Novinsky suggests the State property fund to make changes to investment obligations for ChSZ

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Vadim Novinsky controlling now the Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant (BSSP), is close to implementation of that it didn't turn out to make to brothers Churkin who bought the enterprise from the state in 2003

The businessman suggests the State property fund to make changes to investment obligations for shipbuilding plant.

According to the draft of the additional agreement to the contract of purchase and sale of ChSZ (which copy have), the owner of ChSZ has to provide following the results of 2010 production of vessels in volume not less, than on 360 million UAH, and provide profitable activity, since 2008. Is in the project and other provisions concerning calculations with the Pension fund, tax, workers on a salary and so forth. We will remind, under the contract which signed with Igor and Oleg Churkinykh's state "Nikolaev low-tonnage shipyard" in 2003, the plant had to launch production of vessels by 2007 in an equivalent of processing of metal at the level of 60 thousand tons a year. However the plant didn't come to such indicators. Brothers addressed more than once to FGIU with the offer to revise obligations, motivating it with that when signing the contract of purchase and sale didn't acquaint them with all conditions which they signed.

In March, 2007 control over the enterprise received "A smart - holding" Vadim Novinsky, having got on Alexander Sagaydakov's reinstated as the chairman of the board by a court decision enterprise. In December, 2007 ChSZ controlling stake at coordination of FGIU and AMKU was copied on HSZ (at operating arrest of securities), and the question of obligations for brothers stopped being the so actual. Especially as, according to unconfirmed information, now both of them are detained by law enforcement agencies abroad.

The chain of the judgments which has entangled in recent years the Nikolaev enterprise, didn't reduce the speed. On the one hand, the fund in court defends a position of cancellation of the contract of purchase and sale, with another, the investor demands to bring adjustments in investment obligations. In such conditions in recent months the parties started discussing the text of the additional contract.

According to the former director general of the state Nikolaev shipbuilding plant of.61 Communards Valery Agafonov, on 360 million UAH which are offered to be imputed to the investor a duty, it is possible to make about two tankers for which no more than 20 thousand tons of metal will be spent in total. "For the Black Sea plant it is a little", - mister Agafonov noted, having reported that deputies of the Nikolaev regional council stated the remarks to the State property fund concerning replacement by monetary measurement of investment obligations for outputs.

Approximately the same assessment was sounded by the former director, the head of committee of rescue of ChSZ Igor Ovdiyenko: "It where - that three cases. Approximately on 20-30 thousand tons of metal".

Meanwhile in "A smart - holding" claim that the tonnage of metal in a year doesn't reflect a real picture of work of the enterprise and the created additional cost. According to the executive director of the company Alexey Kuznetsov, the investor of ChSZ suggested to enter more objective measure of an assessment of implementation of investment obligations at the enterprise - the commodity cost of production. "Thus, creation of more difficult vessel on which more efforts are required, will be reflected in a type of bigger commodity cost, but on the weight of the metal used for its construction this vessel can not differ practically from simpler", - Alexey Kuznetsov emphasized.

Besides, he noticed that at present prices of steel, 360 million UAH are many times more, than the cost of 60 thousand tons of metal rolling.

The executive director "A smart - holding" reported also that now at the Black Sea shipbuilding plant two vessels are in the production, two - in the course of a bookmark. Also the enterprise performs contract works for Kherson ship-building, including ship repair. Concerning lawsuits in the company reported: "We hope that we will soon settle all misunderstanding with FGIU".

In a press - service of the State property fund promised to provide comments later.

According to GKTsBFR, for September 3, 2008 of 90,25% of actions of JSC GHK Chernomorsky sudostroitelny zavod JSC Kherson Shipbuilding Plant which smart - holding" enters in "Belongs. ChSZ specializes on production of vessels with a full loading capacity up to 105 thousand


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