Anatoly Naumenko: "Today it is necessary to think of a law and order all - both to militia, and the authorities, both deputies, and ordinary citizens …"

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Our REFERENCE: Anatoly Vyacheslavovich NAUMENKO - the general - the militia major. Since December, 2007 - the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

I was born on February 23, 1961 in the city of Stakhanov of Voroshilovgrad area. After the termination of the eighth class I mastered metalwork skill in local technical training college, to army I worked at Stakhanov coke-chemical plant.

I served in vozdushno - landing armies, I was the foreman of a company. I got demobilize in a rank of the staff sergeant and I continued service in law-enforcement bodies as the militiaman of a platoon of PPS. Upon termination of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Donetsk school I worked in Stakhanov as the operative of criminal investigation department of city department of internal affairs. Having successfully graduated from the Ukrainian academy of internal affairs, I worked at positions of the senior operative and the chief of office of criminal investigation department of the Stakhanov city department, the first deputy head of department - the chief of criminal militia of May Day city department of internal affairs of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Luhansk region, I headed criminal office.

In December, 1999 Anatoly NAUMENKO is appointed the first deputy chief of regional militia, and since December 2001 till September, 2003 heads Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Kherson area. Since fall 2003 till August, 2005 - the head of the department of fight against a drug trafficking of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the next year - the Assistant Secretary of internal affairs of Ukraine (the representative of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev). In September, 2006 - the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area. Since January 2007 - the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Luhansk region.

Has the big prize list. In particular, it is awarded by difference of the President of Ukraine - the Award "For Merits" of 3 degrees, difference of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine "Firearms", is the honourable citizen of the cities of Stakhanov and Pervomaisk the Luhansk region.

- Anatoly Vyacheslavovich, judging by your biography, you was necessary to enter twice the same river, twice to rise at a wheel of the Nikolaev militia.Probably, it isn't really good when personnel rotation depends on arrangement of the main political figures on a domestic Olympus?

- What good in frequent change of ministers, chiefs of the Departments of Internal Affairs, governors, other leading ranking officers? I here work as the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs already for the fourth time. In 11 months only recently I coped with placement of personnel: 11 chiefs of militia are moved, the chief the Organized Crime Control Department exchanged, two deputies were added … Any personnel shift, in my opinion, has to be based, first of all, on expediency, need and advantage which it has to bring to common cause. These are very scrupulous and deep things: change of shots not so harmless process. It involves not only a loop of personnel changes in subordinate structural divisions, but also more powerful consequences which are reflecting in concrete human destinies, professionalism, morally - psychological climate of the settled collectives. With arrival of "a new sweeper" stability is lost, there are innovations, the directions, reference points, priorities and approaches in work change … Well it or badly, unambiguously difficultly to approve, but, probably, not always well. Not without reason after all it is considered that best is oftentimes the enemy of the good. The personnel question was considered at all times as one of the most priority and painful. Professionals in shoulder straps, unfortunately, in militia becomes less. First of all it is connected with a low wage on which it is very difficult to support a family. It is paradoxical, but on disclosure of difficult murders there come, as a rule, capital detectives - the staff of division of central office as the local shots having not so high professional level, don't cope with this task.

The personnel problem was aggravated also that old, skilled shots, in connection with changes in the pension legislation, left on deserved pension rest (in 9 months of last year 230 people) decreased, and the new young growth especially isn't torn in militia: for salary here low, the apartment you won't wait, work for life not the safe … To the city of Yuzhnoukrainsk we can't still find the chief of militia. Today on the room accounting of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine only in the Nikolaev area is registered about 470 police officers needing improvement of room conditions - it is a question of the social housing which is financing at the expense of the local budget and the sponsor's help.Therefore and it isn't surprising that on 282 workplaces (5,7 percent) in vacancy militia (at a nation-wide indicator - 9,2%). The personnel cut on services looks so: the criminal investigation department isn't understaffed for 7,9 percent (across Ukraine of 9,4%), GSBEP - for 4 percent (6,7%), BNON - for 6,7 percent (11,6%), PSM - for 4,7 percent (12,1%), UIM - on 6,3 (6,9%). It is clear that militia - not the most important link in our society: is also teachers, medics … But also not the minor. At so difficult situation in scales of Ukraine we any measure managed to stabilize turnover of staff, to keep a professional kernel of the main services. Besides, this year more than 350 people were employed, over 90 graduates of higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs joined collective.

- How the Nikolaev militia is financed? In Poltava, for example, judging by the Internet news, the power "strengthened" material resources of militia half-hundred brand new cars, in Lugansk where, by the way, you worked, for each detected crime to workers of PPS are paid extra bonus, at the expense of the local budget the additional quantity of patrols contains, there is a police of customs which struggles with prostitutes, and on streets of Nikolaev, even in the downtown why - that isn't visible point-policemen. Why?

