The inhabitant of the Nikolaev area who has committed murder, tried to go abroad, but thanks to technical progress, he managed to be detained

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Technical progress - on the guard of safety. By means of a MMS and the mobile phone in Odessa region caught the murderer. He absconded and already was going to leave the country. But field investigators managed to find for the suspect of the train which Kherson went in Moskvu.19 of October to linear management of militia to stations field investigators with information on search of one of inhabitants of the Nikolaev area who committed murder addressed.

Militiamen found out - the suspect tried to leave the country, having taken the train "Nikolaev — Moscow". Instructions and a description of the criminal they received by phone.

Vladimir Chekhovsky, the deputy head of linear management of militia on the Odessa railroad: "The train was fulfilled. In the 17th car the police squad found according to the description the similar citizen. I answered questions of a full name, the purpose of following evasively. Then the dress made the decision, photographed on the mobile phone and sent a MMS to a call center where there is an identikit of the suspect".

The mobile photo of the detainee played a crucial role. The man really appeared the criminal. Concerning it criminal case is brought.

It already the second murder within a year which the Odessa militia managed to be opened on transport. But militiamen speak: the quantity of crimes on the railroad doesn't decrease. Generally from - that information to them arrives very late.

Vladimir Chekhovsky, the deputy head of linear management of militia on the Odessa railroad: "It would be desirable that passengers, citizens, knew that there are police officers, and in due time addressed through the conductor, the chief of the train, by means of mobile communication to dresses which are in the train. Each of them is provided with a radio communication with the chief of the train, train crews".

Law enforcement officers claim:after cancellation of nominal tickets disclosure of serious crimes and an identification of suspects considerably became complicated. In 10 months only in trains of formation of the Odessa railroad 18 robberies, 7 serious crimes three of which aren't opened are recorded.


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