The chief GAI officer of the Nikolaev area Oleg Tonkantsov told nikolayevets about the new penalties, new categories of transport and many other

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Today, on October 20, I took place a press - conference of the chief of UGAI Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs militia colonel Oleg Tonkantsov. On a press - conferences the chief GAI officer of area told about innovations in traffic regulations which appeared with adoption of law "About modification of some acts of Ukraine concerning improvement of regulation of the relations in the sphere of safety of traffic". We will remind, this law was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada at the end of September, published 17.10.2008 and will come into force in 30 days from the date of its official publication, i.e. on November 17.

On a press - conferences Oleg Tonkantsov stopped on highlights of the new law. So, an innovation is fixing of offenses in an automatic mode special technical means (a photo - video filming). Thus the protocol on administrative violation isn't formed, the resolution in case of administrative violation is taken out without participation of the person which is made responsible. Copies of the resolution and the materials recorded by means of special technical means, are sent to the violator during 3-x days from the date of pronouncement of the resolution.

Oleg Georgiyevich told that in the new law responsibility for management of vehicles of persons which are not only being able alcoholic, but also drug intoxication, and also under the influence of the medical preparations reducing attention is established.

Besides, the law provides responsibility for using the driver during vehicle movement by the means of communication (mobile phones) which haven't been equipped with technical devices for conducting conversations without the aid of hands (a penalty from 425 to 510 UAH).

According to the new law, for violation by drivers of service regulations of vehicles, rules of transportation of passengers, rules of a parking of vehicles, an order of installation and use of special light and sound signaling devices, management of vehicles of persons which are in a condition of alcoholic, drug intoxication, and also for debt on payment of penalties for violations of traffic regulations the employee of GAI has the right temporarily to detain the vehicle by its blocking or delivery to a special platform or parking for storage. The order of blocking, temporary detention and storage of vehicles on special platforms and parking will define the Cabinet of Ukraine.

And in cases when the driver made an offense for which probably deprivation of the right of management by the vehicle, the staff of GAI has the right temporarily to withdraw the driver's license to the introduction in validity of the resolution on an administrative offense. Thus to the violator temporary permission to the right of management of the vehicle is given.

Oleg Georgiyevich also reported that the norm providing self-training of drivers of the HARDWARE and examination the external is excluded from the Law of Ukraine "About traffic". Has the right to acquire the right for management of the HARDWARE of the corresponding category the citizen who has reached a certain age, not having any medical contraindications and completed full course of training.

Also the Law of Ukraine "About traffic" is supplemented with new categories of A1, B1, C1, D1, D, BE, C1E, CE, D1E, DE, T vehicles. Restrictions on the right of management are in addition brought by buses, trams and (category D1, D, D1E, DE, T) trolleybuses also - them the persons which have reached 21 - summer age can operate only.

According to the law, the driver's license will have an action established period which is defined by the Cabinet of Ukraine.

The chief GAI officer of area told and about changes which concerned directly the staff of GAI. So, soon it is planned to transfer GAI to a contract form of service that provides the simplified mode of discharge from fulfillment of duties in case of statements and confirmations of rough violations from employees of GAI. In the contract the maximum of cash which has at itself the inspector at a zastupleniye on service will be recorded.

As you can see, a press - conference was is information saturated and infringed on interests of many citizens. However probably information which gave on a press - conferences Oleg Tonkantsov, had confidential character as to shine this briefing called only the "elected" representatives of mass media. It seems that readers of editions of the city whom "forgot" to invite, will be deprived of opportunity to learn about innovations in traffic regulations and to read explanations to them.


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