It isn't dismissed - not the thief

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Low compensation and administration connivance - the main reasons for prosperity of theft among the personnel. Example for employees can become the top - management which practices "kickbacks", payment of salaries in envelopes - subordinates adopt such model of behavior. But how to fight against theft?

To the companies of group of the risk, the most subject to theft, recruiters carry first of all trading and distributive companies. Temptation of "easy money", in particular, if they already are in hands, is very strong. Specialists of psychological service "Anchor — SV" consider that about 10% of the people coming to a human resources department of an average supermarket, are morally ready to make theft if the employer creates for this purpose favorable conditions. At the same time Oksana Pikulskaya, the director of recruiting agency "Evrika", claims that the problem of theft is actual not only for trading companies. "Heads of any companies which look for employees to the positions providing a liability, tendency of the person to theft interests first of all", - she tells.

The increased risk faces theft among the personnel can be connected not only with a company kind of activity, but also with system of its work, activity and professionalism of security service. "Problems of theft are actual for the companies which have a wide network of branches and representations in regions, - Natalya Filipskaya, the head of department of recruiting of the Golden Staff company considers, - after all at distance to control financial statements, document flow very difficult".

Descendants Robin of the Buzzing

Speaking about the reasons of prosperity of theft in the different companies, almost all specialists in the personnel on the first place put such indistinct factors, as low compensation and undeveloped corporate culture. And here variations of interpretations of these phrases the different. One is clear: Wednesday to which the person gets has the greatest value."An example for employees can become the top - management which affords kickbacks, payment of salaries in envelopes, and subordinates adopt such model of behavior, - Alla Konyaeva, the manager of psychological service "Anchor — SV" of the Executive Search company speaks. - That is the reason in the system which allows to steal".

Experts note also a psychological factor when theft becomes mistrust expression to the company, discontent with working conditions or reaction to the relation of the administration to subordinates. As motives of plunders, of course, call also noncompetitive or unfairly low compensation. "Level of theft in the company is influenced by system of material motivation, - Vitaly Lysy, the managing partner of the International outsourcing company speaks. - If in the company level of compensation is lower, than on branch, heads thus tolerate theft".

And managers admit the guilt in such phenomenon, as theft. "The ordinary person doesn't come to the company with the purpose to steal, he wants to work and receive for it money. And here is how only it has doubts in justice of its salary, right there is also a desire this justice to restore, - Dmitry Kirilenko, the director of Bel company development (liqueur distribution - vodka production) tells. - Sometimes we, heads, generate theft in own companies - through an oversight, forgetfulness".

Lack of due control which leads first to spontaneous thefts, and turns then into system, one more reason of this problem. "If employees don't feel continuous control, in collective there are no certain standards and rules of behavior, it only aggravates a situation", - Inessa Pshenichnaya, the director of the consulting company "Innovation" speaks.

Heads of the companies speak about need of introduction of such control also. "Not to allow such incidents, in our shops the system of a collective liability works, - the managing director of a network of salons - Linens shops Tamara Bondarenko tells. - Besides, we carry monthly out inventory, weekly we form reports on sale of goods, thanks to the program 1C daily we trace goods movement in each retail division and individually on each employee of Linens shop". In the Bel company, except professional protection, use system of complete technical control.In enterprise warehouses in each corner surveillance cameras are established. In addition, receivables, and if there are doubts that receipt of money in cash desk the client detains are weekly looked through, more careful internal check is carried out.

Experts suggest to fight against plunder among HR-personnel in the different ways. Main from them is a creation the konkurentykh of working conditions, but it is obligatory with due "moral support". "Only if in the company there are all components: the competitive salary, well debugged monitoring system and punishments, "fashion" on ethics of acts and the constructive relations of the management with collective, - it is possible to say that the head made everything to prevent theft, - Alla Konyaeva speaks. - As soon as one of these components drops out, in the company there is a theft".

Control at employment consider precautionary, but not really effective measure. Some experts are sure that chances of employment of the thief can be reduced significantly, having carried out so-called a case - interview. "It consists in modeling of the situations connected with theft, - Natalya Filipskaya tells. - The professional manager estimates reaction of the person, behavior during its answer. Certainly, the applicant can have quite good actor's abilities, but, in - the first, there are indirect techniques by which the professional can determine lie, in - the second, similar interviews are conducted quite long time, and for any, even very professional actor rather heavy to play all this time". At employment the important role is played also by recommendations, Tamara Bondarenko notes. She also advises to resort to check of future worker by means of databases of agencies on personnel hiring. "Adverse candidates come to light and in the course of training which can last in our company week and more. And if during this period there are any doubts, we don't employ as the person", - the managing director speaks.

