Bayonet in trousers, a mine in the museum and cartridges at school

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Now law enforcement agencies pay special attention to withdrawal of the weapon and ammunition. For this purpose special operations and working off are regularly performed.

In the Crimea on the average in a week passes from 10 to 20 withdrawals illegally being stored the weapon and ammunition, and happens, and much more. Most often this cold weapon and "modified" fire, that is sawn-off shotguns, self-made shooting devices, the gas and rubber guns remade under the fighting. However it happens that the militia finds and withdraws the modern fighting weapon from inhabitants of the Crimea. So, about a month ago in Alushta employees the Organized Crime Control Department covered the whole warehouse of automatic and small arms.

Owners of shooting and blowing-up subjects, being afraid of responsibility for illegal storage, quite often from a sin far away simply throw out the weapon and ammunition. And then it happens that these dangerous subjects fall into hands not only irresponsible adults, but also unreasonable children.

A few days ago in militia some Simferopol citizens without a certain residence privately addressed. They reported that according to information plying among tramps, someone near Raketnaya Street threw out considerable quantity of fighting cartridges. However, where precisely there are fighting scatterings, tramps didn't know. The only reference point which they could specify, - any garbage tanks near which the ammunition rolls. Local police inspectors of the Railway District Department of Internal Affairs of Simferopol with all gravity treated information of bums and at once started fulfilling the specified area. Near one of garbage dumps I drew attention of militiamen 48 - the summer man. And though the little man was near a dump as obliges - he worked as the dustman in municipal services of the city, militiamen all - decided to carry out its personal inspection. As a result in pockets of the dustman it was revealed more than fifty brand new fighting cartridges. The man specified at once the container for waste where it found cartridges, having noticed thus that very carefully rummaged all garbage and reached from there everything the last patronchik. Nevertheless militiamen tried to be convinced that garbage tanks became safe.

I found cartridges in not less interesting place 40 - the summer Simferopol bum Victor.Shnyry in search of ownerless metal on the school No. 38 territory, it found some tens cartridges from the Kalashnikov and sniper rifle SVD. Victor in youth served in Afghanistan and well understood that for finds appeared in his hands. Without thinking twice, the bum collected all ammunition and hid at itself on a temporary rookery. In some days he decided to sell a find to certain criminal elements. In attempt to sell Victor's weapon field investigators of the Central District Department of Internal Affairs of the city detained.

At 32 - Vasily's summer simferopolets militiamen too withdrew the weapon, but the rare cold. Also withdrew it directly from … trousers.

Vasily together with friends and girlfriends had a rest on the bank of the Simferopol reservoir. High mission was entrusted our hero - to dig out a hole under kostrishche for shish kebab preparation. Vasily who has been fairly filled "it is combustible - lubricants" as the bulldozer began to dig the earth. During this occupation he also came across a rare bayonet - a knife of times of the Great Patriotic War. Simferopolets told nothing to anybody about the find, and simply hid a bayonet far away from a party place. In some days it returned, put a find in trousers and incurred a rarity home.

Vasily was already judged and well knew that for carrying a cold weapon it is possible to incur serious punishment therefore hid a find in such intimate place. However these security measures were inefficient.

When Vasily, stealthily, went on one of city streets, towards to him the car with field investigators of the Simferopol UGRO got. The citizen with mad eyes and the bulged trousers drew attention of militiamen. Militiamen stopped for clarification of the identity of the strange passerby and found at it a bayonet - a knife. Our hero declared at once that no bad intentions had, and bore a find home if something happens to restore justice with its help.

Ammunition and the weapon withdraw from everywhere but that from the museum, such it happens infrequently. On May 15 and 19 police officers together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations carried out a planned inspection of the Crimean museum of local lore "Taurida" in Simferopol. As it became clear, this storage of the Crimean history thanks to some exhibits can blow up. At first militiamen took out from the museum quite efficient artillery shell of caliber 82 millimeters and the F-1 grenade, and then a sea anchor mine. Mine at once transferred to destruction as it posed real threat. Other ammunition passes examination.


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