Mentality of school students under blow! By its protection rose all

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In the last days of January at the same time pupils started transferring in many schools of Nikolaev each other video of murder of the girl by group of teenagers. Some children said that shooting was conducted in Nikolaev. Naturally, this case couldn't but cause reaction from adults … We don't know, whether it is aware parents of school students, but teachers who learned about incident, were, to put it mildly, shocked from seen and heard. All of them meet in one: children of the such shouldn't see. However, recognize: realities 21-го are that centuries what to achieve it already, probably, it is impossible. Alas, the genie let out from a bottle …

So, the principal No. 3 Dina Zinchenko in general considers correct the Law on a ban of carrying as school students of mobile phones. Samoyebezobidnoye that children can make in the mobile phone it is to collect jimm on the Internet, but after all Intrenet's other horrors aren't less available to any teenager. "Cases of distribution of video as pupils scoffed at the schoolmate in Dnepropetrovsk are known; video of beating of the girl in Pervomaisk. Children among themselves call similar things "tricks". But I am firmly convinced that the moments of violence and mockery shouldn't extend neither on the Internet, nor on television. Or at least children shouldn't see it. After all when the child sees violence, for it this "show". And next day it can reproduce it in reality. And militiamen, unfortunately, have no time and opportunities fully to carry out scheduled maintenance at schools. Here now, for example, the staff of GAI works for us with children. But this isn't enough. And if the employee was assigned to school for minors or criminal militia which once a week would come and told about the facts and responsibility for crimes, it would be very effective. After all the person in shape looks competent", - D. Zinchenko


Also she is disturbed by children from group of risk who became hostages of family disorders. At such children, according to D. Zinchenko, aggression, and the only place where he can splash out it on weaker collects is a school. "Naturally, our task - to prevent such manifestations of aggression, but we are able to do it, only if we come into contact with each family.But in each class on the average 32 pupils, all at school of 57 classes therefore to achieve it, unfortunately, are simply unreal, despite desire", - the teacher complains.

She considers that among children and parents it is necessary to conduct information work, and violence cases among teenagers shouldn't be published so on a substantial scale. "Certainly, often it becomes with the anticipatory purpose. But our information on violence is too savoured. And information has to be other plan, preventive", - D. Zinchenko speaks.

Same opinion and deputy principal No. 53 Zinaida Motornaya. In her opinion, mass media are guilty today that children see so much cruelty, violence: "After all with children not always nearby there are adults who can explain that it is bad. And children see and think: "And why I can't arrive in the same way? ".

The psychologist of school No. 53 Frozen Anna Petrovna tells that at their school questioning, work with children and parents for the purpose of violence prevention is carried out. "Aggression of children in relation to society - reaction to shortage of heat in a family. I didn't hear about this video. But it is sure that similar things shouldn't is among children, after all at them the mentality isn't created. Consequences can be very terrible. If such roller already appeared among pupils, it is necessary to work with each child individually further. Still an important point - I heard more than once that children are afraid to address in militia. Unclear, from where this fear. And it is necessary to bring up, on the contrary, in them understanding of that militia - their defender. In general, it is necessary to influence school students from the state, a family, mass media. Probably, then we will be able to protect them from this cruelty, we will be able to give them the correct reference points", - A. Myorzlaya told.

The deputy director on educational work of school No. 27 Valentina Kolesnichenko says that heard about this video, but didn't see it. "In general, we ask parents that they checked phones of the children, talked to them, explained. We lifted this subject at PTA meetings. Naturally, we will pay to this question attention. However, to tell that specifically we will do, I while can't tell as we yet weren't defined. Besides, if we start bringing up this question in opened, it can cause in children absolutely opposite reaction, for example, unhealthy interest. Therefore, certainly, it is necessary to think over still as it is correct to make everything …", - she told.

That is, it is obvious that teachers are concerned by this situation. It is necessary to tell, as the militia properly reacted to this fact. So, according to the chief of criminal militia for children Oleg Antonts, there were corresponding appeals to prosecutor's office, Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other competent authorities, serious work on distribution prevention among school students of this video was carried out and it is necessary to notice that the successful.

And here information in which it was reported was published on the website of the Center of public relations of the Nikolaev regional Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on January 29 that "N News" placed inveracious information on murder of the girl by group of teenagers.

However, on January 31 on a site "Anti-criminal Choice" and Ukraine Young newspapers there was a news on the same subject in which incident was made comments by the chief of TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Oksana Choubina: "Right after receipt of awful video of a foot lifted the head of department on work with children and criminal investigation department. Militiamen interrogated school students, but anything that would deserve their attention, didn't hear. Also we established that record was made in December of last year. ". This and the comment on a site of regional TsOS comments why - that contradicted each other: from them followed that record was placed on an initial resource earlier (on October 16, 2007), than made (in December, 2007). And dear O. Choubina probably forgot that for the first time about viewing of this roller at the Nikolaev schools she learned from journalists of our edition; and for the first time that found a roller soon on a Russian-speaking site also O. Choubina reported our edition. But the main thing - instead of putting emphasis on how the militia fights against video distribution on schools (and her employees really carried out enormous work in this direction), TsOS placed on the official site the reference to an initial resource (a website on which video similar to about what there was a speech in the beginning is published).That is, having allegedly carried out the work directed on the termination of circulation of such video on schools, militiamen at the same time specified where it is possible to download hundreds similar rollers … Yes, of course, to find in the Internet such video at desire - a piece of cake, but nevertheless when the official site of regional management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs openly gives references to such resources is already search …

By the way, later several weeks after placement on a site of information on this roller we once again walked on schools with the purpose to learn - if on mobile phones of school students similar rollers. For example, pupils 10-й and 7-й schools told the following: "We had this video, but we removed it. On such it is impossible to look". And at school No. 7 children, having heard that we look for this video, with full confidence declared: "It at our school was. Now we even will show it to you". But it wasn't succeeded to see it - as it appeared, acquaintances of children also removed a roller from phone. At other some schools children declared that the roller was, but in connection with actions of school psychologists, the school and militia managements - a roller we any more didn't see.

... Certainly, it is possible to tell: thank God that this cruel murder happened not in Nikolaev. But on the other hand, with what ecstasy the Nikolaev school students watched these terrible shots, has to set thinking seriously everything on whom responsibility for destinies of little citizens lies. Especially as even in our cruel time people make a set of kind acts, worthy to become a sample for imitation. The case which occurred for St. Valentine's Day can be an example of such good disinterested deed. Then staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations removed from a tree the frozen and hungry kitty, stayed three days at the height about 10 meters. And they arrived on a call of compassionate citizens who couldn't look at sufferings of an animal more. Therefore both teachers, and militia, and parents have to make every effort in order that children wanted to watch at the mobilkakh such video, instead of shootings of violence, cruelty and murders …


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