Nikolaev to Mchsniki say that the arson became a gas cause of explosion in Ochakovo!

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Explosion of a gas cylinder happened in the 5-floor house in Ochakovo. 1 woman was lost, 53 inhabitants of the house are evacuated. Workers of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area established that the arson became a cause of explosion.

We will remind, at 3.00 on October 13 there was an explosion of household gas in one of apartments on 1 floor of the 5-floor 4-access house on st. on March 8, 34/1 in Ochakovo.

"Most likely, the arson is made. In the apartment where directly there was an explosion, the gas cylinder was found. The same cylinder is found in the neighboring private house belonging to owners of this apartment. There live the woman with the daughter. According to neighbors, these people socially aren't successful. In the private house of explosion wasn't, only a fire as there the good extract, but traces of an arson is and there", - the chief of the Center of promotion of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Svetlana Vodolaga reported.

On a scene the body of the woman is found. In total 53 residents of the house are evacuated, the temporary accommodation in one of sanatoria of Ochakovo is provided to them.

Residents of the house hardly will be able to return to the apartments as overlappings between floors are strongly damaged and there is a threat of further destruction of the house.

Fire area - 200 sq.m. The house is disconnected from gas - electro - and water supply.

Against responsible for incident criminal case will be brought. At present the investigation is carried by the commission consisting of the staff of prosecutor's office, Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, GU Ministry of Emergency Situations, "Nikolayevgaz" and "Nikolayevoblenergo".


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