The driver who has brought down to death the woman in Brovarakh, tried to sit out in Nikolayevshchina at the girl. But it didn't turn out

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On September 4 on one of crosswalks the driver to death brought down the woman and disappeared. Witnesses didn't remember a machine number. The only catch - some fragments of the car.

At this crosswalk I said goodbye to life 55 - a summer brovarchanka. In the evening she quietly crossed the road, but to the opposite side of the street didn't reach. Then Kiyevskaya Street repaired and lamps didn't work. The driver simply didn't notice the woman on the road.

Vladimir Shub, head of traffic police group of Brovarsky UGAI: "Apparently, I tried to avoid arrival. I braked as there were certain traces on asphalt. I left even on a strip of oncoming traffic, but arrival took place, it couldn't avoid it".

Valery, witness: "I went towards Kiev, and approximately meters for 20-ть red "Opel" started overtaking me. In its headlights I saw a silhouette of the person. It started trying to leave her, left on the counter. Then there was a blow, it flew up".

Valery started pursuing the violator, but that at a mad speed, cutting other cars, disappeared. In the dark neither numbers, nor a make of the car nobody made out. Only on fragments from the car experts learned that Opel - Vektra" ran over the person red ".

GAI officers checked all similar cars in Brovarakh and in the next villages, one hundred HUNDRED, garages, car markets. The suspect calculated for some weeks, but he ran away to the girl to the Nikolaev area. Searched I behaved as if the scout.

Vladimir Shub, head of traffic police group of Brovarsky UGAI: "Apartments changed, places of stay of these people changed, mobile numbers and terminals changed. Fulfilled the city of Nikolaev, the Nikolaev area and the 20th the girl who gave evidences was detained that the person really made this road accident and disappears in the city of Alushta".

On it cars 22 - the summer guy also brought down the woman. After accident in garage I repaired the car and I thought as to get rid of it. I wasn't in time. In regional GAI speak, броварчанин not only who ran away from a place of road accident and left to the mercy of fate victims.

Vasily Pereginets, the deputy head of UGAI in the Kiev Region:"Since the beginning of year in the territory of Kiev region 176 road accidents in which there were victims and victims are made, but drivers from a scene disappeared. In 2007 such there were 273 road accidents. We have decrease, but all the same there is a lot of victims and many victims".

The most probable cause of the brovarsky tragedy - a carelessness of the driver. On the Ukrainian roads there is a lot of such incidents. "Svidk's" correspondents saw one of them simply near a shooting place. The inspector of GAI who just gave interview, didn't manage to tell about one accident as it was necessary to make out another.


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