The SBU suspects byutovets of swindle with diesel fuel

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The companies connected with the deputy from BYuT fraction of Sergey Pashinsky suspect to participation in swindle with diesel fuel. The security service of Ukraine finished Ukrtransnafta state company check. Staff of management "K" (on fight against corruption), investigated a large deal in the market of oil products worth about a quarters of billion hryvnias, reports the Internet - the ForUm edition.

According to the decision of the operating government, as the operator of this transaction "Ukrtransnafta" acted. The state enterprise had to buy 40 thousand tons of diesel fuel and direct it on gas stations that with the minimum margin (no more than 5 hryvnias on ton) in a sowing campaign to sell it to landowners.

The price of fuel had to make 6,05 thousand hryvnias for ton that is much lower than market price - at that time 6,4 thousand hryvnias, the newspaper "Business" writes. To buy oil products, "Ukrtransnafta" attracted the loan in one of the Ukrainian commercial banks for the sum of 242 million hryvnias. According to sources in SBU, terms of the contract were obviously unprofitable for state enterprise - 100%-Nye an advance payment and diesel delivery only in a half-month.

Nevertheless, on March 21 "Ukrtransnafta" signed the contract with JSC Sugar Production Association on delivery of 40 thousand tons of the diesel. Besides the contract was signed without carrying out any tenders.

According to information which is available in SBU, despite an absolute advance payment of "Ukrtransnafta", fuel on the market didn't arrive. As a result of agroeconomy were compelled to buy it at higher market prices.

Nevertheless, in the middle of April the Ministry of Fuel and Energy reported to Cabinet of Ministers that bought 40 thousand tons of diesel fuel which will be implemented to landowners on 5,12 hryvnias for liter. Fuel had to be delivered on the oil pipeline on the terminal to Novograd - Volynsk.

However, according to operators of the market, fuel didn't arrive in "Ukrtransnafta" order. And hardly will arrive as it is already simply unprofitable to the supplier:if at the end of March when the contract was signed, the price of the Russian diesel fuel was in Europe at a mark of 930 dollars for ton, in the second half of May this level didn't fall lower than 1200 dollars. Respectively, it is more favorable to supplier to give money which he used as the interest-free credit.

By words the director of the department of the oil and gas industry Alexey Nesterenko, "Ukrtransnafta" received necessary 40 thousand tons of fuel from Sugar production association and still stores these stocks in Novograd - Volynsk.

That fact that the diesel isn't realized to this day, Nesterenko explains so: "Agricultural enterprises didn't want to buy diesel fuel therefore the company will resell it" in "Ukrtransnafta". Why landowners didn't want to buy cheap fuel, he didn't tell.

The fact of resale of diesel fuel with "Ukrtransnafta" is confirmed by copies of contracts of purchase and sale. According to documents, in April "Ukrtransnafta" started conducting negotiations with little-known in the market of oil products the Lesan company.

It was supposed that "Ukrtransnafta" will resell JSC Lesan of 20 thousand tons of diesel fuel at the price of 6128 hryvnias for ton. Deliveries had to be carried out with Novograd - the Volynsk storage. As a result "Ukrtransnafta" had to return 122,4 million hryvnias.

It isn't absolutely clear why "Ukrtransnafta" doesn't sell the diesel at this price to the agricultural enterprises if its cost in the free market already exceeded 7 350 hryvnias for ton.

What destiny comprehended other 20 thousand tons of diesel fuel, it isn't known yet. In a press - to service SBU information on a consequence yesterday refused to provide. Though sources of the newspaper don't exclude that results of check in which communication of the immediate environment the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko with the companies which had to carry out supply of fuel will be specified will be published in the next few days.

Meanwhile in "Ukrtransnafta" on a situation with purchase of diesel fuel make comments reluctantly. "It is the commercial project", - the chairman of the board of the company Igor Kiryushin though deliveries were planned as preferential declared and were carried out at the request of Cabinet of Ministers.

In more detail Kiryushin refused to discuss the transaction, referring to scandalousness of the lifted subject. "Any criminal case on this fact it isn't brought. The contract is signed until the end of the year therefore we it yet don't know result", - he speaks.

JSC Sugar Production Association which secured such favorable order, is included into Faktor group of companies of the businessman Sergey Tishchenko. Tishchenko's group gained popularity in 2005-2006 when carried out deliveries of foodstuff to GP "Ukrrezerv" which was headed by Sergey Pashinsky, today - the People's Deputy from BYuT.

We will remind that earlier the head of the Secretariat of the president Victor Baloga already accused the prime minister Tymoshenko of creation of monopolies and granting privileges "to". It is known that he acted as the statement in which accused Cabinet of Ministers of sugar and meat sale through the structures.

"That is, measures are taken for achievement of short positive effect with effect of a mine of the slowed-down action. In particular, the government allowed import to Ukraine from - for meat and sugar borders, and without duty payment. The quantity of the import food which will be thrown on domestic market, is kept by a secret. These deliveries will be carried out only by the State reserve, other importers from participation are eliminated", - the head of the Secretariat of the president noted.

"Here it is visible to everyone double monopoly: economic (will deliver import meat and sugar the one and only structure) and political (A state reserve the representative of BYuT directs). But it would be still half-troubles. Not limited revenues to domestic market of the food are real from - for borders nokautiruyushche will strike on domestic producers", - warn Baloga.


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