Celebrated to death: in the house in Sumshchina there was a moonshine and blood

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The next murder on the household soil happened in the village of Kiyanits of the Sumy area. From similar it is distinguished only with that the closest people - the son and the father settled scores this time.

So sadly prolonged celebration of Easter came to the end in this family. More than a week the continuous feast accompanied by unlimited alcohol intake proceeded.

According to the local police inspector, the family was considered long ago as the unsuccessful. It is enough to tell that the father, two his sons and even the daughter - all earlier judged. Everyone managed to visit behind a lattice, and the daughter also now is in a colony. Between the father and the senior from sons quite often there were the conflicts which were coming to an end with a fight. So the fatal final of their relations, in principle, isn't surprising. And still the tragedy could be avoided if opponents didn't abuse alcohol.

Celebrating Easter, they turned celebration of a light Christian holiday into the infinite wine party proceeding up to May 6 when, actually, and there was a tragedy.

Her responsible, 25 - summer Vladimir, claims that didn't want to deprive of life of the father. Simply he thought him "to teach a good lesson", but didn't calculate force. Speaks, what even I tried to bring the victim round (the truth, thus I broke six ribs). Except the father and sons, their mutual friend took part in this grandiose feast (too with the criminal past) who became the witness of incident. Beating happened at it and the younger son. But neither that, nor another didn't try to affect a course of events, to stop the conflict. On the contrary, they looked at the events as on free representation.

- Vovka beat the father earlier, - one of witnesses speaks. - That were their personal dismantlings, we didn't want to interfere.

Alcohol this company drank simply improbable quantity. Whether the joke - continuously to be filled in ten days with moonshine! At the normal person, probably, the liver would burst. To Vladimir after the next glass old offenses on the father were remembered, and on it "rolled". It started "understanding", cruelly beating the parent fists, and so several times in a row. And in breaks I suggested the victim to drink the world.

When to the father it became absolutely thin - he practically ceased to give life signs, - the son thought suddenly and tried "to reanimate" him, doing an artificial respiration. This process was, however, far from traditional techniques. There was it approximately so. Vladimir very much pressed to the father on a thorax, then kicked it with a foot sideways and demanded:

- Give, подымайся, cattle!

As a result of such "treatment" in addition to being available injuries the victim got six more fractures of edges and in an hour died. The company didn't fail to drink "for the peace of".

The corpse was found by the neighbor who has incidentally come into the house on a private matter. And then the accident reported in militia.

On Vladimir criminal case on ч.2 by UK Art. 121 (causing the heavy injuries which have entailed death) which provides from 7 to 10 years of imprisonment is opened. He is arrested and to court will be in a pre-trial detention center.


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