Seagull - younger and Alexey Pelipas will enter into the City Council under Vitrenko's flags?

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As we already reported, four deputies of the City Council from Natalia Vitrenko's block - Bronislav Dolgosheev, Vadim Akhanchonok, Sergej Choubin and Lilia Lyakh - are deprived of mandates by the decision of presidium of the Central Committee of PSPU that left block structure according to which lists passed in city council. Naturally, such lured places long can't be empty, and the following according to the list of this block has to succeed lishenets.

However there is a probability that instead of, at least, two outcast in the City Council there will be persons who in an electoral list of the block of a name of the most irreconcilable voitelnitsa for the rights of the disadvantaged and against a preponderance in the power of nouveau riches - Natalya Vitrenko - weren't noticed earlier. It is a question of Vladislav Chaika and his business partner Alexey Pelipas (however who in this duet whose business partner, still it is possible to argue).

The amount of transaction between the leader of fraction Dmitry Nikonov and new fighters for happiness humiliated and offended is called even.

If at October session these faces are declared to adoption of the deputy oath, it will signal about the beginning of a new stage in race for power in the city.

We want to remind:

the mayor Vladimir Chaika after numerous complaints to the Organized Crime Control Department, and then and SBU, it is transparent I hinted that to it already bothered to eat this bitter mayor bread. Judging by its conversations with confidants, he thought of teaching activity, and in the summer on giving the deputy - the regional Anatoly Dyumin (on the Kinburnsky spit) it met the high-ranking official and conducted with it conversation regarding the return to activity on the international scene.

But the next flash of offenses on all and all took place, before 60 - the anniversary which widely was celebrated on October 5, V.D. Chaika's pessimism was replaced by optimism, and on celebration 95 - the anniversaries of state university of Sukhomlinsky he declared to first-year students, as they will gain diplomas of graduates too from his hands.
During celebration of the hero of the anniversary when guests competed with each other in glorification and high cost (originality) of gifts, the mayor was finally convinced: the city won't release it and to leave Nikolaev there is nobody.

And all - Vladislav Chaika and Alexey Pelipas's attempt to enter into the power already now, without waiting next (or extraordinary) elections, speaks about much.

First of all, about that, something they, or their consultant, allow thought of the unexpected termination of the current cadence of the present mayor, or at structures on which including publicly, V.D. Chaika complained, there is own, and not only "opinion" in this respect.


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