To dismiss it is impossible to leave

Opinions of experts in recruiting and heads about, whether dismissal by the only right decision is at capture of the thief, dispersed. "Punishment for theft - is unambiguous dismissal, - Inessa Pshenichnaya considers. - It is very indicative example for other employees". Tamara Bondarenko who is noting agrees with the colleague also that if the person stole once, it can repeat.Natalya Filipskaya proves need of dismissal of the thief that other employees, having seen that serious punishment didn't follow, can repeat its "feat". And here Oksana Pikulskaya is sure that dismissal is not the only way of censure of a bad act. "Everything depends on weight of an act and intention of the employee to correct a situation, - she speaks. - Sometimes it is worth giving the chance at fault to be rehabilitated, compensate damage, to make something useful to the company. After all harm which was done by the worker, can be much less benefit which it brings".

"I know many cases when business didn't reach dismissal only because now with the personnel - some employees to replace big problems not so easily, - Vitaly Lysy speaks. - In such cases usually demand to indemnify loss and sometimes lower in a position. Certainly, if it is the ordinary employee who can be replaced with ease, it is better to dismiss him".

Others experience

Vyacheslav Reutsky, finance director of Impel Griffin Group (cleaning services)

- Theft always exists where there is an access to material property. In our business theft cases most often arise on objects which we serve. The technicians doing the cleaning of rooms, work there almost uncontrolledly, having direct access to material values. Besides we buy rather expensive expendables and the tool therefore many strive to carry away something home. To reduce theft scales, we, in - the first, entered system of delivery of expendables strictly under the budget. That is when the personnel goes on new object, rigidly we control an expense of means and we carry them only in that quantity which stated in the budget. But workers all the same manage to steal: substitute funds for cheaper, wash objects with usual water, etc. It is very painful question for the cleaning companies around the world, and in this business still nobody invented an accurate and absolute method of fight against theft. In - the second, we create motivation system for the managers controlling object: we put its income in dependence on degree of the consumption of materials.

Now we enter one more system which is used in cleaning business in the world. At first sight the way simple, but world experience shows that it reduces theft volumes:purchase of chemical means in so-called uncertain packing, that is in a bottle without label and the name. Thus we at least prevent possibility of theft in large volumes.

If we notice that the technicians regularly scam on objects, we dismiss it though I am not the supporter of this measure. For example, as - that on hot one of technical employees who was considered as the good worker got, received only positive comments from clients, had no complaint. We considered that it is impossible to dismiss the person whom 100 times praised, but he all once was at fault. Besides the customer asked not to dismiss the employee - means, it was worth it. As a result made the decision to fine and subtract from its salary the cost of the stolen goods in a double size and to leave in the company.

And at employment to eliminate the technical personnel very difficult: too acute shortage of shots exists in this market therefore we simply aren't able to afford to select people also on an indicator of tendency to theft.

Alla Konyaeva, manager of psychological service "Anchor — SV" of the Executive Search
- The theft reasons in the companies would arrange in such order: need - from - for low compensation of the personnel; lack of the due monitoring system at the enterprise; the management which is considering that theoretically it is impossible to steal, but it is actually possible. That is the major factor is everything - the system which has developed in the organization which provokes workers to plunder. And will help to recognize with the person of the potential thief only recommendations from the previous places of work - during interview it much more difficult to make.

Competent human resource management allows to minimize a theft problem in the company. It is necessary to know simply, on what spring to press. After all if the personnel can become the reason of losses, it can these losses and prevent. Most often use two principles of scheduled maintenance with the personnel. In - the first, management of corporate norms - creation in collective of command spirit will raise not only level of motivation of workers, but also quality of service. If the employee feels that him respect, consider as the member of team, he will seek for recognition further. In that case theft at the employer becomes for him equivalent to theft at itself or at the family.In - the second, rotation of workers of low positions, after all approximately for a month of work on one place the employee can gain such skills of plunders that it will be difficult to be exposed. Some enterprises suggest the workers to acquire shares, that is to become partners and co-owners. It is very effective tactics - as a rule, level of losses at such enterprises low. But there are also shortcomings: excessively zealous laziness голубковы, having felt "partners", can unite and even to try to dictate conditions. But it is a subject of separate conversation.

Vitaly Lysy, managing partner of the International outsourcing company

- In the different companies different relation to theft. I for myself allocated some types of the companies. Heads of the first accurately realize that completely it can't be avoided, and secretly allow reasonable extent of theft, for example, in the form of "kickbacks". Discussions start being led with the person only if his appetites considerably increase and exceed any secret framework.

In the companies of the second type try to control and punish rigidly any attempts and plunder cases. But it doesn't mean that there is no theft: it is very difficult to bring to naught this phenomenon.

The companies of the third type also try to fight, but some other way: create corporate culture at which promotion of honesty and openness is conducted it is very massed, that is try to create special moral atmosphere. I know from own experience that this method is very effective.

