The criminal case brought against the chairman of Economic court of the Nikolaev area Yu. Kovalya, remains in force?

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that On June 19, 2008 the Pechersky district court of the city of Kiev, under the chairmanship of the judge L.Tsokol, cancelled the resolution of the investigator in especially important issues of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine S. Gorbatyuk of January 21, 2008 about initiation of legal proceedings concerning Koval Yu. M., concerning an abuse of power contrary to interests of service.

After that, on the decision the appeal in the Kiev appellate court which upheld the decision of Pechersky court was submitted.

Law enforcement agencies didn't stop before the arisen barriers. The this case was directed on consideration in the Supreme Court of Ukraine, and its consideration was planned for October 21.

This day, on October 21, on a press - conferences, the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area told that practically all practices of police officers "on bribes", getting to courts, there and vanishes.

"As on Economic court of the Nikolaev area. We have legal proceedings, we have legal proceedings with this judge, and dog doesn't eat dog. Therefore courts cancelled all resolutions though this person really took bribes that videos confirm. And if this matter isn't brought to the logical end, I will give all these operational materials. But I will give so that to me won't be able to make any complaint. Materials will appear in a press, and all will see how it took bribes as counted money as I ironed them and kissed as on pockets I displayed as told how them loves. I will show everything. Now this business is solved in Kiev and if the decision isn't made, we will publish these materials, and let then prove who gave these materials", - Anatoly Naumenko promised.

We will remind that on last a press - conferences as an example of "a judicial lawlessness" the head of the Nikolaev regional Department of Internal Affairs told about one of heads of the Nikolaev economic court who got on a bribe.

"One of heads of economic court of area took really a bribe. It everything is documented by means of technical means. And the Pechersky court of the city of Kiev, on the formal bases cancels criminal case. Judges who so arrive - simply criminals! ", - then with indignation A. Naumenko told.

He didn't call a surname of the judge, neither then nor now, but it isn't difficult to guess whom there was a speech. Possibly A. Naumenko meant case of receiving a bribe by the chairman Nikolayevskogo regional economic vessels Yu. Koval.

It is poorly believed in that judges of the Supreme Court of Ukraine were aware of that occurred on a press - conferences in Nikolaev …

But at once after this a press - conferences, sources in the Supreme Court of Ukraine reported that the Supreme Court of Ukraine, at the meeting which, by the way, took place in at one time with given a press - conference, upheld the resolution of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine on initiation of legal proceedings against Yu. Koval.

We will remind that in the Supreme Court of Ukraine the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine brought representation concerning Yu. Koval's detention and the contents it under guards. Such representation appeared after certain deputies of the Verkhovna Rada paid attention to a situation which develops round the head of Economic court of the Nikolaev area nearly a year. We will remind that Yu. Koval was detained on November 16, 2007 when receiving a bribe in especially large size.

As reported sources in the office of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, this representation was considered on October 21. But this decision not final, after all the Supreme Court of Ukraine sent the this case for repeated consideration in the Kiev appellate court instead of submitting to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine which will have to make the decision on removal or not removal from Yu. Koval of inviolability.But the Verkhovna Rada doesn't work and today already is a little believed that people's deputies who will come to new parliament, "will want" to consider idea of the Prosecutor General's Office of removal of inviolability from Yu. Koval if, of course, it is. A Yu. Koval, in turn, can not worry and quietly continue about anything to work at the position, after all it isn't known when all - in Ukraine all branches of the power will earn as they have to work …


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