The culprit of explosion in the Ochakov five-storey building

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In the night of October 13 inhabitants of Ochakovo woke up from explosion. About three o'clock in the morning around bus station the roar was distributed. Now the second entrance of the house No. 34 on st. reminds on March 8 the military territory. The smoked walls, the broken glasses, the burned-down balconies. On the first floor interroom partitions are destroyed.

In the yard steady smell of burning. Staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations takes out from the burned-down apartments of a thing which continue to smolder. All inhabitants of an entrance suffered, the fire completely destroyed property.

Inhabitants endure nervous shock. Vera Ivanovna Kudryavtseva - the elderly woman from the apartment No. 36 was lost. The commission where militiamen entered, representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and insurers try to deal with the reasons of incident and count real damage. Inhabitants of the affected house consider that explosion happened not incidentally, it was carefully planned and carried out by sincerely sick Larisa Ryaposova and her mother Elena. They opened a gas cylinder in the apartment and disconnected the general gas pipe from the plate.

The inhabitant of this entrance, Nina Starikova says that woke up at the night of that felt a gas smell.

- I at once went outside to undertake any actions. After all dangerously to awake neighbors - people will turn on the light, and there will be an explosion. In the yard literally I came across Larisa from the 37th apartment. I began to say to it that it wouldn't go home and didn't turn on electric devices. It reacted inadequately: it was thrown in an entrance, I turned on the light and … explosion was distributed.

The commission inclines to opinion of residents. In Ochakovo tonight I blew up not only the five-storey building, but also the house No. 13, on Shamborovskaya St., which part belongs to the same Larisa Ryapsova. The owner of the second part of the house Elena Puzinkova is sure - the neigbour specially arranged set fire.

- About three o'clock in the morning I woke up from a smell of burning, there was such feeling that matches burned down. - The injured owner of the second half speaks at home. - When went outside, I saw that the neighbour's wall is already captured by fire. I at once caused fire, but both crews at that time already left on a fire to the five-storey building.Through short time firefighters all - arrived, and it is good that managed to put out fire. The gas cylinder didn't blow up incidentally. If it happened, all house would fail.

In this private house the roof is destroyed, are smoked by a smoke of a wall and conducting burned down. Elena Puzinkova's son Igor told that the militia established that the gas cylinder was open, from the house were the path over which poured gasoline is taken out, and set fire. Canisters are found in the house with gasoline which exploded.

According to stories of eyewitnesses, the militia detained Larisa Ryaposova exactly near her private house, hands were burned and blood-stained. Her frightened mother found early in the morning in the area of kindergarten, the woman hid in bushes and watched a fire from outside.
Now the elderly woman is in TsRB, and the daughter gives the evidence in the District Department of Internal Affairs.

According to neighbors, mother and the daughter the day before strongly swore. From shouts it was clear that women couldn't divide property. The daughter quite often beat mother. The family had a bad reputation, they were known how shop assistants of moonshine, troublemakers, fans to write complaints and to have legal proceedings with neighbors.

That will be with these unfortunate - it isn't known, but inhabitants of 15 apartments of the second entrance of the house No. 34 on st. while have no place to live on March 8. The deputy mayor Andrey Basan promised for a while to settle out them on recreation facility "Ochakov". Now specially created commission establishes the bag of damage put with explosion and fire.

The deputy chief of Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area, the colonel Valery Semenov commented on a situation so:

- At 03.02 on the panel of Ochakov office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations the signal of explosion in the five-storey building arrived. At 03.08 called from Shamborovskaya Street.

First of all carried out abnormally - rescue efforts. From 36-й apartments evacuated the grandfather, the grandmother filled up with a wall, it was lost. In total 53 persons were evacuated. The house was disconnected from gas, water and power supply.

In the house and now there are no communications, gas-men unambiguously told that it is necessary to carry out an inspection in all house. Inhabitants of the second entrance will be settled out, the others are while in the apartments. Now the commission carries out expertize, establishes damage. Results will be known after meeting which has to will take place today in the city hall.


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