In Nikolayevshchina destroy history of a world civilization

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The Nikolaev barrows to which on four thousand years, put in private hands and it without coordination with security guards of monuments of history. Hundred artifacts which could give the answer to a question of development of a civilization, are destroyed by ignoramuses of the present. Officials who distributed lands with barrows, justify that didn't know their value.

Scythian barrow - in a private property. In Nikolayevshchina the local government gave to the citizen ancient burial. From a monument of history there was an one-and-a-half-meter hill.

On lands of the former collective farm there are six barrows. The former chairman of economy, and now - the head of department Goskomzema assures: almost all are opened still in Soviet times. Three years ago earth распаевали. Land surveyors saw a barrow, but didn't know that it has value.

Vladimir Chetveryakov, head of department Goskomzema: "If there were trees, not an arable land, they would bypass it, photographed, and didn't transfer to the private possession. And so, it all life swung open, shooting made".

The regional prosecutor's office was disturbed not so much by barrow destruction, as its transfer to a private property. The act on the earth is issued without coordination with security service of monuments of history. The prosecutor's office opened criminal case upon abuse of official position of officials of management of land resources.

Vladimir Vysotsky, prosecutor of the Domanovsky area: "The monument of history is withdrawn from state property. Thus the damage for the sum of 155 thousand hryvnias" is caused.

In total in Nikolayevshchina nearly two thousand barrows, some on 5 thousand years. Ancient burials are studied by archeologists.

Sergey Ivanov, head of the security service of a cultural heritage: "That we find in barrows, allows us to reconstruct better life of the ancient people, what clothes wore, what ware used. From this point of view the barrow is invaluable".

Now the prosecutor's office establishes form of ownership of several more barrows. The officials guilty of forgery, will punish. However people who opened and were destroyed by history monuments, hardly it will be possible to find.


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