- Despite efforts of the President of Ukraine and the governments directed on improvement of work of law enforcement agencies on stabilization of a criminogenic situation in the country, today's realities are that that the state owing to budget deficit isn't able to provide requirement of militia completely. Therefore there is nothing surprising that in system support of militia local governments have to assume a feasible burden.
But about what effective fight against crime can there be a speech if technical means of the Nikolaev militia practically weren't updated, the majority of them morally and physically obsolete, practically all means of communication were operated already on some terms, about 80 percent of portable radio stations demand repair and complete outfitting, local police inspectors aren't fully provided with motor transport and means of communication? The militia independently isn't able to cope with these problems: its work is focused not on the solution of commercial tasks.
In the majority of regions of area strong points of militia in a terrifying state, and in some populous settlements they in general are absent (in the city of Ochakovo, Varyushino's villages of the Veselinovsky area, Aleksandrovka Voznesensky of the area, Kalinovka Zhovtnevogo of the area, Antonovka and Novosafonovk of the New Odessa area and so on). Therefore within the regional program "On Complex Prevention of Crime and Improvement of System of Protection of Constitutional Laws and Freedoms of Citizens of the Nikolaev Area for 2006-2010", we addressed to the head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Alexey Garkushe and the chairman of regional council Tatyana Demchenko with letters to find opportunity at least by the end of this year to allocate the Nikolaev militia for acquisition of means of communication, motor transport, office housing and for capital repairs of administrative constructions of 1770 thousand hryvnias.
By the way, the same remarkable comprehensive program was accepted also by city deputies therefore there is a wish to believe that the depuy corps, the mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika and the regional power will consider so telling arguments, relevance of a question and will support service of the local militia inspectors staying on a front line of opposition to criminals within these programs: for mobile and effective work they extremely need motor transport, is combustible - lubricants, office equipment, means of communication, service premises …

- And you believe, what deputies will find such "opportunity"?

- We very much hope for it. We ask after all on good business therefore we believe that the regional and city power with due understanding will treat the lifted problems, tasks after all at us the general, means and it is necessary to solve them in common: systemically, systematically, offensively. While instead of the real help we hear from the city and area management only one promises …

- Anatoly Vyacheslavovich, statistics claims that on roads of Ukraine annually perishes in road accident of 15 thousand people: in Afghanistan in ten years of war so many people weren't lost. What situation in the Nikolaev area with accidents on roads?

- Situation difficult. Only in seven months it is registered 588 dorozhno - transport incidents in which 111 people died and 705 got injuries. Pay attention, in what state stays dorozhno - a street network of area:tens kilometers of roads in holes, ruts, potholes, needs installation and replacement of 4113 road signs, it is necessary to update 1049 kilometers of a road marking, to carry out repair and to establish in addition 19 kilometers of transport and 14 kilometers of a foot obstacle. In an unsatisfactory condition of 107 kilometers of sidewalks and roadsides, 276 sites of roads and streets of settlements that is one of the main reasons for arrivals on pedestrians in a night-time aren't shined. By the way, regional session, carrying out the Decree of the President of Ukraine, concerning urgent measures for traffic safety, I accepted and I approved the appropriate program, but, alas, necessary funds for financing of the actions included in it by the relevant budgets aren't provided.

Thanks to a geographical arrangement of the area which is transport knot, connecting the central, east and western regions of the South of Ukraine with the Crimea and the neighboring states of Moldova and the Russian Federation, the stream of transit transport constantly increases. The most difficult situation is observed on the road of the state value Odessa - Melitopol - Novoazovsk. Especially dangerous it is considered the site loaded by transport from Nikolaev to border of Odessa region, road accidents here happen much more (since the beginning of year of 39 road accidents at which was lost
16 people), than on the highway Resident of Ulyanovsk - Nikolaev. This intensive route with one lane needs urgent reconstruction, geometrical parameters sputtered out it long ago. Not less difficult situation and on other sites of the highways passing through the territory of area, but work on their reconstruction practically aren't carried out. And if are conducted, very slowly, poor, with violations of technological process, as, for example highways N-11 Dnepropetrovsk - Nikolaev, N-14 Aleksandrovka - Kirovograd - Nikolaev: their low-quality "repair" is potentially dangerous to drivers as provokes emergence of emergencies.

For road accident prevention on the Nikolaev roads it is established 20 information panels warning drivers about dangerous sites, works on installation of transport obstacles, alarm columns, to ensuring standard visibility and other are carried out. But in the regional center this work moves turtle rates: in Nikolaev 149 places of the greatest concentration of road accident which on the account over five years, but measures for their elimination it isn't taken are observed.At Chkalov Street intersections with Garden, Moscow, Komsomol and others traffic lights are required, complexes of technical means of regulation of traffic are necessary. On Mira Avenue site around the Kolos market the traffic light and the underground crosswalk "asks" long ago. There are places of concentration of the road accident which elimination doesn't involve considerable financial investments: Mira Avenue - the First Line, crossing of streets Admiral's - Soviet, streets Big Sea - Moscow and so on. Estimated cost of these works at present about 5,5 million hryvnias.

Bad roads to areas became the reason of commission of 182 autoincidents in which 10 people died and 26 got wounds. At the same time unlit sites of settlements promoted commission last year 166 such road accidents (67% of their total) owing to which was lost 11 and 88 people are injured. Only this year more than 3000 instructions, for violation of the rules, norms and contents standards ulichno - the road network, concerning traffic safety are sent to heads of road, municipal and other organizations, more than one and a half thousand officials, and for non-performance of instructions of GAI - 507 people are brought to administrative responsibility. But once again I emphasize: quality of life of a city and regional community - not only militia business. This our common, collective cause, and we have to solve objectives together.

- Thanks for interview. Good luck to you and all Nikolaev militia!


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