Women of easy virtue

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that the staff of May Day interregional department of fight against organized crime of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area exposed an organized criminal group as a part of 9 people. Participants of an organized criminal group forced young girls to be engaged in prostitution in the city of Pervomaisk of the Nikolaev area.

In recent years on all mass media the stamp which has already set the teeth on edge which concerns illumination of a problem of prostitution "walks". Naive girls (in the majority the of the province), having been caught in a net of dealers in people, go abroad where them promise to employ барменшами, waitresses, dancers in the bar or night club. And after arrival in one of the countries, mainly foreign countries, at girls or young women select passports cruel souteneurs. After that by means of threats or physical impact they force them to become prostitutes and to serve crowds of lewd clients. Miracle some of deceived maidens possible to escape from this hell and to return home where from pages of newspapers or from the TV screen they tell about the drudgeries and the endured horror, than cause plaintive sympathy in inhabitants of Ukraine.

However some inhabitants consider vain to sympathize with "women of easy virtue". After all the majority of them guesses in what exactly they should be engaged in foreign countries. And, nevertheless, as if butterflies on fire fly there where for the sake of illusive earnings for many years cripple itself not so much physically, it is so much morally.

At the same time and in our distressful country, though in not such scales, the human trafficking facts for prostitution are registered. Unfortunately, this tends growth. In various cities of the country prosper though underground, but steadily operating "brothels" where local and stray "women of easy virtue" render various sexual services to monetary clients. In this connection increasing turns the sex industry with its indispensable attributes gathers: "mummies" - soderzhatelnitsa of these brothels, souteneurs, security guards. And also the lured taxi drivers, administrators of hotels, hotels, cafe and the bars delivering in these "brothels" of monetary clients, especially from among non-residents.

As shows studying of materials about underground "brothels", the majority of them functions under cover of massage salons, baths, saunas, night bars, hotels, hotels and even billiard rooms. In the majority these specific "institutions" "are strongly protected" by representatives of the criminal world. And through them the criminals launder and legalize the money got by a criminal way, and also sell narcotic substances and psychotropic drugs. The part of the money gained from their realization, is transferred in so-called "a thieves' common fund" - a peculiar cash desk of mutual aid for underworld.

Because considerable efforts of many services and structural divisions of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of area also go for fight against prostitution. During expeditious working off of settlements with a difficult criminogenic situation, the staff of these services reveals such brothels and, having collected enough information on their activity, covers. Then after careful documenting of their work, bring the matters into court. Because a fuktsionirovaniye of underground "brothels" probably only as a part of organized criminal groups, to identification and collecting materials, on the this case the staff of Management on fight against organized crime of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area will be connected also. As was in this case.

Suspicious "Boot"

For quite some time now the staff of May Day regional department of the Organized Crime Control Department which the militia lieutenant colonel Irina Melnik directs, began to receive operational information that in the city, in one of saunas to monetary clients render services of sexual character.

I won't trouble readers with the description of details of work of employees of the Organized Crime Control Department often invisible to a foreign eye on an exit to persons involved in this resonant business. But at the beginning of a year of field investigators a certain Tatyana came into the view of Item 1971. She lived on the rental apartment. Anywhere I didn't work. Though had in the dependence of three children aged from 7 till 16 years: two boys and the girl who were brought up by one without husband. On what means Tatyana supported children and interested field investigators of the Organized Crime Control Department. It often saw in the company with a certain guy by the name of Sasha who responded to a nickname of "Boots" more. Having guided more detailed certificates of this strange couple, the opera established the following. Tatyana was the citizen of the unrecognized Dnestr Moldavian Republic. There she was engaged earlier … in prostitution, and "Boot" was at it the souteneur.

Having analysed this information received by it from colleagues from Transnistria, Irina Leonardovna made the order to the operas to establish secret supervision over this sweet couple. And to begin collecting more detailed data on in what they are engaged now. The intuition prompted to it that Tatyana and her faithful friend of "Boots", for certain can be engaged in Pervomaisk of the organizations of business on rendering intimate services to suffering clients. As it appeared later, the intuition didn't bring Irina Melnik.

During laborious work field investigators of the Organized Crime Control Department established the following. Tatyana arrived to Pervomaisk earlier, than "Boot", as though to investigation. And having quickly oriented on a place, I understood: in the city it is enough drugs, besides for every taste. And here with rendering services of sexual character here a crunch. That is a work plenty for "women of easy virtue". About what I told to the former souteneur. Alexander, without delaying, I arrived to Pervomaisk, I met Tatyana. Behind a tea shot glass they discussed the plan of the organization of business for rendering sexual services. Especially as behind their back there was a solid experience of such "work" on open spaces native to them Transnistria. And the sweet couple developed the rough activity in this field.

"Boot" went to Transnistria and soon via the channel on border began to bring from there to Pervomaisk young girls aged from 16 till 20 years, unmarried, wishing to earn decent money on rendering services of sexual character. As field investigators of the May Day Organized Crime Control Department found out later, to transport girls through border of Transnistria to Ukraine, "Boot" was helped by one of inspectors of border control of Kotovsk frontier group Andrey who received for everyone passed by it through a cordon the maiden on 50 "dollars" cash.

By this time "mother Tanya" found the cozy apartment in the residential district "Frigate", far away from the center and fixed eyes of militiamen of May Day city department of militia. There also future "women of easy virtue" began to live.

