The personnel epic in the Ukrainian parliament

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In relationship of the government and the Verkhovna Rada of unresolved questions more than it is enough. Some of them don't decide for months. So, for example, on May 22-23 it seemed that personnel shifts of which the prime minister dreams long ago, will be at last - that are approved. Deputies also approved, however, only part. And that fact that the problem - in a lack of time, raises the increasing doubts.

Didn't pass also half a year …

Personnel changes are an obligatory element of the program of self-affirmation of each new government. Anything surprising in it isn't present. Any prime minister will prefer to work with a reliable team, in high professional qualities and personal devotion (that often more obligatory element) which members he can be confident. Or, as a last resort, the head of the government will be compelled to listen to opinion of a narrow circle of colleagues and wide - partners in the majority.

Therefore, the shifts of shots planned still in January didn't cause questions: some central authorities on - former proteges of the previous coalition directed, others persistently not approved deputies and two, approved in December operated, vice-Yulia Timoshenko's prime ministers was small. But to the working moment "And tomorrow deputies will vote оставки / appointments" the moment historical prevented.

It was supposed that change of guard becomes one of the simplest actions during fruitful work of the government and the parliamentary majority: to the middle of January the country regained consciousness after New Year's vacation, and the most part of appointed candidates was coordinated almost before the end of process of formation of the coalition. Problems could be only with opposition, but find 226 voices to the main fractions was in power. And, nevertheless, couple of days transferable questions of appointments and dismissals on January 18 so anybody also didn't vote. The period of big parliamentary blockade of name PDCh - initiatives of the president, the prime minister and the speaker began.

As in the next one and a half months the Verkhovna Rada actually not work, in personnel questions the status - кво remained: acting as those also remained, at some positions on - former proteges of last power (it - present opposition) stayed, and Vitaly Gayduk instead of a chair power vice-got a premiere an honourable position of the premier adviser. Loud difficulties arose only round a position of head of Fund of the state property. Yulia Vladimirovna aimed at privatization unsuccessfully tried to seat urgently in a chair of the head of Fund Andrey Portnov. Than seriously I complicated the future and other appointments.

Even after Rada returned to an operating mode, personnel changes though from time to time and emerged in agendas, but never there were late. Surprising in it it isn't enough: if "to reinstall" all, inevitably it is necessary to solve and a problem Semenyuk - Portnova to what, apparently, the Ukrainian politicum in that its part which symbolizes "friendship" Bank and the Grushevsky street, isn't ready.

Questions of resignations/appointments were delayed to impropriety while, at last, didn't appear in the 21-page agenda of the plenary session appointed to May 22. Skilled deputies warned in advance: all the same won't be in time. And it is valid, the part of points mega - the agenda "removed" next day.

Meeting of May 23 at first managed to disappoint (deputies persistently ignored vote on deprivation of mandates of parliamentarians - part-time workers), and then - to give to optimistic hope. One "package" people's deputies deprived of powers of tens colleagues, and at the same time - and to oust heads of Antimonopoly committee and the State Committee of television and broadcasting. It seemed: whether still will be. It seemed. The solution of other questions was postponed for June 3. And, knowing traditions of work of the Ukrainian parliament and a present environment of the political market, to count that the first plenary season meetings "the summer-2008" will begin with the solution of the personnel questions which have filled to osky, - would be manifestation of true and not turbid optimism. However, maybe, will carry. If interested persons or come to similarity of consensus, or completely will refuse its searches.

Who solves shots?.

That occurred on May 23 though any motions on personnel points, already big achievement. First of all - as a flag "Changes" approach. In essence changes aren't global.Deprivation of deputy powers of a number of parliamentarians - a duty of their colleagues. Also it is impossible to tell that already former deputies excessively suffered from it - after all each of them throughout different terms (some - for months) stay at other "not cold" positions. Worst of all from the former part-time workers it is necessary, probably, to Raisa Bogatyreva. Though it also possesses very honourable title, but the exit from fraction won't promote strengthening of the relations with colleagues on the Ave. Staying on a post only the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, it will be much more difficult for it to show to public devotion to interests of native party. Especially as the considerable number of "regionals" is sure that Raisa Vasilyevna protects positions only the president and the place in leading party bodies too any more doesn't belong to it.