There are also such heads who carefully select the personnel and attentively control new workers.

But now the theft problem among the personnel of the companies becomes less large-scale, approaches not only to prevention of this phenomenon, but also to technical control change. Methods of control over the personnel, the work organizations become more civilized, employers give the chance to the employees to receive the competitive salary, a full social package more often. Besides, in the modern world there are many different ways of fight against theft, including original. For example, production on one of shoe factories of China divide into two stages, having constructed two factory cases and having arranged them on decent from each other distance. And so in one case do the left pair of shoes, on other - right.

Dmitry Kirilenko, the director of development of state of emergency "Bel" (liqueur distribution - vodka production)

- In our company theft - a serious problem. So, four years ago we had three cases of the large plunder, one person from - for it dismissed, and two, stolen 40 and 50 thousand UAH, got penal. And two - the real scourge of the companies of all branches were three years ago unfair sales representatives as by the nature of activity directly work with cash. At us in the company several times it happened that the money received for goods they instead of giving to cash desk, spent on slot machines. My experience, unfortunately, shows that the only right decision concerning the person who has made theft, and any size, - dismissal. To re-educate is not an exit.

At the same time completely to limit access of all personnel to any goods or cash it is impossible. Besides, liqueur distribution - vodka production - business which isn't so profitable that owners could provide employees of all ranks with the high salaries, a full social package. But I am convinced of one: except control and personnel check at its hiring, in the company there has to be a strong social motivational policy is the most important preventive measure. My task as the head - to create such conditions and to give such opportunities that the employee worried about the place in the company, than about the solution of any short-term material problems more. And certainly, compensation has to be fair. If the employee deserved an award, it needs to be paid if overworked - to pay in addition to a rate etc. Greed of the head is punishable: it is better to reward fairly, than then, having found shortage, to look for guilty and to consider, how many and where it was stolen. Especially as employees will find ways of theft and will think up at system of protection and control of any complexity.

Interrogation with incentive

To get rid of theft, the owner of NTON - groups Vladimir Tereshko forced all personnel of the company to undergo testing on the lie detector

Why you decided to get the lie detector?

- The majority of staff of the company considered that they work honestly, but round them there are a lot of thieves. It discouraged the personnel, and owing to such psychological discomfort the firm lost profit.

What revealed testing?

- After check on the lie detector workers were convinced that they are surrounded by decent people, it became easier in work, the trust of employees to each other and to the suppliers increased. The enterprise earned more effectively, and the detector became an impulse for increase in "transparency" of collective. Now in all offices deaf doors are replaced on glass, and on them plates hang: "A zone, free from corruption". Those who opposed to an innovation, I encountered sneers of colleagues for tendency to "opaque" style of work and long I didn't maintain without check on honesty.

How you forced the personnel to pass through the detector?

- Own example. The first I went to a polygraph and I answered five tens questions which were made for me by collective. Questions concerned prospects of firm, probability of its sale, emigration of owners, for example, to Canada. The personnel heard on them answers earlier, but wanted to be convinced that still I told the truth. My answers satisfied collective. To workers who had to decide to go for check after me, the firm offered incentive - an interest-free loan, at least on car purchase. As a result through the detector passed all materially responsible a top - managers - 30-40 people who make financial decisions. Besides, this practice of research, but already without motivational incentives, we applied and to those as whom employed in division of a paid parking. Now we take all beginners at the staff only after a polygraph - control.

How often your workers pass through the detector and what you do if results of check are unfavourable?

- Now we began a superstructure of floors over business - the center, and those who works in a stroypodrazdeleniye and buys materials, monthly pass the detector. Usually checks - time in half a year. Conclusions of our internal detector is only the basis to send the worker suspected of lie to an external polygraph or to invite not engaged expert. And only when our and external results coincide, it is possible to draw a final conclusion and on it to make the decision. Our people got used to this procedure, as in the USA where detector practice apply within 80 years. Now to evade from the detector - means, to create for itself discomfort: colleagues by default will think that to this person is what to hide.

What price of the detector and it is expedient to whom to get it?

- The polygraph cost us $6 thousand plus training - $2,5 thousand from the person. We directed on courses of two workers. To buy the detector to expediently major companies with hundred workers. And if it is necessary to check the personnel incidentally, to address to independent experts better.

In what cases the detector is inefficient?

- If shots at the enterprise select on the related beginnings - for the principle: "Ania, you have no good boy? ", there is no need to learn, the worker or not as it won't lead to any conclusions stole.

Speak, the detector it is possible in many ways to outwit. The idle time - to hide the button in a boot and to press it a foot at the time of the answer. Reaction of an organism to a painful prick will confuse a polygraph.

- It is possible also tranquilizers to be pumped up. It will work one, at most - two times, but eventually the skilled expert working with a polygraph, will reveal any fraud.


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