"Burglars" against holiday-makers: how to keep sewed

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To professional "burglar" to open even the most difficult lock won't make special work, not to mention that the probability to find the stolen is very insignificant. For comparison: for example, in 2007 in Moscow more than 12 thousand burglaries were made, and only in 1741 a case of criminals found. How to keep sewed, being sent on leave? Russian experience.

For the period of holiday it is possible to leave a favourite cat to compassionate neighbors, as a last resort it can be taken with itself. But how to be, for example, with family jewelry? Certainly, they can be entrusted the same neighbors or to leave at home. However, considering the multiple growth of quantity of burglaries which falls on time of summer holidays, such decision is submitted not the best way out.

To professional "burglar" to open even the most difficult lock won't make special work, not to mention that the probability to find the stolen is very insignificant. For comparison: in 2007 in Moscow more than 12 thousand burglaries were made, and only in 1741 a case of criminals found.

"The statistics on burglaries during holidays impresses", - the director of the department of retail business of the Moscow credit bank Lyudmila Saligina makes comments. According to her, the question of reliable preservation of money and values on the eve of holidays for many becomes especially actual. "What way to choose - everyone solves itself but that it isn't necessary to do precisely, so it to leave money or values at home", - the expert is sure. But to take with itself the considerable sums cash too not the best exit: abroad the industry of an oblaposhivaniye of tourists is developed at all worse, than in Russia. It is possible to lose not only a purse on the street, but also baggage at the airport, the values left in the safe. Therefore experts recommend to approach attentively to protection not only the money left in the homeland, but also those means which the tourist takes with himself in a trip."If to speak about offers for holidays while it is difficult to find the best alternative to such classical bank ways of savings of means as deposits, safe deposit boxes, traveler's checks, plastic cards", - are advised by the director of the department of banking products of GLOBEKS bank Irina Melkova. However at each of the listed ways is both advantages, and shortcomings. We will try to understand.

Classics always in fashion

"The majority of clients of Parex bank use historically clear and practical service - placement of deposit money", - tells a press - the secretary of Parex bank Sergey Bardovsky. "The most popular way of preservation and enhancement of money on - former is the fixed deposit", - the deputy director of department of retail business of Rosbank Dmitry Vechkanov confirms. "Programs with possibility of replenishment and partial withdrawal of deposits, and also bonus programs for the investors, providing discounts for cell rent are especially actual", - the chief of the retail center of Rosevrobank Olga Kolesova adds.

The simplest type of a contribution for individuals is a contribution poste restante. Money on it is stored unlimited time, and to remove everything or part it is possible at any time. It is possible to fill up a contribution, certainly, too when necessary. But this type of deposits has one big shortcoming - not the most favorable percent. The client pays dearly for the right to use the money at discretion, and from the point of view of investment this option isn't ideal. "But it is convenient as an electronic purse: often the bank gives out to the client a card which can pay off in retail or to remove a certain sum from the account in the ATM, without coming into bank office", - the director of the department of marketing of retail business of HOMOC - bank Anna Pankratova notes.

In addition, recently in connection with liquidity crisis in the banking market many credit organizations went for considerable liberalization of conditions of fixed deposits for the population - now in some banks it is possible to withdraw money ahead of schedule without loss of percent. Classical fixed deposits are focused on people who want to store simply money in bank with the maximum benefit. When the term of such contribution expires, the client receives the initial sum plus percent. And if the investor doesn't come to bank in day of closing of the deposit, the contribution sum together with percent will be stored in bank poste restante, and percent will arrive on former conditions.

"From new tools it is possible to call the indexed deposit. The indexed deposit means that profitability of investments isn't fixed, and attached to a certain tool - the cost of goods, a share index, investment fund and so on", - Anna Pankratova notes. It is possible to refer the so-called gold deposits which profitability is attached to dynamics of the prices of precious metal in the world market to this category. The demand of this or that way of savings of means on the deposit depends on specific aims which are pursued by the client. "Whether he wishes to remove means in the period of a period of storage (deposits poste restante), the contribution would like to fill up, whether he prefers a contribution with capitalization of percent when percent are charged at the end of period of validity of a contribution, or he at all doesn't count on obtaining the income, and simply wants to keep that has", - the senior vice-the president on development of products of retail business of Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development Albert Zvezdochkin lists. Among new ways of savings of means he noted also mutual funds. As well as in a situation with the deposit, shares it is possible to sell and receive at any time money, here only anybody isn't able to guarantee profitability of these investments to the client. Deposits and mutual funds are suitable for preservation of means of the house, but aren't always convenient if money urgently be required abroad. The second lack of deposits and shares is that thus it is possible to keep only money, the jewelry into the account will be not put.

Savings cell

In the second way of preservation of means and values which becomes recently more and more popular, rent of a bank cell is. "In summer months demand for individual safe deposit boxes considerably increases", - Irina Melkova notes. "Cells are good that the client receives for a certain remuneration in the using for in advance stipulated term the individual bank safe access to which will have only he. It is possible to store money, securities, documents in a safe deposit box - generally, all those things which don't want to be left at home", - the head of the department of retail business of Zenit bank Alexey Rozorenov adds. Thus at any time the client can take away the values which are storing in an individual bank cell.Additional plus of a bank cell in comparison with other ways of savings of means and values is confidentiality - that is the client himself puts values in the safe, and the bank doesn't know that contains in cells. For many this advantage is defining, experts note.