The dismissals, going a set with withdrawal of mandates, too are very predictable. By and large, deprivation of positions of Alexey Kostusev and Eduard Prutnik from the very beginning were obligatory elements of implementation of the program of coalition actions. To the head of AMKU at "Bolsheviks - democrats" the number of questions collects for several years and to leave nobody was going "to drive" obviously ideological Goskomteleradio the ideological rival - "regional" of Prutnik too. There is an impression that the lack of time helped deputies - they managed to vote points which are best of all entered in the concept of "the smaller evil". After all actually appointments were more disputable.

The elementary candidate most likely is all-coalition (though upon pro-presidential) the candidate - Eduard Prutnik's "relief" - the vice-chairman of the National Council on television and broadcasting Igor Kurus. With the others - it is more difficult, after all on Alexey Kostusev's post initially "married off" David Zhvaniya (who now had serious problems and with a family of the president, and with the Prosecutor General's Office), the status of the adviser, instead of vice-a premiere, Vitalia Gayduka amuses vanity it антипатиков, at the acting head of SBU Valentyn Nalyvaichenko suffices nedobrozhelaty among present oppositionists, and change of the management of FGI turned for a long time into a problem of national scale. But argumentativeness of candidates doesn't deprive of deputies of responsibility for their not appointment.

For today most of all final permission of a personnel question need the prime minister and her colleagues. Yulia Timoshenko's interests lie on a surface:the head of the government needs to create team with which it will be convenient to it to work.

Average degree of interest is peculiar to oppositionists. On the one hand, proteges of minority (or simply nice to it officials) lose the powers. With another - "regionals" aren't so naive not to manage to be prepared morally for loss of positions. Pleasure maximum which they can receive in the circumstances - to delay appointments for vanity reasons - extra coalition forces like to show to the majority the talents in preventing questions to adoption of decisions necessary for "democrats". But it isn't excluded that with oppositionists it will be easier for Yulia Vladimirovna's supporters to agree - the history knows similar examples. And at the same time hardly this tendency will hook on personnel questions.

In a difficult situation now WELL - NANOSECOND. As part of the coalition "nasheukrainets - samooboronets" are obliged to protect preliminary arrangements. But change first of all presidential preferences hits not only on majority existence (as into situations with protivostoyaniyay round the State property fund), but also to fractional unity - "National self-defense", contrary to expectations of the Secretariat, tries to defend Zhvaniya's interests.

Less all, perhaps, realization of personnel questions now need the president and his Secretariat. And not because essentially against all presented candidates. The simplest explanation of possible pro-presidential sabotage - once again to complicate life a premiere. Sounds moderately absurdly, but not one decision Bank for the last months wonderfully was entered in this concept. But besides banal desire "to impair a little a picture" to the forefront there are much more interesting economically caused questions.

As it was already mentioned, considerable complexity of permission of personnel problems was caused by government and president war round privatization and - as a result - round FGI management. Now, when after several transfers privatization of the Odessa port plant is suspended, and against Andrey Portnov criminal case is brought, the question gained unprecedented sharpness. Valentina Semenyuk's replacement has to become the obligatory personnel moment. It is recognized even by president periodically protecting it. At the same time "timoshenkovets" Portnov Bankovuyu obviously doesn't arrange, as, however, and the potential width of opportunities of management of privatization process by the prime minister.And while both parties won't decide on a compromise concerning the neutral candidate and/or strategy of sale of granaries of the Homeland, the situation risks to continue to brake on each turn. And as in these questions the head of state and the head of the government has obviously not enough bases for mutual understanding, it isn't visible yet neither the end, nor edge fine under bothered the personnel epic.


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