Raphael Goroyan will have legal proceedings with the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area

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Raphael Goroyan reacted to information of mass media on deprivation of his Ukrainian nationality. We provide the text of his statement published in one of editions of Nikolaev:

"The other day in regional Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs took place a press - conference on which materials in some mass media there were headings of type such: "Raphael Goroyan is deprived of the Ukrainian nationality".

Mister Naumenko declared that "on Raphael Goroyan some criminal matters which will be brought to logical end" are opened.

It is very interesting therefore that, according to my modest data, any business on Raphael Goroyan isn't present - civil, especially, criminal! Probably, the chief of regional militia knows about it more, let then will inform also me officially. Absolutely same history and with "Raphael Goroyan's deprivation of the Ukrainian nationality" - anybody nationality didn't deprive of me, didn't try to make it and won't be able!

I consider the extended Naumenko information at best by simply incompetence. Probably, mister Naumenko was badly prepared to a press - conferences, it is possible - badly understands law.

But the head of such level is obliged to bear responsibility for the public statements! Which, among other things, smell slightly of kindling of international discord. It seems that our chief militiaman feels strong hostility to "Caucasians" - everything, wholesale.

To a press - briefing release where ogulno walked on my person, it is in black and white written that my birthplace - Azerbaijan. I not only wasn't born in Azerbaijan, I even never there was!

Yes, I am an Armenian, was born and graduated from school in Yerevan. But I carried out the most part of life in Ukraine, in Nikolaev. Here I finished with honors NKI, I registered the firm, two my sons here were born and the other day the third has to be born … I am a citizen of Ukraine on absolutely lawful bases and I am proud of it.

As for criminal cases, they were fabricated in the middle of my well-known war with regional prosecutor's office. One, criminal, - on me, one more civil - on my sister, Naira Goroyan.

"My" business concerned allegedly forged military ID, and we already won it long ago clean in Leninsk district court, namely, - Criminal case on Goroyan R. V. charge - production is closed. This resolution wasn't appealed and it entered validity (Business No. 1-651 of 2008 of 22.08.08).

It is left without consideration and civil - not criminal! - matter of my sister in Ship district court of Nikolaev. There - yes, it was a question of repeated rewatching the decision of Ship court about establishment of the fact of accommodation on the new revealed circumstances. But also this business remained without consideration.

Mister Naumenko... I mixed! It seems that it reacts to a surname Goroyan, as a bull on a red rag. In vain it spends so many forces for data with me any accounts. To it and without that to eat than be engaged - the Nikolaev area is in the lead in Ukraine on crime, and the head of militia goes by so expensive car, buys incredibly expensive mobilka and dreams of diamond stars on gold general shoulder straps, but thus it is so incompetent.

I advise the general to find to myself good lawyers. The actions it caused me moral and material damage, and I intend to sort out the relations through court. I promise: it will be public process. That more anybody mixed nothing! ".


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