments and so forth the purpose of today's shvonder is clearly visible - "to organize and direct" rage of lyumpenizirovanny part of the population of this country on opponents. So, by means of speculation on immemorial Slavic "who is guilty? ", they as it seems to them, get to themselves resistant симпатиков. "Esthetes - intellectuals" with on cheap stuff the bought "academic" ranks would have to know that electoral sympathies of "lumpens" are extremely unstable.Перевербовать them is in the presence of desire, financial opportunities and professionalism of "storytellers" - technologists - it is absolutely easy, as well as to direct crowd aggression on yesterday's idols. All this at all the theory also has a direct bearing on affairs by our mournful.

So, "the next snap elections", undoubtedly, will take place. They and, perhaps, the futures presidential can become the last when for ensuring the result necessary to interested circles it is required though any voter.

There are only two options of succession of events.

The first - "the high parties" agree in advance about distribution of votes "given" for them on regions. Thus, elections - fiction, but each "individual" occupies the habitat and according to a consuming.

We will assume, it wasn't succeeded to agree - appetites at individuals too big … Then option second - each of wishing to appear in the following structure of parliament of forces will be compelled "to butt" for each voice. Taking into account a low appearance - especially.

Nikolayevtsam, "occupying" the 126th constituency, almost unique opportunity to choose one of these two options is given. It seems "to split something on intention".

Here official data of the Central Election Commission on this district:

March 26, 2006. Number of the voters brought in electoral registers for a moment the beginning of vote - 383927.

September 30, 2007. - 407576.

Comments are necessary? I yet don't speak about thousands of comers on polling stations, but not seen surnames in these "lists".

If these figures remain without changes, the option first works.

Everything is very simple, right?

I will add only that forming similar "lists" and claiming them - direct falsifiers of "national will" and if to call things by their proper names - criminals. (About in what advantage results of "elections" 2006 and 2007 and about what it costed subsequently to distressful Nikolaev and his inhabitants were forged, we will talk later and where more seriously).

I think, the vast majority already understood that all these blocks, parties and partiyka with the color rags called by "party flags", programs, appeals, slogans, etc. - no more than tinsel, attempt to draw attention and demonstration of "cardinal difference" from it similar.

Them "party work" a little than differs from "activity" of organized criminal groups far already 90-x.Difference, perhaps, only in scope of carried-out "actions" and their visible beskrovnost.

The bosses of the backward "party" organizations having the representatives in authorities, are anxious with one - personal enrichment and fund raising for "party needs" which are so necessary on carrying out "пропагандистско - propaganda" campaigns. In other words, on an obolvanivaniye of "God's innocent persons", i.e. - voters.

Well, and ordinary deputies are more similar to the trained, manual monkeys. With rare exception. Or on gun meat which isn't a pity and on which if necessary it will be possible to hang all dead dogs.

On antipathy to a depuy corps those who has ardent desire already play to leave from - under blow, having held up others head. For example, "the best friend of all nikolayevets", not forgetting, however, thus and about the "economic" interest.

Yes here to you, by the way, only one example.

The Nikolaev mayor as - that declared the numerous facts of treachery in relation to it personally. And even I sounded a surname of the well-known deputy - "regional" Kopeyki. "I came to me in house slippers, and I made of it the person". Quote end. Directly "Adventures of Electronic engineer". But having told nikolayevets about cheap house slippers, V.D. didn't tell the word that near the city hall building (probably, for saving of time and gasoline) there is one cozy to a zavedenyitsa - a notarial desk. The most frequent and desired clients of this office are A. Pelipas and V. Chaika - the ml appearing there mainly by the end of the working day.

Exactly here the operations connected with these "businessmen" with city municipal property, including are notarially made out by city housing and communal services. And after all the chairman of the constant deputy commission on questions of management of municipal city property, above-mentioned Kopek, has the most direct, family relation to this office.

Seagull - the senior as - that carelessly dropped that in business of members of the family he acts "only as the consultant". These "consultations" cost much to so "favourite" V.D. to the city. In any case, isn't cheaper, than Kopek "treachery". And if only it.

So isn't necessary "to the best mayor of all times and the people" to be covered with decisions of the courts. Even the head of this country in unison with the American ambassador desired to express "deep concern concerning total corruption in a judicial branch of the power".too it would be not necessary. The ultramarine birdie of good luck can fly away … And "to afflict to impossibility" there will begin people much more serious, than "moved down from a subject" Zabzalyuk.

And as "touchingly" Chaika tried to defend though not president's, but nevertheless the town in the new created constant of the commission on questions of the earth, architecture and construction for too widely known for the activity "for the community benefit" "regional" Dyumin. Appeals were put to use to mercy in combination with mentions of Christianity and the Lord even. In vain, for a role of the moralist the mayor doesn't pull.

To press on pity - too it is unpromising. Yes business at all in Chaika and to it similar. And not only in easy riders with deputy mandates. Matter in those whom on the developed habit or even tradition already and into account don't take - not publicly, and in essence. But sometimes driven to despair become impoverished and the disadvantaged are capable of a lot of things. For this purpose he needs only to try to be felt people again.

If these "figures" put themselves over them the "adopted" laws why for whom they "paved" the way to political reservations, not to appear out of the circle outlined by them? In order to avoid inevitable transformation in "lumpen".

And the last. Once one of those who now, from screens of your TVs, "it is rigid and accurate" sounds "position" in business of "upholding of interests of the people of Ukraine" in private conversation on emotional "Can't and there shouldn't be people in such conditions! " with a grin I uttered: "So that people …".

So that's that. Think.


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