The top of an iceberg which in the future can "sink" Ukraine, emerged in the Nikolaev area

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In our rough time of development of multinational corporations, general association and deleting of borders between the states the problem of migration remains actual. The countries of the full West willingly unite with each other, however try to limit, and even at all to forbid entrance on the territory of citizens of other states, especially natives of Third World countries. However these migrants who are seduced so by provided life in the West, don't leave attempts to get there even if an illegal way. In passing from - for these migratory streams the transit states, such as Ukraine as often illegal migrants don't reach to terminal points of the appointment suffer also, getting stuck where - that on the way. And for some natives of especially poor countries and Ukraine is rather attractive country for accommodation. Recently migratory processes accept so impressive scales that fight against them is represented to much need.

Illegal migration - the phenomenon which appeared in our state during independence. It quickly and dynamically develops and seriously influences a condition of legality in the state. Counteraction of illegal migration for Ukraine - one of the major socially - economic and legal problems. Not incidentally President of Ukraine V. Yushchenko in number of the main priorities of activity of law-enforcement bodies, along with fight against corruption and a drug trafficking, allocated fight against illegal migration and human trafficking. Such phenomenon as illegal migration bears serious threat of internal and external security of Ukraine. However except rise in crime, illegal migration creates problems and to migrants. After all often illegal migrants are people without the documents, the paid considerable money to Slavic "benefactors" and left by them to the mercy of fate. They are compelled to wander across Ukraine, moving from the city to the city not to be the caught law enforcement officers.

That situation with migrants which develops today in Ukraine, demands the coordinated actions of all law enforcement agencies and their separate divisions, - the staff of department of fight against the crimes connected with human trafficking, Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area claims.

The Nikolaev area, in turn, always was considered as transit area for migrants in the Ukraine. In a type of it in the territory of the Nikolaev area not so often it was possible to hear about detention of illegal migrants.

The matter is that channels on which illegal immigrants move to the ultimate goal, are fulfilled to trifles.

However thanks to professionalism and the fulfilled actions of law enforcement officers it is possible to reveal and stop the organization of similar schemes quickly.

As the deputy chief of department of affairs of nationality, immigration and registration of natural persons of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Irina Kostyukova tells, working off in this direction are carried out constantly. At the beginning of 2008 the nation-wide operation "Migrant" was performed. It should be noted that last year only one group of illegal migrants consisting of citizens of Moldova was revealed, and for some months of this year two groups of illegal immigrants, and of foreign countries are already revealed.

So, on March 4, 2008 about 02.00 by 165 km of the highway Kirovograd - Nikolaev for traffic violation of the rules (speed excess), was stopped by a GAI squad the car VAZ under control of the citizen of Ukraine of L. inhabitant Krasnodon of the Sukhodolsky region of the Luhansk region. In salon of the car there were 4 foreign citizens without documents which were called as citizens of Afghanistan. Them at once detained and delivered in the Elanetsky District Department of Internal Affairs, and then to the city of Nikolaev.

These persons made contact reluctantly. But during poll of the detained foreigners, by means of the translator it was possible which - what to find out.

Detainees told that in the winter of 2007 they a legal way (a flight Kabul - Moscow) got to the Russian Federation from Afghanistan. "Travelers" and told about the purposes - to find work.

In Moscow they lived some days in Sevastopol hotel where representatives of the Afghan diaspora periodically gather. Then moved to apartments to the compatriots. To call the residential district or the street on which lived, they couldn't.And it isn't surprising, after all before departure from the ethnic homeland with them detailed instructing was carried out - that it is necessary to speak in this or that situation. According to experts, this instructing - the integral component of similar illegal migratory schemes.

Citizens of Afghanistan stayed in Moscow prior to the beginning of March, 2008. All this time they temporarily worked at the Moscow markets where helped the fellow countrymen.

Then, according to them, approximately on March 1-2, by the regular bus Afghans went to Ukraine where the city of Odessa was a terminal point of their following.

