Vitaly Ivanov and international swindlers

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Often competitors of large investments face tempting offers of "the western investors", wishing to finance this or that large investment project in Ukraine.

As a rule "the western partners" offer the financial means under very low interest rate. And it confuses nobody, after all it is known that the foreign credits are much cheaper than ours. At the volume of possible investment or crediting, for example in 100 million dollars, the hypothetical economy on percent can make to several million dollars annually.

Here on such "lure" well-known in Nikolaev "the farmer - the public man" Vitaly Ivanov also pecked.

Having received the tempting offer from one American company "ROUNTREE UNIVERSAL CORP", he decided to receive by all means investments offered by it, and thought up for this purpose own, unknown on scope the investment project. As a result, 08.02.2007 Ivanov sent to marked "investor" with own hand prepared demand in which decided not to waste time on trifles, and at once requested 100 million US dollars!

If you think that "the farmer - the public man" decided to set on this money all fields of Nikolayevshchina with pineapples or to part on them coffee plantations, you deeply are mistaken. Money was necessary to it … under construction of cottages on lands of agricultural appointment and development of pits on them on sand production.

Well and that the investor had no doubts in solvency of Nikolaev "client", offered "ROUNTREE UNIVERSAL CORP" as pledge not only own farmer lands, but also all lands in the district, including that were in continuous using at other persons, and even the state lands, with a total area of 83 Hectares. But most a land subsoil which he also offered Americans as pledge under investments such tempting and close to its heart appeared "a crown counter" which was played by Ivanov in a pursuit of in $ dollar 100 million.Why? ? Minerals cost much! Well and that what a subsoil is state property? For American "friends" it is a pity for nothing!

However, "the farmer - the public man" well understood that someone else's property and furthermore, the state lands and a subsoil, can't be a pledge subject. But I continued the game. Ivanov hoped for a miracle: and suddenly Americans won't begin to check fixedly its credit history and swindle with multimillion investments everything is will pass?

And, whether God heard his prayers, whether Americans to him got extremely naive, but the miracle came true.

The ROUNTREE UNIVERSAL CORP company management, having considered Ivanov's demand, decided that his project deserves financial "injections" in 100 million dollars. About it 14.02.2007г. the representative of "UNIVERSALCORP" in Ukraine g - Ishchenko G. I. N. I told to our hero in the missive on the letterhead.

Whether it is worth speaking, on what sky with happiness Nikolaev "farmer" flew up, having learned, what his swindle in 100 million US dollars approaches end and he will appear in one list with the richest people of the world soon?

But, alas, and ah … Immediately Ivanov didn't manage to grow rich. In - the first, the wife refused to issue it originals of the State Acts on lands belonging to it which it with such success put to American "investors"; and in - the second, I didn't give it money for a trip to Kiev where it was planned to hold presentation of the "stunning" project and to sign the favorable contract. And as he only didn't finish it, even the gun put to a temple, and she and it "iron argument" answers this: "I won't give documents and all. And I won't give money for a trip to Kiev to you". Besides, also I caused militia, - both the weapon, and correspondence with "investors" withdrew …

Generally, "the transaction of an eyelid" broke. It was necessary to change urgently plans and to look for investors in the fatherland. And it already absolutely other money and another story altogether. Unless a subject of fraud and in that and other case same, - others lands of which Ivanov as the disposed.

But we will return to "ROUNTREE UNIVERSAL CORP".

How the serious financial structure on banal tricks of the Ukrainian speculator could "be moved"? Really this firm had at all no doubts what it is simple - напросто "part" and try to take control of the huge credit under nonexistent lands at the competitor? Where, lawyers of firm when the decision on delivery of the multimillion credit to Ivanov on the security of the same subsoil which in Ukraine, as well as in any other country of the world, belong to the state was made looked?

And the small chest simply opened. It appears, the American finance company "ROUNTREE UNIVERSAL CORP" and didn't think it to finance. Unlike Ivanov, it everything thought over in advance also all his actions directed on that for fine - you live "to heat" unlucky investors, quite kept within in its own, directly - the brilliant scheme of "lawful" depriving of money at our compatriots.

The genius of this scheme consists in its simplicity. For a start "the American firm" through the representatives in Ukraine dispatches electronic letters in various firms, offering huge investments under the minimum percent. Then, when "fat suckers", conducted generally the greed, instead of mind fall into a trap, imaginary investors enter with them negotiation process. In particular, apropos business - plans which, naturally, have to conform to the international standards. Thus, "ROUNTREE UNIVERSAL CORP", is always ready "to promote" "partners" in business in completion of projects under requirements of the American banks, private investors, funds, etc. The sums of the fees for completion or drawing up new business - the plan vary from several thousand to several tens of thousands dollars.

For coordination and signing of concrete agreements apropos "finished" business - projects, joint meetings of representatives of "the western investors" and competitors of investments in Ukraine will be organized. Such meetings can take place as in Kiev (where Ivanov was so torn), and the abroad, in one of countries of Western Europe. Financing of these meetings by cost in some thousands, and even tens of thousands of dollars, also is assumed by the Ukrainian party …

At competent legal registration, this service "ROUNTREE UNIVERSAL CORP", as well as service in drawing up business - plans, is formally absolutely lawful (that you won't make and to what expenses you won't go to receive notorious millions? ). But main "divorce" of the Ukrainian suckers begins later.

As a rule, expenses of the Ukrainian party increase at that stage when before receiving the notorious credit there are some days. Money, it seems, has to here - to arrive here into the account of the borrower, but it is necessary to settle which - what formalities, to pay duties, to pay commission charges to law firm, etc. It is clear that at domestic partners money is in such situation even then when they aren't present in the necessary volume.

But to all there is a limit. And soon at a grief - competitors means come to an end. More nobody lends and on it all relations with "the western investors" stop. But not because of their leaving from "negotiation process". Competent lawyers of ROUNTREE UNIVERSAL CORP finance company as it was already spoken above, learned to do long ago this scheme formally lawful, almost at all its stages.

The result is clear. No credits are present, but there are solid expenses or debts at competitors of investment credit products.

So Vitaly Ivanov in this sense was lucky. From - that the wife didn't make to it concessions, and even under a barrel of the gun I didn't give it demanded money and the State Acts for the earth, it didn't get to that situation into which other clients of the international swindlers who lost all the means and have appeared on the verge of bankruptcy got.

But the ROUNTREE UNIVERSAL CORP finance company wasn't lucky. And not because she didn't receive as a deposit from Ivanov others lands and real estate which he gave out for the property, - they to it, in principle, and weren't necessary. But because the staff of SBU, and today from 17.05.2008г closely became interested in the order of the Minister of Economics of Ukraine in this company. for actions which do harm of economic security of Ukraine, its activity is stopped. So one swindler in our country became less.

And here Vitaly Ivanov while that nobody became interested. And in vain. Perhaps if the staff of intelligence services with foreign investors or receiving the earth in property according to counterfeit documents became interested in its correspondence, could stop at the same time with "the American corporation" and its activity.


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