The maidens who have arrived from Transnistria already foreknew, than they will be engaged here. However sufficient and the main thing of necessary experience in such very "specific" business as rendering sexual services, visitors had no. Then, quicker to bring them up to date, Tatyana and "Boot", conducted with them some kind of "a course of the young fighter", and "the course of the beginning prostitute" is more correct. For this purpose in the evenings showed them on video frames of foreign pornofilms.And for transfer of directly practical experience to the wards, "Boot" soon brought the skilled prostitute who returned recently from long "business trip" to Turkey to Pervomaisk. And that, on rich personal long-term "experience", taught "young children" as it is better for them to satisfy any lusts even the clients the presyshchyonnykh.

During preliminary interview with "moths" Tatyana and "Boot" carried out with them careful instructing during which stipulated all details of their joint "work", inspiring in maidens that they need to be given completely to shock "work" on the benefactors. And the "left" clients any to you, and especially it is impossible to give them numbers of the mobile phones.

Girls decently dressed at the expense of "firm", and clothes cost from them then kept. "Women of easy virtue" regularly checked at doctors regarding existence of venereal diseases and possible pregnancy. For the purpose of avoidance of undesirable pregnancy, them forced to serve clients only in condoms.

"Moths" from the first days worked with a shift method, thus on clients "employers" didn't establish norm to them. But maidens and were interested in good money. Because also humoured in days on 7 - 8 clients. Or one of them was taken for days by the rich client, paying services in established "dachshund". Thus service of the prostitute cost to the client about 250 hryvnias in hour. This sum divided as follows: 50 hryvnias "unfastened" to the hotel administrator or the bartender of night bar for data of the client with "mother Tanya", 50 more hryvnias were received by the driver of "taxi" for привозку the client in "numbers" or delivery of the prostitute to the client. Most to "an udarnitsa of the sexual front" перепадало from one client of only 70 hryvnias. Other sum went to heads of "sex trust" on their personal needs and "firm" development.

During the investigation it appeared that the skilled expert on features of the sexual Boot front on a case of unforeseen circumstances (in festive and the days off when demand for sex services increased), had an effective reserve of "moths" from 2 - 3 people. The maidens living in rural areas, usually in the next Kirovograd area were them. Without having permanent job, they always needed money. Having picked up such and having concluded with them the oral arrangement, "Boot" left them the mobile phone, previously having written down their number. Having called on it, it called these maidens for "urgent work".Those quickly came, served the unplanned client, and having received the stipulated sum, it is slightly more than that which was received by the stationary prostitutes happy with earnings, left home. There whiled away time waiting for an urgent call for monetary "work".

Except continuous work, by means of such Boot option provided also conspiracy in activity of the underground brothel.

How many to a string not to curl …

That their "sex firm" didn't idle, and "moths" didn't remain without work, Tatyana and "Boot" well worked over selection of the list of regular customers of "institution". They regularly bypassed places having defended "taxi", talked to administrators of hotels, bartenders of cool bars to whom left numbers of the mobile phones. Thus promised to unfasten for each client him on 50 hryvnias. As a rule, visitors of the man from other cities were clients of an underground brothel. It is pleasant to spend time and to relax in the company of women of easy virtue to Pervomaisk monetary clients from Yuzhnoukrainsk, Voznesensk, Kotovsk Odessa region, of Pomoshchnaya of the Kirovograd area visited. Thus remarks on "quality" of rendering such "services" from clients of an underground brothel didn't arrive.

As it was established during the investigation later, on a feeding up at "Boot" was five local taxi drivers, for remuneration of the clients who were engaged in search for a brothel. As well as it is necessary on all to "concepts", holders of this brothel had reliable "roof" from among earlier offenders and experienced criminals: if the client won't wish to pay for "services" rendered to it wholly.

Such moment is remarkable also. When their joint "firm" earned ", the Boot" and "mother Tanya" started making far-reaching plans for prospect: to open on the basis of a sauna "Chance" neither it is a lot of, nor it isn't enough - a striptease - club. And to adopt others experience of "Boots" even I went to Lviv. And having visited there, I stated intention to open branch of the May Day brothel in this city, where to serve mainly clients - foreigners and only for currency.

For all the time of joint work with "Boot" of an underground brothel Tatyana conducted "slate club". In a usual writing-book she scrupulously wrote down: how many it is served clients, how many it is taken from them money, and even I considered peculiar debts of constant "clients". And also I fixed data: how many it is paid to girls for "work", how many to them it is given out advance payment for personal needs. In general I did everything as it is necessary.

When field investigators collected enough materials against holders of an underground brothel (and all they documented about 60 episodes of criminal activity of members of an organized criminal group), the lieutenant colonel Irina Melnik reported on it on the management of the Organized Crime Control Department from which received command for detention of persons involved in this business. Field investigators of the Organized Crime Control Department and fighters of special forces the Organized Crime Control Department "Falcon", having on hands of the photo of women of easy virtue, visited in a sauna "Chance" and detained there two maidens, and also "mother Tanya" at the time of receiving money by it from the client.

"Boot", after receiving operational information about its location, fighters of special forces "Falcon" took in Odessa in attempt to run away to Transnistria. During interrogation that confessed to field investigators, what even being in Odessa, it probed the soil: as though to open here one more branch of an underground brothel. Now "Boot" as the organizer of criminal group irons pre-trial detention center plank beds waiting for court which will put the fat end to this really detective criminal case where except it "mother Tanya" and the bartender of the bar "Chance" certain Ry appear.


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