Naturally, independently they couldn't make it as one of "guests" of foreign countries was even not able to write.

According to Afghans, they were helped by their fellow countryman, a certain Mahmoud to whom each of illegal immigrants paid for services 1 thousand dollars.

Afghans crossed frontier on foot, accompanied by the stranger of Slavic appearance and, naturally, not on control - check point. By this time distressful foreigners were already without the passports - they were taken away by the "well-wishers" helping them to cross border.

Then illegal immigrants put in the Lada car on which they went about 3 hours, didn't arrive yet on bus station of the big city. As it appeared - bus station of the city of Krasnodon.

After that the driver replaced foreigners in a taxi by which they and had to reach to Odessa, but they didn't reach point of the appointment.

About that it there was seriously prepared and in advance planned operation, says also that fact that with the taxi driver who went to Odessa, in advance agreed about a trip. The price stipulated - 500 dollars, but forgot to report, what passengers it will carry.

Illegal immigrants explained that to go to Odessa they were recommended by Mahmoud who told that in Ukraine there are more opportunities to find a job, receive the status of the refugee and to remain on continuous residence, than in Russia.

Besides, in Odessa there is a numerous Afghan diaspora which helps the fellow countrymen to be arranged with Ukraine.

By the existing Ukrainian legislation it is impossible to attract illegal immigrants for illegal crossing of border. It is possible to bring criminal case only concerning organizers of this crossing of the border, but it, on - visible, it won't be possible to make.Illegal immigrants it is very indistinct describe "benefactor" Mahmoud - without special signs, by sight to it 35-38 years, a thin constitution, low growth - to 170 cm, hair black with a gray hair, talks in languages of Farsi, Pashto and well knows Russian.

Staff of department of fight against the crimes connected with human trafficking, Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area took measures for a zadokumentirovaniye of these citizens through Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Ukraine for the purpose of further sending them home. But not here - that was. The answer came from embassy the very interesting. It sounded approximately so: we are ready to accept them back but only if their personality is confirmed and if they want to come back. And how to make it without documents?

Now, as article 97 Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine, materials on these facts are transferred to SBU. The court of Leninsky district of Nikolaev made the decision on exclusion of these citizens from the territory of Ukraine forcibly.

One more case of detention of illegal immigrants in the Nikolaev area occurred on April 12, 2008.

During carrying out quickly - preventive actions and the nation-wide operation "Migrant" the staff of department of affairs of nationality, immigration and registration of natural persons of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area together with representatives of SBU in the Nikolaev area in Gorokhovk Zhovtnevogo's mudflow of the area found two citizens of the Republic China. Chinese lived in a hangar which is used as a warehouse for industrial goods.

According to detainees, they arrived to Ukraine in 2005 and in 2006 by the invitation of one of the Kiev firms. They had less confused way, than at Afghans - they arrived by plane in the Borispol airport.

After the end of action of national visas citizens of China didn't return home, and remained in Ukraine, moving from the city to the city. Illegal immigrants understood that on one place they can't be. To the Nikolaev area "Chinese guests" arrived in April, 2008 from Odessa where militiamen paid attention to them already. Thus, they illegally were in the territory of Ukraine some years.

As well as in the previous case, in a judicial order the decision on exclusion of these citizens from the territory of Ukraine is made.

According to experts, the problem of illegal migration can become in the near future one of the most actual for Ukraine.After all countries of Western Europe say for a long time about toughening of control of migratory processes. As soon as such decision will be made, it is necessary to Ukraine very much hardly, after all then the maintenance of such "guests" will lay down on shoulders of our state. And if to consider that in Ukraine only one point where illegal migrants can contain functions today, and there is it in the Zakarpatye area, it is very big problem! After all we start up to our country of foreigners easily, and here a question, whether we will be able to send them home, remains open …Author: Andrey Senchenko


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