The highest judge Yushchenko told to the Public prosecutor the sentence to deputies and judges. The public prosecutor accepted to execution

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The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko unprecedentedly interfered with activity of the General prosecutor of Ukraine Alexander Medvedko at an official meeting with it.

About it reports a press - service of the President.

The head of state heard the report of the Public prosecutor on a course of investigation of a number of resonant affairs. Among them - events round "Prominvestbank", response of the Prosecutor General's Office to events in the Central Election Commission, administrative courts of Kiev and a situation of rather illegal appointment of judges to administrative positions.

Concerning a situation round "Prominvestbank" the President of Ukraine noted that she demands immediate reaction from law enforcement agencies. "We need to clear up that as well as whom the bank collapsed to find the answer as to rescue it", - Victor Yushchenko noted. The president noted that according to available information, events round "Prominvestbank" have "nothing in common with financial crisis" and are not than other as "raider attack". "I ask to act here very quickly", - the Head of state told.

In turn Medvedko reported that the Prosecutor General's Office already carried out the corresponding inspections and brought criminal cases upon finishing to bankruptcy of "Prominvestbank" and upon plunder of means of this bank.

Informing the Head of state on a course of investigation of criminal cases concerning events in the Central Election Commission when injuries were put to workers of UGO, Medvedko assured that soon the Prosecutor General's Office will give a legal assessment to these events. "We will bring these criminal matters to logical end", - the Public prosecutor told. The president noted: in this situation it is a question "of corruption, blocking of a work of the courts, political intervention in the organization of work of court". "Your actions have to be extremely accurate and rigid", - he told, addressing to the General prosecutor.

Separate attention at a meeting it was given to a question of intervention of courts of law in the questions belonging to competence of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, namely - situations with removal by the judge of District administrative court of Kiev V. Keleberda of the decision on a suspension of action of the decree of the President about the early termination of powers of the Verkhovna Rada.As the General prosecutor, V. Keleberda "noted passed obviously illegal, illegal decision, having touched on itself functions of the Constitutional Court". According to Medvedko, the Prosecutor General's Office brought respectively three criminal cases.

During a meeting the Public prosecutor also reported on the Head of state on a condition of investigation of circumstances of death of the prosecutor of the Dnepropetrovsk area B. Fur coats.


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