I stole the child, that... to rescue?

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On May 18 the Sumy militiamen found the three-months Kira Boltushenko who was gone in Kiev.

On Wednesday, May 14, in Shevchenkovsky district management of militia of the capital I addressed 26 - the summer inhabitant of Kiev Svetlana Boltushenko. She reported that drank alcohol with the native of Sumy with whom got acquainted that evening at night, and after the next shot glass gave it the three-months daughter Kira.

Why - she told each time on - to a miscellaneous. Gore - mother came to militia with a request in the morning to find the daughter and on a database recognized "girlfriend" whom capital militiamen already several times detained. Militiamen started search of the gone girl. They established that the woman with the child left by a taxi from Shulyavskaya metro station. The main difficulty was that in Kiev the woman who has taken away the girl of a certain residence had no and the way of life caused it alarm. Sent orientation with signs of the girl and the suspect in her stealing - Inna Lyashkovskaya - and to Sumy, from where the woman arrived to the capital. Having gone to the address of its registration, militiamen found traces of stay in children's home - two empty small bottles from - under baby food. But neither Inna, nor the baby in the apartment wasn't. The head of department of criminal militia for children of Zarechny of department of militia tells Sumy YURY BEZUGLY:

- We checked all addresses where there could be a searched woman and the child who as we were already convinced, was with it. She obviously tried to disappear from militia - more than one night didn't spend the night anywhere. We were late literally for half an hour - came to the established house, and to us told that Inna together with the baby already

I left some minutes ago. On Sunday information arrived that the illocal woman with the child of suitable age saw in the village Glybny is a Krasnopolsky region of the Sumy area. We reached there in 20 minutes, came into the house more reminding the most usual brothel, and saw there both the girl, and the searched woman. At detention she behaved quietly. The child was in the room, he slept.

Having returned to Sumy, the right - guardians brought the found baby to the Sumy city children's hospital where she some time will stay under supervision of doctors.At primary survey physicians noted that the state of health of the girl quite satisfactory, weight normal, development at the level of nearly four months, any pathologies isn't revealed. Results of analyses and inspections of experts will allow to pass a final decision on its state.

Why 35 - the summer woman went to such crime - kidnapping of foreign child? As it appeared - from the best motives.

- I simply felt sorry for her, - she speaks. - I as saw this girl, her drunk mother, at once thought - well why God of children doesn't give me, and such gave. After all it already is twice deprived of the parental rights - from it already took away the boy and the two-year-old daughter. And Kira isn't so necessary to it. Me with it acquainted on Tuesday, I saw as well as where she lives, saw her cohabitant who thrashes her.

And then late at night we went to Shulyavka, the baby was with us. Svetka put to me her in hands, and itself went to the route - "to work". I at first sat in the bar, but there was very noisy, and I went outside with the girl. There were there some hours, waited mummy. Already both two o'clock in the morning, and three. I felt sorry for the child, and I left together with him to the acquaintances. I spent the night at them, and then I went to mother, to Sumy. I told mother that my child. Next day I went with the girl to hospital - wanted that it was looked by doctors. But without documents us didn't accept. And when I came back home, mother told that I am looked for by militia. And I went to spend the night at first to the relative, and then to acquaintances. I very much hoped that I will manage to leave the girl to myself - wanted to earn money, to buy the birth certificate. I would make everything that Kira didn't need anything.

Meanwhile Inna is shone not by society of the fallen in love baby, and criminal liability for its stealing. If the decision on initiation of legal proceedings is made, punishment can be severe - till five years of imprisonment. But there is a wish to hope that motives of "stealing" nevertheless will play a role, and the woman shouldn't be responsible for the pity shown to the girl. And, maybe, after this history she will regret someone from the children who have been already thrown by parents... After all her care can become the real happiness for any other kid if, of course, it changes an own way of life...


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