"Among pluses of bank safes it should be noted safety and reliability, and also confidentiality not only cell contents, but also the fact of rent, - Anna Pankratova tells. - In - the first, bank cells are located in specially equipped room (deposit storage), being under continuous protection. Requirements imposed by Bank of Russia to the organization of storages of values of clients and the bank, are absolutely identical, that is money of bank and value of clients are stored in identical conditions". In - the second, the tenant of a safe deposit box isn't threatened by any risks connected with overall performance of the financial organization, - under the law, requirements of creditors of bank can't be turned on contents of rented cells. The bank possesses only safe, instead of its contents. Even at bankruptcy of bank contents of a cell don't enter competitive weight for payment with creditors and come back to the owner in full. In - the third, all relationship of the client with bank is absolutely confidential. The bank undertakes not to disclose to the third parties of data on the client, about his safe and even about the fact of its granting (except, certainly, cases provided by the legislation), and also doesn't control quantity, structure and quality of subjects placed in a cell.

However bank cells have also the shortcomings, one of the main is that on the money which is storing there, percent as on the deposit, so, they become cheaper in compliance with rates of inflation aren't charged. Inconveniently also that at a bank cell, as a rule, only one key therefore there are some difficulties (need to hack a cell) at its loss.

On a path

Leaving money at home, a certain part a traveling beret with itself. Certainly, it is possible to take cash, but it isn't really convenient and dangerous. "At a trip abroad especially attractive there are cash cards as the means placed on the account of the card, aren't declared", - Olga Kolesova speaks. "Advantages of use of a plastic card on a foreign trip are obvious. It isn't necessary to declare money at customs.On the international cash cards you can pay off in outlets in currency of that country where you are, so, it isn't necessary to convert cash in local currency - at operations with cards converting happens automatically", - Lyudmila Saligina adds. The international cash cards of payment Visa and MasterCard systems allow to reserve numbers in hotels and to hire cars (including beforehand - on the Internet). And if you sign the contract for granting an overdraft (the short-term credit) with bank, you will be able in case of a lack of own means on the account to use the credit. "Indisputable advantage - opportunity to use an overdraft or to ask native or friends in Russia to recharge if at you money" suddenly ended, - Anna Pankratova notes. Besides, having lost cash, you lose them forever. The lost card it is possible to restore and keep the means which are on the card account.

But also here didn't do without minuses: that is the commission for cashing in of means in ATMs of other banks. Also a shortcoming is that in some countries not all shops and establishments accept for payment plastic cards. However the last isn't a special obstacle for our compatriots - they everywhere face with similar in Russia.

Alternative to cash cards are traveler's checks. The traveler's check is a document which the client buys from bank for cash, and if necessary for cash and sells. Difference of the check from money that it is valid only with the signature of the client. To use the stolen or found check, the malefactor should reproduce the signature of his owner in the face of the staff of bank, and also to show the certificate of his personality. Therefore checks can be lost safely. In case of need it is enough to call in bank and to block them, and then to restore within a day. At present in Russia there is only one company which issues the American Express traveler's checks, but sell and cash checks practically all largest Russian banks.

"To pay with traveler's checks for purchase or to exchange them for cash in financial institutions it is possible practically in all countries, however, it must be kept in mind that practice of payment of goods and services by means of checks is at the moment widespread only abroad, in Russia it can be done only in the large cities", - Alexey Rozorenov from Zenit bank warns. Period of validity of the bought traveler's checks isn't limited so they can be used also as means of accumulation. The main lack of checks is that when carrying out operations with checks the credit organizations can raise a commission. "If you are going to go abroad in holiday, in some cases together with a bank plastic card it is worth taking with yourself and checks, - Rozorenov advises. - It is possible to get checks practically in any Russian bank for cash currency and rubles, and also at the expense of means of currency deposits. Our bank offers the checks nominated in US dollars and euro".

Fear cheap

Alternative to already listed ways of preservation of means which if won't save from theft, at least, will allow to compensate damage, insurance is. "Unfortunately, despite constant preventions of increase during summer holidays of quantity of burglaries (that is approximately the number of insured events increases by 20% on risks "burglary", "the illegal actions of the third parties directed on damage of property"), and also the cases connected with gulfs of apartments because of other residents, essential growth of sales of policies on insurance of apartments during the period from May to September it isn't observed", - Anna Pankratova states. Though Albert Zvezdochkin nevertheless notes growth of financial literacy of the population. "Recently demand for insurance services at traveling considerably grew, - the director general of ZASO "European Tourist Insurance" Mikhail Kamalov confirms. - And it is a question not of the obligatory health insurance which is often necessary for obtaining visas in the majority of the countries, - its conditions cover only the minimum set of risks. The speech about the additional services including protection against the majority of possible troubles, trapping tourists on any travel".

Insurance companies offer tourists not simply conditionally - the necessary policy, and an insurance product - a complex of obligatory and additional services which will provide quiet rest and will allow to cut down expenses during a trip. And tourists began to approach more responsibly to insurance questions, trying to secure most itself and the rest, experts state. More and more people, starting on the journey, began to reflect on possible problems which can lead to contingencies. Conditions of an insurance which the tour operator puts in a tourist product, suit far not everyone.

"You shouldn't save on an insurance if it is the qualitative insurance product offered by the serious company. Acquisition of the additional policy not much more will increase the cost of all trip. Having paid an additional insurance premium of 5-30 euros, you can be absolutely quiet, knowing that in case of loss of baggage or at unexpected interruption of a trip, at injuries or diseases and so on all expenses will be paid by insurance company", - Mikhail Kamalov advises. Thus the economy on an insurance can quite lead to the financial losses much more exceeding cost of all travel.

According to results of the interactive poll, the most popular way of transportation of money are plastic cards - 42,96%. Take with itself cash 36,30% of participants of poll. And only 14,81% answered use checks, and 5,93% - count on a money transfer.


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