"Blue hoarfrost": on Ingulsky Bridge drunk nikolayevets hands caught cars

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The world economic crisis affected life of simple nikolayevets. On - visible, having been tired to fight against the difficulties, some inhabitants of our city prefer to fill in problems with alcohol. And as it is known, the "tipsy" person can behave inadequately, sometimes even disturbing public peace.

So, yesterday the Nikolaev drivers could observe a funny situation, which, however. quite I could terminate in the tragedy.

In the second half of day on Ingulsky Bridge the unknown man of years 20-25, being obviously in an alcohol intoxication, I found to myself entertainment on temper. Having run out on the carriageway, the boozer opened embraces to passing cars, and began "to catch" vehicles hands. In passing the hooligan made growling sounds, probably trying to frighten drivers. In this way the man had a good time about half an hour while the poor creature wasn't calmed down by acquaintances. Fortunately, drivers of vehicles who were at this time on the bridge, during movement showed laudable care, and the poor creature didn't suffer.

It not the only case of hooligan behavior of nikolayevets which they show, being in a state of intoxication.

About similar cases reports Sector on NSU public relations.

So, on November 8 with the statement in militia the cashier of bus station addressed. She reported that in bus station the unknown from hooligan motives was expressed by obscene abuse and tried to arrange a fight. Police officers detained the brawler. It was them 23 - the summer local who was in an alcohol intoxication.

One more case occurred at a house entrance on Lenin Avenue. The local of 1981 year of birth, being in a state of intoxication, from hooligan motives it was expressed by obscene abuse and I damaged a window of one of apartments. 27- the summer troublemaker also was detained by police officers.


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