Conjurers on service monarchic

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There passes Koperfild customs inspection. The customs officer asks it?

- Profession?

- Conjurer I.

- How it?

Koperfild starts rabbits getting, soaring from a hat in air. The customs officer frankly misses. Then gets the press and speaks:

- Hogwash all this. Here focus. You see two cars of alcohol? - splashes where - that the press. - Green peas! ! !

Conjurers on the Ukrainian civil service, unfortunately, became the phenomenon ordinary. Here only certain representatives of this hard "profession" on magic skill manage to surpass all imaginable and inconceivable limits. So, the ground under the ASPHALT CONCRETE PLANT constructed more than thirty years ago, on paper can turn into a pasture for cattle, not used more than centuries …

Decisions of prosecutor's office and three vessels of different instances to insufficiently local officials to recognize the right for the earth behind the Evrodom enterprise formed as a result of reorganization called above plant. Soon, apparently, the loaded word in prolonged receivership proceeding will be told by the Organized Crime Control Department and prosecutor's office.

In 1968 from lands of the former military ranges near Kiyevskaya Route the site for construction of asphalt concrete plant was taken away. With arrival to our country of the market relations the enterprise appeared on balance of JSC "Evrodom". In 2005 owners of plant, according to the state plan of privatization of 1999, appealed in the New Odessa district state administration to allocate with it the land plot for enterprise service. And when the issue was already actually resolved, it appeared that in the State Planning Committee the annoying mistake crept in - it appeared that the plant formally is not in the New Odessa area as it was specified by officials, and in Zhovtnevom. During the period from the moment of filing of application before mistake identification in 2007 ohms in the Zhovtnevy area unexpectedly there were at once two applicants for lands of the enterprise. One of them, performed in due time repair work on the basis of plant and applied for its part, and another - arose as the devil from a snuffbox, and applied for all land plot entirely.States of emergency "Optimist" and JSC Mportal appeared these two "unknown". According to laws of Ukraine and elementary logic, "Evrod", filed to the state documents for two years earlier, and already owning real estate on this site, I had the exclusive right to the earth. But not here that was. The deputy head of the Zhovtnevy district state administration of P., in defiance of all imaginable and inconceivable laws, does that except the head of administration who at that time is absent, nobody had the right to do - namely signs the order about "return" disputable sites to lands of a stock of the Zhovtnevy area. Moreover, the district administration "starts" procedure of branch of the earth to Mportal and Optimist firms, as the pasture which weren't used more than hundred years! The enterprise standing on a site since 1968, for officials argument of that "pasture" all - was used, didn't become. And it isn't sophisticated. Lately the earth in "suburban" areas which are Zhovtnevy and New Odessa at the cost gold … The head of the district state administration - mister the S. which decision was soon protested by prosecutor's office allocated for the new revealed applicants the earth already personally. But not here that was. Officials of the remark of militiamen as though didn't notice.

Having been tired of useless disputes, owners of the enterprise appealed to economic court which recognized their correctness. In court the defendant's representative appealed to anything, and even claimed that the owner never documents on the earth had though in 2007 the order, though illegal, about earth RETURN officials recognized that the earth at the disposal of owners of the enterprise all - was. The persistence of administration gave nothing - courts of all instances recognized "Evrodom's" requirements lawful. Then the head of the Zhovtnevy area, mister S. again gave favourite "weighty argument" - banal ignoring of decisions of the courts. As if they also weren't at all.

At lawful owners of the enterprise didn't remain other exit as will address in bodies which give to actions criminally - a legal assessment. And here, as we already wrote, the Nikolaev Organized Crime Control Department already sent materials of verification of this information to prosecutor's office.It is necessary to hope that the body of supervision will tell the loaded word and will find the mechanism for restoration of legality which, unfortunately, at us is necessary not to all …

And finally you ask a question, whether impudence of some officials is connected by what they hope for protection of the relatives sitting in higher offices?


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