Yes damn such long ago I didn't hear! ! ! it is necessary so fear to lose?

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"All of you are boys п.... сы, one I am count Monte - Cristo". Such phrase it is possible to characterize behavior of one of not the last people of our city of the consul general of the Russian Federation in Odessa Alexander Grachyov. Reports

27.07.2008 years, during control on aviation safety of passengers of the flight AEW-445, on a route "Odessa - Domodedovo", via the Vee — Ouch — Pi Odessa terminal at a check point "Odessa - the airport", was carried out penetration of the unknown person in an alcohol intoxication aboard the plane Aerosvit airlines. In this connection passengers passed repeated control on aviation safety, and вилет the specified flight was detained on an hour and a half.

As it appeared, hooligan actions of the Consul general of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation in Odessa Aleksandra Grachyova became the reason of a delay of flight. One of the staff of the Odessa airport told me the following: via JSC Vee-Ay-Pi-Odessa terminal on the flight AEW-445, 27.07.2008 18 passengers were registered. A. Grachyov arrived to a VIP-hall approximately in 1,5 hours prior to departure and with two passengers ordered whisky and snack in a recreation area.

To the plane clients of a VIP-hall are given a lift by the minibus. In a departure time of the last group which saw off including the Consul general of the Russian Federation in Odessa Alexander Grachov, the dispatcher "Vee - Ouch - Pi - Odessa" suggested passengers to pass control on safety, and to seeing-off persons to remain in a waiting room.

Ours "Monte - Cristo" which on external signs was in a state of intoxication, having used the coupon on landing of one of passengers, I passed control on safety and, together with other passengers, I got into the passenger minibus "Vee — Ouch — Pi — Odessa" on the platform.
Employees of TOV "Vee — Ouch — Pi — Odessa" tried to return Alexander Grachyov back, but they didn't have enough courage to land the diplomat from the bus.
The diplomat the minibus took to a ladder then it rose in aircraft salon where created an inadequate situation from - for own discontent with distribution of places in salon. So, he demanded to replace "his passengers" in business - a class. On the reasonable remark of the stewardess that these persons have tickets in the house-keeper - the class Consul general promised to create all big problems.

During calculation of passengers and boarding passes, the agent of service of the organization of service of transportations of passengers found out that A. Grachov isn't a passenger and is aboard illegally. About the foreign person it was onboard reported on a handheld transceiver to the senior inspector to service of aviation safety. Then "Monte - Cristo" left the plane on request of crew and accompanied by the inspector of department of maintenance to the service of aviation safety (SAS) was delivered to the Vee — Ouch — Pi — Odessa terminal, and the aircraft began departure procedure.

The plane left on a rulyozhny path, however according to legal requirement of the dispatcher of the airport, was returned on parking for carrying out repeated control on safety for what all passengers, and also their baggage landed from the plane. Flight was late on an hour and a half.

To reaction neither from the Russian side nor from the Ukrainian authorities didn't follow. Interestingly, the behavior of the diplomat of such rank testifies to the relation to Ukraine our neighbor (in what wouldn't be desirable to trust) or this consequence of feeling of permissiveness and not punishability of the certain boor with diplomatic passport.


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