Igor Naumenko is detained on suspicion in illegal carrying the weapon, - a source

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Today - tomorrow to the detainee on suspicion in illegal carrying the weaponTo Igor Naumenkowill choose a preliminary measure of restraint. About it «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» reported sources in regional management of militia. 

According to the high-ranking source,Igor Naumenko, which is also known in certain circles as «Naum» , it was detained on Saturday, September 22 in the Factory district of the city of Nikolaev on suspicion in illegal carrying the weapon. 

According to eyewitnesses of detention, atIgor Naumenko, allegedly, found the gun, but it during detention focused attention of witnesses that to it threw the weapon. 

It should be noted that the officer from central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs directed operation on detention of the suspect. 

At presentIgor Naumenkoit is detained. 

We will note,Igor Naumenko, earlier already I came into the view of the Nikolaev militiamen, in particular, it is possible to remember its previous detention when militiamen declared that simply invited him in the Organized Crime Control Department for conversation. 

Igor Naumenkoit is known in Nikolaev as which has a businessman interests in agriculture, the president of football club «Voronovka» , which acts in championship of the Nikolaev area in soccer, as the person who financially supports DYuSSh of municipal football club "Nikolaev". At the same time, according to separate SMI, the detainee, allegedly, is local «looking» also it was several times made responsible. 

As earlier it was reported, today in Nikolaev, in the different ends of the city were men are detained from which withdrew firearms. According to the available information, all detentions the staff of central office GUBOP UMVD of Ukraine directed. 

Unfortunately, officially a press - service UMVD of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area, as usual, doesn't give information on one of the facts of the carried-out detentions therefore citizens, discussing the events, put forward own versions of events.

Sources "Crime.Is NOT PRESENT" in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine connect all these detentions with a train of murders and attempts at murder which occurred in Nikolaev recently. We will remind that not opened remain: murder of the co-owner of a network of pizzerias «Celentano» Anatoly Batalov, attempt at murder businessman Sergey Lubents, firing in the Ship area cities of Nikolaev and series of murders of the Nikolaev speculators in foreign currency.


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