Two local "terrorists" guilty of explosion of gas in a house of the city of Ochakovo

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On October 13, 2008 around 02.15 in the city of Ochakov of the Nikolaev area in an one-storeyed house down the street Shamborsky there was a fire. The house is divided into two parts and belongs to two families.

Same night, around 03.00 in the brick five-floor house located down the street 8-guo Mart of Ochakovo, there was an explosion and there was a fire. As a result of incident two apartments were destroyed and thirteen more apartments are partially damaged. Besides, in adjacent to an explosion place houses windows and glasses of balconies were damaged. As a result of explosion I was lost 61 - the summer local resident.

During carrying out investigative actions previously it is established that both extraordinary proisshetviya resulted from criminal acts of two local residents consisting in related communications.

As it became clear, since 2006 they repeatedly addressed in bodies of prosecutor's office and internal affairs with complaints to the neigbour living in the house down the street Shamborsky where later and there was a fire. Complaints were connected with the right for possession of the house and the land plot. According to each address careful inspections during which offenses from the mentioned neigbour it wasn't revealed on what declarants were informed were carried out.

On April 6, 2008 during the next dispute one of declarants put to the neigbour injuries. On the specified fact Ochakov city department the corresponding materials on which on June 12 Ochakov gorraysudy the Nikolaev area concerning the violator criminal case on signs of the crime provided ч.2 by Art. 125 of UK of Ukraine (deliberate infliction of bodily injury of easy severity) is brought are built.

After a while, as it became clear later, with the purpose to sweep both citizens planned and by means of a gas cylinder carried out a house arson down the street Shamborsky in the city of Ochakovo. And then, "protesting" against initiation of legal proceedings, they tried to set fire to one more apartment on st. 8-guo Mart which also belongs to "terrorists".

Against both citizens criminal case on signs of the crimes provided by item 5 ч.2 by Art. 115 of UK of Ukraine (deliberate murder) is brought. At present both criminals are detained as Art. 115 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine.The investigation is carried, reports a press - service Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.


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