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Snap elections in the capital of Ukraine, undoubtedly, will have influence on development of a political situation in all Ukraine. However conclusions which many analysts hastened to make, aren't so unambiguous and obvious.

Nevertheless, let's try classify them.

Also we will begin at all with that fact that all leading political parties of the country reduced the support in the capital. That is - all main players have a reason for pessimism and concern. However one of main until recently political forces on which color of a banner events of 2004 are called, risks to fall into oblivion.

The speech as you already guessed, will go about "our Ukraine".

The matter is that for "the" candidates of inhabitants of Kiev leaders of all main political parties urged to vote. In advertizing a body - and radio rollers Victor Yanukovych urged inhabitants of Kiev to vote for the list of Party of Regions. Meetings with voters were held personally by Yulia Timoshenko. In every possible way Vladimir Litvin and Pyotr Simonenko supported the party promoted workers.

Only the president as the honourable head of "our Ukraine", took a position of the detached onlooker. Moreover, at once and sharply I declared that never will support elections of the mayor in two rounds, and then - in general as required and without him constantly I doubted expediency of capital elections. Though a year ago I didn't object against its block at early parliamentary elections undertook to give the chance to inhabitants of Kiev "to correct the made error".

In a word, the president openly played on Chernovetsky's party. And for those who to elections didn't understand it, already on the polling station I declared that "I changed the political preferences". Thus, Victor Yushchenko finally beat off desire to go on elections at the supporters.

Proceeding from it, we can note that "our Ukraine" isn't necessary to the president any more. As, it appears, aren't necessary any more to Victor Yushchenko and those who brought him to power in 2004 who returned it political weight in 2007. The president decided to play absolutely other game at the upcoming presidential election which only purpose - only to remain in power.

It is compelled to note one more phenomenon which has revealed in character of Victor Yushchenko only recently.It appeared, it doesn't accept any, other than it, the point of view. Even Victor Andreevich perceives doubts in expediency of these or those actions much more painfully, than it happened to Leonid Danilovich.

Kuchma, however, among "" nullified dissent rudiments punishment over "strangers". And here Yushchenko as it is already visible to consolidate the authority and the right for monopoly tries only a flogging of the. And not whom got, namely those who brought it to power and it allowed to be fixed in it.

Not the secret that Victor Andreevich, despite the public assurances, wished and wishes to see excellent from present a coalition format.

But to change a format of the present coalition to one Victor Yushchenko not in power. It can make only the majority from present structure of parliamentary fraction "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" where there have to be 37 voices from 72 for an exit from the coalition. While all efforts in this direction weren't crowned with success. People's deputies remember that promised the voters such format of the coalition. As remember and that "treachery" and "ignoring of will of voters" ended only a year ago with early elections.

Probably, for such "retentive" Victor Andreevich also arranged defeat on capital elections. That thought quicker and made the necessary decision for the president.

At the same time, the blow and to the opponents in principle of presidential plans is struck. And here already Victor Yushchenko doesn't take in calculations any, even human, values and feelings. After all "doubts in nationality" didn't stir David Zhvaniya to Victor Andreevich, after the resignation from a post of the prime minister when all from it turned away, actually to live in a family of it for a long time the Ukrainian Georgian. To it for it, by the way, more than once arranged real "masks - show", destroyed business. Now Victor Andreevich, for David Vazhayevich's words that it isn't obligatory for "our Ukraine" to change belief for hundred eighty degrees after changed them the honourable leader of the party, is exposed to repressions even more coolly than those years when he opposed Kuchma.

Doesn't want to depart from pre-election obligations and Yury Lutsenko. For disagreement to join "shirka" to it, as promised, resumed criminal cases. Though in case of a consent to reformatting of parliament and blocking with Chernovetsky in Kiyevrada everything at Yury Vitalyevich would be remarkable.

After all the main thing - that the country would see that the belief can change not only the president.

Four years ago the country fought for the right to make own choice of the future. And today thoughts already start appearing on the fact that all fuse of the candidate for president Yushchenko was caused by what not defined it in receivers.


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