The fraction of Party of Regions in Nikolaevsk regional council excluded from the ranks the deputy O. Kovtunov

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The fraction of Party of Regions in Nikolaevsk regional council excluded from the ranks the deputy Oleg Kovtunov. Such decision was made at fraction meeting which took place before 24-й the session of the Nikolaev regional council which has passed on September 19.

The fraction decision at session was sounded by the head of PR fraction in Nikolaevsk regional council.

Oleg Kovtunov meanwhile remains the deputy of regional council, but now doesn't enter into PR fraction according to which lists it was chosen.

Oleg Kovtunov is known that having illegally used documents of subordinated (driver), he a roguish way obtained the credit in the Nikolaev branch of one of banks of Donetsk for the sum of 24 thousand UAH

Any payment on repayment of the credit in bank didn't arrive. In some months the security service of the Nikolaev branch of bank "began to worry". Security service specialists found the citizen on whom the credit was issued. It became clear that the man didn't take any credit, about use of its documents didn't know, and at Kovtunov's enterprise for a long time doesn't work. After that the victim submitted the corresponding application to regional prosecutor's office.

Then security service specialists of the Nikolaev branch of bank arrived to Kovtunov and tried to find out, whether he will pay. Staff of bank wanted to solve peacefully this dispute, however conversation, actually, it didn't turn out. Then employees of SB warned the deputy that they will be compelled to address to his party head, Nikolay Kruglov. Kovtunov answered it (literally): "To me п … й". Also I added that he will behave as will consider the necessary.

After several more conversations with Kovtunov in bank the decision to send to Nikolaev security service specialists from Donetsk for the solution of this conflict was made.

In Kovtunov's biography this case not only, it turned similar frauds and in other banks. Possibly, security services of affected bank structures should cooperate for fight against the malicious defaulter.

We want to remind that Kovtunov's surname appeared in scandal with the Nibulon-2007 enterprise, and also in the history with sale for nothing Ochakov beaches and construction of pleasure institutions in a recreational zone.

Information on "acts" of the deputy - the regional got on a table to the head of the regional organization of Party of Regions Nikolay Kruglov.

According to information from reliable sources, it caused huge discontent the regional leader of regionals. He tried to find out who, brought O. Kovtunov into party and recommended in deputies of a regional council.

As a result, Nikolay Petrovich's reaction was reduced to words: "That I here any more didn't see it and, in general, didn't hear about it".

Possibly, it also became the reason of its exception of party.

But not only to these this deputy is known. On September 1, 2007 it became known that in holiday days from a country house (in Chernomork's village of the Ochakov area) stole a ram from the deputy of the Nikolaev regional council from Party of Regions Oleg Kovtunov. Employees of militia now will see off quickly - search actions with the purpose to identify the personality of malefactors and look for a ram.

"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" will watch situation development with "exile" from PR fraction in Nikolaevsk regional council "the deputy - the swindler".


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