Resonant business of the student "Mogilyanki" who nearly didn't kill the fellow student, closed "in view of absence of structure of a crime"

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"N news" already reported that on April 8 near the Nikolaev state humanities university of Pyotr Mogila the second-year student of law department Rajiv ALIZADEH struck with a knife of the fellow student from Valery Kiryakov's parallel group three times: it struck two blows in a neck, and one - in a back. Blood-stained Kiryakov in time delivered in BSMP and its life was saved. However injured still long time I received medical treatment and I was under supervision of doctors.

Round loud incident different hearings curled: one claimed that Alizadeh rushed on the fellow student with a knife allegedly from - for jealousy of the girl, others said supposedly everything occurred from - for money which were run into debt to it by Kiryakov …
Police officers detained Alizadeh on April 11 on one of streets of Nikolaev. At the time of detention that didn't show any resistance, and soon there arrived also his lawyer.
On this fact criminal case under article 122, part 1 - deliberate infliction of bodily injury of average weight was brought. And a bit later the investigator of the Central District Department of Internal Affairs Nikolay KUSA who was engaged in this business, released ALIZADEH according to recognizance not to leave.
In some weeks after that the rector of university Leonid Klimenko reported to News - N that Rajiv Alizadeh is deducted from higher education institution. As Leonid Pavlovicha explained then, deducted future lawyer with the formulation "for commission of crime" - such cases are provided by the Law of Ukraine "About education". However, the guy with "the southern hot blood", - so responded about Alizadeh in "Mogilyanke", - could deduct and for other reason - for poor progress. Finally Leonid Klimenko also added that for the actions Rajiv Alizadeh has to incur deserved punishment.
And later half a year it became clear - high-profile resonant case is closed "from - for absence of structure of a crime" - so told us a reliable source.
It appeared that from the Central District Department of Internal Affairs Alizadeh's case was submitted to regional management of militia, and soon stopped in coordination with regional prosecutor's office with the formulation "from - for absence of structure of a crime".

To learn a surname of the investigator who "successfully" finished business, and also exact date of its closing, alas it wasn't possible.
In TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area to us explained: "The investigator refused flatly that his surname in this regard business sounded in mass media, and we have no right to force it to tell the name".
A bit later we addressed to the militia major Andrey Golovko, the chief specialist of TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area, with a question: if with surnames such privacy, whether that it is impossible to specify at least dates of transfer of this resonant case from the Central District Department of Internal Affairs in Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and from there - in prosecutor's office as one hour earlier to us refused granting contact phones of regional investigative department, motivating that all of them - "office using".

Approximately in an hour Andrey Golovko reported:

- In 0бластном investigative department answered that on this criminal case in established laws of Ukraine terms made the lawful decision with which the dissatisfied party agreed and didn't use opportunity to appeal against this decision in a judicial order. Both parties are satisfied with the made decision. Yes, it and sounds, - from - for absence of structure of a crime, it is article 6 of item 2 of Criminally procedural code of Ukraine. And as for specification of dates about which you asked, to me answered: all dates are the classified information.

As for regional prosecutor's office, on all our questions on the this case the answer was heard: "Write the letter of inquiry, and within a month you will be able to receive answers".

From all event it is possible to draw a conclusion: in our city in broad daylight to attack any person with a knife, to put it thus some knife wounds - from now on with a crime isn't. At least - in Nikolaev. Always will be "kind" and the main thing - the "unselfish" investigator who together with the public prosecutor's worker will close business - "from - for absence of structure of a crime".


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