Early elections of the Verkhovna Rada rescued the head of the Nikolaev economic court Yury Koval from inviolability deprivation?

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine brought the next criminal case in which the chairman of the Nikolaev economic court Yury Koval appears.

As told sources, the this criminal case is brought upon non-performance of the decision of Pechersky court of the city of Kiev "About carrying out check of economic activity of the Nikolaev economic court", made at the beginning of June.

We will remind, that employees Control - auditing management of the Nikolaev area came to check economic activity of the Nikolaev economic court. But Yury Koval made row and with the use of obscene lexicon forced the security guard to push out the checking simply.

After a while in the Supreme Court of Ukraine the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine brought representation concerning Yu. Koval's detention and the contents it under guards. Such representation appeared after certain deputies of the Verkhovna Rada paid attention to a situation which develops round the head of Economic court of the Nikolaev area nearly a year. We will remind that Yu. Koval was detained on November 16, 2007 when receiving a bribe in especially large size.

As reported sources in the office of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, this representation is planned to consider until the end of October, and then to submit to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine which will have to make the decision on removal or not removal from Yu. Koval of inviolability. For now Yury Mikhaylovich continues to work at a position of the head of economic court of the Nikolaev area.

Yesterday, on October 8, in the Nikolaev regional state administration celebration of Day of the lawyer took place.

I was present on this action and Yury Koval.

"Dear colleagues, the guests invited! I want to tell that our holiday, a holiday of lawyers is a holiday which is put in the state on such high step not only in order that we marked out him and celebrated and that we understood that to us the state, society, our citizens close and native entrusted to introduce in life the rule of law", - so Yury Mikhaylovich began the speech.

He emphasized that this holiday, on the one hand, gives the chance, to talk about legal affairs, and with another - to realize that in hands of judges there are destinies of people.

"Our profession imposes on us big responsibility and big obligations for service to the right, the state", - Yu. Koval declared (interestingly, and whether Yury Mikhaylovich remembered events of year prescription while said these words? ).

Yu. Koval told the interesting phrase, addressing to the students who are present at the YEAH hall. "Those who studies - think, whether correctly you chose the way. And if it is correct - know that you go to serve the people and the state. Be ready to those norms and those rules which are established in our state", - the chairman of Economic court of the Nikolaev area told.

This phrase was heard as caution - a pier, don't repeat my mistakes! There is a law and it is necessary to be responsible for its violation.

The wish to lawyers from Yury Koval was reduced to the phrase: "I wish all health - that we could represent adequately our state, develop and reconstruct it not only for ourselves, but also for future generations".

Yury Mikhaylovich and remembered policy. "A political situation - the phenomenon temporary, and the right is eternal. Therefore it isn't necessary to come under influence, emotions, it is necessary to be guided always by the law", - the judge declared.

And in it it is right! But the most sad that in the country in which elections are held every year, it isn't necessary to speak about effective fight against manifestations of corruption.

Today already it is a little believed that people's deputies who will come to new parliament, "will want" to consider idea of the Prosecutor General's Office of removal of inviolability from Yu. Koval if, of course, it is. A Yu. Koval, in turn, can not worry and quietly continue about anything to work at the position, after all it isn't known when all - in Ukraine all branches of the power will earn as they have to work …


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