In two weeks in the village Estuaries are killed two young girls

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In recent days Nikolaev is excited by hearings. All speak about the maniac who has appeared whether in Galitsinovke, whether in Estuaries. The number of victims is called also: 2, 3, 4 and more! On Tuesday to us in edition some people called: why are you silent? In Estuaries the maniac kills people! Tonight two corpses are again found! ". To clear a situation, our correspondents went to the village Estuaries.

Since October 23 in Estuaries rest dreams inhabitants, and the regional and regional militia in general forgot about a dream and rest. Two murders in two weeks, and with obviously similar "handwriting" are more than seriously. The rural Estuary club now reminds one big militia site, in the village oppressive tension is felt.

As the chief of criminal investigation department of regional management of militia colonel Victor Motelchuk told, on October 23 in this village was killed 15 - summer Ania, the schoolgirl of the 9th class of local school. Her killed when she came back home from the girlfriend.

It passed about nine o'clock in the evening by shop, it was seen by many of villagers, schoolmates. And at 21.30 the girl found in the dark lane near a well.

- Injuries in a look cherepno - a brain trauma were put to the girl, but it was still live. To "Fast" it sent to office of reanimation of Zhovtnevy TsRB, but in a day she died.

And a week later in a call center the signal that the corpse is found in Estuaries 20 - the summer girl, students of one of the Nikolaev higher education institutions who came from Nikolaev to the village to the grandmother for the weekend arrived still.

As the witnesses told, the second victim of the unknown murderer arrived to the village to have a rest with the girlfriend.

- When in due time - at 19.30 Dasha didn't appear, I began to call her to learn the reason, but its phone any more didn't answer, - the girlfriend of the killed shared.

Relatives and acquaintances looked for Dasha two days, but as a result decided to ask for the help in militia.

Dasha's body was found by the local Pavel Sergeyevich Polyakov.It simply left to look hour per three - four evenings as his calfs are grazed. I walked for FAP, is closer to a slope over the small river and when went back, incidentally I noticed that under the bench established between two acacias, someone lies.

- I thought that the boy any, went to the wife, told that there someone lies with the injured person. The wife quickly called in militia, then with the neigbour - hastened to that bench, and then it became clear that there - Dasha...

And in this case I became a cause of death cherepno - a brain trauma …

- Any traces of violence, clothes pure, anything it wasn't stolen, both killed had all valuable things at them, - explained then Victor Motelchuk.

17 hunters and "Golden eagle" comb a neighborhood of the village. The militia interrogates all who was judged earlier who was released who consists on the account, alcoholics and addicts.

Today in the village of 12 people - are earlier judged, 27 people consist on the psychiatric account, in Galitsinovo's neighboring village - 22 such persons. And there are still drunkards, brawlers and so on - the militia checks all.

- We can't tell that these crimes were committed by earlier judged such - that or sincerely sick such - that, but. Considering the injuries put to killed girls, it is possible to assume that the person behaves inadequately, - the chief of regional criminal investigation department told.

According to him, to the one who will be able to give law enforcement agencies reliable information about the searched murderer, remuneration in the sum of 50 thousand hryvnias is guaranteed.


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